Justin Bieber - Baby cover (fanmade)

Uploaded by hxxiie on 12.09.2010

Hi, Justin Bieber!
We're going to play our favourite song by you.
Of course, (and som mumbling)
Just listen...
I don't know the first part
It's like this: Oooh wooaah...
Oooh, ooh, buhu, buhu
Just kidding
Ok, we haven't played this previous times
I think this is the rap
I think it's the bridge
Is this the bridge?
We don't know the bridge
Sorry, we're just "jumping" to the next chorus
Ok, I don't know where we are
Damn, I had a wrong chord. Goone..
Thank you, Justin Bieber!
We hope you're watching
We love you! - We love you!
We hope you get that this...
..dancing part is just a joke.
Actually, we hope you get that..
..this whole video is a joke.
But anyways.....
The people we really love....
...is you guys...
We love you, not Justin Bieber.
For the last time...
..this whole video is a joke.