Love Is Love (1990) (ENG)

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Shui, what are we going to do?
Any plans?
lt's not as simple as that
What do you mean?
l mean..
l'll tell you tomorrow
Shui, Shui
You've worked...
with my dad's shop for so long
You started with $150 as a cleaner
Now as a chef you're getting $1 ,500 only
Why are you still keeping quiet?
Why not?
The pay is already 10 times that l got before
l think it's not bad. l'm an orphan
and must thank your dad for his years' care for me
He's a jolly good man
What? With that paltry pay of $1 ,500?
Are you well fed and clothed with it?
What then?
Ask him for a rise, the bigger the better
Then you can buy a flat and
get married, understand?
Stop dreaming about a house and a car
But l may give thought to taking a wife
Your dad always worried about your marriage
He'd be more than happy to marry you off
l'm lissome and adorable
Everybody in the village falls for me
That old gentleman Chen said that when
he sold us the pigs last year
Well, you have a good memory
Don't forget to ask dad for a pay rise tomorrow
l know
The much the better. Don't let dad know
we've been going out again
A shooting star
Make a wish now. lt's most divine
A shooting star! lt's not first class! You believe in this?
Again, again
Look, look, this is for you
What for?
Are you sure you believe in this?
What wish have you made?
That we might be together at an early date
That you might rise above the herd and make lots of money
That we might live together up to an old age
Why are you quiet?
Wish l might get a pay rise tomorrow
What an idiot
Who's hitting me?
So it's you bloody kid
Wait here, don't go
You bloody kid, why did you hurl a stone at me?
Come on, why?
l'll tell you about it tomorrow
get out of here as far away as possible
l've long waited to talk to you about it
l hope to get a pay rise
Any increment is OK, just say it
ln fact, it was my wistful thinking only
l'm going a bit too far
Stop thinking of that then
l won't think of it any more
So it's you. You made fun of me
You really are most adorable
How dare l make fun of you, Shui?
l admire you
for your guts to ask my dad for a pay rise
You're okay!
You've the guts
Shui, you really have the guts
Guts? l don't have any
l have a little
My dad's tough
l've never seen any tough guy
Anyone who's right would be tough
lsn't that right?
ln fact, he's not bad to you
Yes, $1 ,500 for all-round work
l work like a dog
And he gave all his old clothing to me
He really is nice to me
Stop provoking him
This time l must ask him for a rise
By any means, by means...
How much?
50 cents, by any means
50 cents, by any means?
Well, l'll give you a pay rise of $1
l can't stand that
You can
From now on you'll get $1501 per month
Satisfied? Get out if you are not!
Yes, yes, what a mess
Get out, bastard
Hell with you!
Why scare me here?
Where's dad?
He's out, five dollars
Blood sucker, you've made me broke
lt took much risk for you
lf dad knows it,
he may not give me any lucky money for the Chinese New Year
Well, l want a rise as of next month
You little thief, that's blackmail
My sister
Don't you know that our rice noodle are
revised upward three times each year!
lsn't it fair for me to ask for one rise each 3 years?
lf you want no more blackmail from me,
marry Shui at once
l wish l could
But dad knew he'd be hopeless all his life
Who knows if he is or not?
To marry him or not depends on
whether you've good gimmicks...
to fool dad
What gimmick?
Pay me $200 and l'll tell you
$200? You must be joking
l'm digging my own grave
Once you're married,
l'll have no more income
Take it
lt you begrudge it, l won't tell you
Blood sucker, you've already taken away my money
Tell me or l'll strangle you to death
Well, l have my professional ethics
ln a word, when the die is cast,
Dad will never object...
for the sake of face
Shui may not agree even if l do
l've never heard of any man turning down this
He's the only crank in this world
You rape him, if he doesn't do it to you
Aim well, with you?
My face isn't plastered time, l'll aim well
Dad's gone. Come in now
Come in
Are you ready. The show's ready
Go and buy tickets
Go and buy there
A pair of wanton lovers
For you lovely angel
What are you doing?
l don't feel like seeing a show tonight
What's the matter with you?
We have other things to do
l have nothing to do
l do
Oh...wait for me
Where are you going when it's so dark?
An exciting show
Damn you kid, what's friend you are
Why didn't you tell me? Go
Ti, what are you doing here at this hour
l'm afraid of the dark
l want to ask you something
Promise to answer me
Well, come on, what's it?
Have you ever bought love?
Never, never
Have you ever thought of making love?
Are you sure?
Make it simple
Remember what you said
When are we planning to get married?
ln five years
Don't you know we can do something
even before we get married?
What else besides booking the banquets
No, no, not just that
What else? Getting invitation cards printed?
No, no, no, not that
What then?
The bridal chamber
Will you put it precisely?
The bridal chamber!
Any couples getting married enter it
Hush, hush!
l know,
but l don't do it in advance
What if l agree?
You do?
lf you dad know it
he might throw me out
No, no
Why not
He won't forsake a cheap labour
Right you are
Disgusting Even l've humbled myself to say it
What else do you expect?
Oh, so it's you!
Oh, this kid really has the nerve
You bastard, you beast,
you did that to me
l kissed her, that's all
Shut up! l brought you up and provided
everything for you, including your panties
You're heartless, you took advantage of her
Shut up
My only hope in this life is
that she might marry well
and have a good and outstanding husband
Are you eligible? Are you?
You're hopeless. Don't touch my daughter
You're warned
that if l see you here again,
l'll break your legs
Get out!
Hopeless, get out!
Come back with me
Shui, where are you going!
Don't leave like that Have you anything to say to me?
Have you got any pocket money
What about me? What shall l do after you're gone?
l'll tell you tomorrow
No, tell me now
l don't know either
l don't even know what'd become of me,
let alone you
l don't care,
Shui, l must follow you
Follow me?
To beg with me together?
l don't care so long
l'm with you
Go now
How maddish. Go now
Are you following me too?
Stop dreaming. Dad's keeping up
Be nice and take good care of dad
Take all my cosmetics
Stop that,
you may make me cry
Are you trying to elope?
Oh...take this money
Where did you get so much money?
From dad
Get going
Go now
Come back
How dare you take my daughter away?
Come back
Dad, don't
Let me go
Let me go
Don't follow them, dad
Well, don't ever come back
Dad, take care
When Shui rises above the herd,
we'll come back to see you for sure
Come to me only if you've got rich
Go now...
l'll take good care of you. Believe me
Don't you trust me?
Trust you?
l'll tell you that tomorrow
Hello, looks like here
Not Bad
The room is big and bright, there is also a balcony
$800 a month, it's cheap
ls this wood?
Of course
lf it were paper, it might have been torn
lt's not convenient
When you keep the door closed,
no one knows what you're doing inside
But it's not soundproof
What about water and electricity charges
Water's included in the rent You pay the electricity
Oh, what a greedy landlord
Well, take it or leaving
Damn, what can you expect with $800?
Don't disturb my sleep
She's right
Two months' deposit and one month's rent according to rule
Count them
Forget it, only a paltry amount
When l first got on with Pig,
those diamonds are as big as eggs
And l wouldn't care to pick them
Let me give you a receipt
You had been with Pig?
He had been with Pig
The son of Solomon
That was a long time ago
Miss Mabel, a dancing girl
l see
She's still young and strong
Why be a taxi dancer?
What about us now?
Go and buy furniture
lt's beautiful
lt's so soft
Let me see how much
Let's go
Go, go
Don't steal
l didn't
Come on
Oh, my god
What fun is that?
They're singing such song tonight
What song then?
Eat. All for today
No, they were bought for you You use them
l'm not used to such a luxury
You're the householder,
you use the good things
Let's use them together
Have a bigger bite
Mr. Shih, how do you want us to help you?
ln fact,...
He wants to find a job with prospects
All fanciness are posted outside
We've seen them all None of them offer good prospects
Mr. Shih,
for a man without experience like you
a waiter's job will be good for you
Oh, no
Hiding in the kitchen everyday, you can't meet any people
A construction worker is not bad
Oh, no, its dangerous to climb up and down everyday
Learn makeup then
No, he has to serve girls
Be a cleaner then
lt suits me better
Be an accountant then?
Not bad. Anything else?
An engineer
Quite interesting. Anything else?
A designer
Yes. Where to work?
ln the Castle Peak Asylum
Over there are 8 Anita Mei and 7 Shakespeare
3 Batman and one poet Chu Yuen
One more designer makes no difference
l'd rather be Batman
Come out, come out quickly
What now?
Clean that dirty thing over there
l've cleaned there recently
Someone passed water inside?
What are you up to?
Ten cents each
Ten cents each
Keep away
Sorry, sorry, sir...
Fat Ming's got that sucker, look, over there
Who's he?
l got over half a million marks on the lousiest game
You'll lose badly if you bet with me
lf my husband works hard,
He'd be considered hopeful all his life
Even if l were to suffer all my life
l wouldn't mind
l really don't know why l should suffer here
l'll go home now to write a letter
l won't shoot any more from now on
l won't shoot any more from now on
Are you shooting now?
No, go home and ''shoot''
Hello, sister, how have you been doing?
Glad to know you're all right
We're OK. We've found lodging
in a high class residential area with excellent surroundings
The house is large and sunny
l'll give you my phone number and address
Notify me if you need anything
Darling, darling, l've got a letter
Well, l won't talk any more. Bye-bye
Why are you raising your voice?
l've got a letter
lt's from Yong Bu Fa Jewelry Company
l applied for an Executive Trainee and
lt's a reply now. l'm going to be rich
ls that so? What does it say?
l don't know
Don't take things...
for grateful
lt's in English, l can't read it
l see
Miss Mabel
Morning, Miss Mabel
You're well educated
You can read this English letter, can't you?
Read it for me
Hello, listen, it says,
You're extraordinary and
You're the only one who has received it
What else does it say?
lt's say here
you bastard,
you make noises
and keep me awake every morning
Keep calm
Damn you bitch, you're damned
You're cursed, you tramp
Calm down
well, what right has she to say that?
l've got up. What do you want?
Have you got an English dictionary
Well, go down and ask the police
What's it? Let me see
Refer to your application for the
post of Marketing Executive Trainee
We have arranged an interview
on October 4th at 9:30a.m.
lf you have any question,
please contact to Mr. Wang
The telephone number is 7654321
Well, you're wanted for an interview
at 9:30 a.m. day after tomorrow
Uncle, you know English?
When l studied at Oxford University
l helped those professor compile the dictionary
Uncle, you studied in a university?
That was a long time ago
What happened to you?
l've come for an interview ls Mr. Wang here please?
Wait a minute
No problem
speak, speak
lt's true
lt's kicks
Oh, Jane
Can l stand it?
l really can't stand it
Anything else?
Well...We'll contact you tomorrow
Okay, go in
Why are you blinking?
l know, that shows it
No? You blinked 357 times within one minute
l couldn't close them back
We're in jewelry business
We expects three things from an marketing executive trainee
First: Honesty
Second: Honesty
Third: Honesty
Yes, l'm very honest
Do you believe the earth is round?'s round
How absurd you're
Forget it! l won't argue with you
Anyway, to work for us,
You must give us a bond of $20,000
Even a bit more is okay
What do you say?
Dad missed you, so l brought him to see you
Welcome, welcome
Shut up
l want to ask you about that money
l thought you live in a high class residential area
with excellent surroundings
Since you're well off, why don't you repay me?
What a shame
What a big bluffer
Regret now and come back with me
Dad l'll never regret
Whatever he does, l'll be with him
Shui, bring tea for dad
Go now
l promised your late mom to take care of you
and to make you marry a good husband
Now you've in such a state
How can l explain to your mom when l die
Dad, believe me, Shui won't let down
Dad, have some tea
We're married anyway
Take this
Darling, let's go
Dad, drink it, you said you were thirsty
l can't drink this
lf l drink, l'll lose my daughter
Dad, drink it and you have a son-in-law
lf you don't drink it, you have nil
Did you pass in mathematics?
Nonsense. Let's go
You go
What so funny?
l'm thirsty
Well, you take care. l'm off
Go out, go
Well something else to drink?
We want to borrow $20,000 from you
$20,000 for a cup of tea?
Stage an armed rubbery. Sorry
Sister, you want money for medical treatment?
Are you unwell?
No, l need if for a bond
l've found a job
So you need it
Now it's the time for you to show to off
lf you're capable, find a way out yourself
Don't make your wife to borrow from your dad
Bloody kid, go
Everybody knows that any physically fit man
in Hong Kong can be in this line
But sometimes you can never tell
There's no choice, sorry
Well, how much do you want to borrow?
Oh, it's not a small amount
lt could be fatal to someone not well off
Do you have to work at night?
There's a so-called tea dance
You attend work from 5 p.m. To 9 p.m.
Can you rush back for cooking?
This is no problem
But l won't care to do this lt's unfair to my husband
Yes or no?
Not for me. What about you?
l don't mind l'll sell smile, but not my body
Even as a whore, l'll protect my chastity
What does she do?
How come you've got so much money?
A taxi dancer?
No, guess again
You picked up the money in the street
No, l won Mark 6
The Mark 6?
ls that all you've got?
lt was the third prize
You get more than that for the third prize
l bought the lottery in partnership with Mabel
l see!
Now you can pay for the cash bond
Work hard, understand
Of course, don't worry
l'll do my best
Thanks God, you've on my side
l must work hard. Sorry
Darling, did you really buy the lottery with Mabel?
And win the third prize?
Yes, why?
You've been taken in
Look, the prize for this term should be $60,000
See for yourself
That was for the last time
Who says?
last term, idiot
This term
Well, well,
go to bed
Ladies and gentlemen,
l'm Shih Chin-Shui
Please let me know if you need anything
Thank you, thank you
Does it look like me?
Of course, it does, it's me
l see
The place is mine
l see, l see
Will you please behave?
Sorry, sorry, a misunderstanding
Don't just stand there
l'm looking for my own place
Over there
This is our company's first half year turnover
Work out the figures for me
ls that the job of the account duty?
lt's up to you
Listen, it's the company's business history
lf you don't understand it
You can't be a marketing executive
Do as l told you
Oh, it's mine
You have no time to read it
Here you are, sir
l don't believe it
Look, l've just calculated it
Check it over
l can't trust this computer
You don't?
Trust me then
Trust you?
l don't even trust myself
Calculate it again tomorrow
What on earth do you want?
l didn't do anything with Anna
Please behave This is a public establishment
Are you blaming me?
You've been working hard day and night
Paul, dad entrusted his business to me,
And there are a lot of things to do
You can't understand me
l can't understand you?
We've been with each other for three years
Tell me what's on your mind?
l don't mean anything serious
The problem is now will you accept me?
How? Tell me
The problem is not with me, understand?
l'm in a rush, l have an appointment with a client
Hello, hello
Miss, want tissue?
What's wrong?
ls the lift out of order?
Miss, are you in a hurry?
Don't be said. We can talk it over
You burgled us
You said it in my presence
ln fact...
Forget it
What are you trying to say?
ln fact,
that man was sincere to you,
but he was ashamed to say it in my presence
A man wants face,
l can understand that
Remember, you've been with him for 3 years
There are 24 hours each day
And three years make more than 20,000 hours
Give him a few minutes to explain,
the love relationship of 20,000 hours can be remained
lsn't that worthy?
You must take an optimistic view of life
Thank you
You attend work in this building?
Oh, God... l still have many calculations to do
l forgot the time
Well, l have an appointment with a client, too
What then?
Will you go up and down?
What you mean?
There's a skylight up the lift
Climb up the skylight
Are you all right?
Yes, you come up too, l'll give you a hand
No need, l still have to get something
You're in a hurry, you go first
Okay Let's have coffee when we have time
Okay, coffee
lt seems so sweet
Could we finish the dance first?
Sorry! Forget it! Doesn't matter!
Kowloon Tong, please
Let's go to Kowloon City
We can't save on this
l want to go home
Are you trying to back down on your promise?
Sorry, sir, l must go home
to take care of my brother
How old is your brother?
He's 24 years old
Does he still need care?
He's got the lQ of a 1 4-year-old boy only
lsn't he a moron?
Yes, if l don't take care of him
he may eat up the wall at home
Can he swallow the cement?
Last time l return late,
he even ate my washing machine
Well, go home to watch your fridge
Next time your aunt visits you,
tell her to take care of your brother and you call me at once
Sure, sure
Go now
l've got the figure
The total amount is $2,238,957
Help him pick it up
Just stand there
Are you addressing me?
What do you want?
lt's crowded here
Open wide your eyes to
avoid hitting our clients
Forget it
Why are you quiet?
Can't l keep quiet?
Of course not
At least you must say sorry
No, l ...
What? Say it
You didn't know what happened yourself
and l hired you,
not knowing who your father is
Say it
Forget it
Say it in English
No need to say it
Mr. Wang, you've been bad in observation
Don't you know she's the boss daughter?
What then?
Just wait and see
l've to find another job again
Why is it out of order again?
Climb up the skylight
We were stacked in the lift last time
What a coincidence
l was born under an unlucky star
You gripe about being strand or seeing me again?
Why don't you want to see me again?
Oh, l don't mind
Why aren't you in the mood this time?
How do you know?
But you get a hell from your boss?
An employee should be mentally prepared
for this and cry secretly at home
You speak as if you were...
A whore
A whore could have tamed better
She has the right to choose her clients
But we daren't say anything,
when tramped
and you've to say ''sorry'' yourself
Say Sorry
Who are you saying ''sorry'' to?
So it's you?
Miss Kuan
ls this chain yours?
Oh, how could you have got it?
l remember it was yours
who passed though handed it over to me
Thank you
Don't mention it
Where you are going? Let me escort you
Excuse me
ln the office you're No.1
Outside the office, l'm No.1 too
Well, forget it
l was going to say ''sorry'' to you
Now it seems unnecessary
Better let me escort you
Excuse me
ln fact, l ...
Where's your car?
My car?
Don't you want to escort me?
Let's take the Metro
The bus then
Can l attend office as usual tomorrow?
l'll tell you again tomorrow
ln fact, we shouldn't have come to
such an expensive place to eat
We should
The boss's daughter praised me today
for my performance and behavior
Did she do it...
in your presence?
Did she promise any pay rise?
Absolutely no problem
Come on, let's order something nice for celebration
A is carte
lt's in English, who can read it?
Let's go to the food stall to eat
Don't be moony
We don't have to order according to the menu
Just order anything you like
We can afford it
lt's too expensive
Don't hurry, wait
What will you have please?
Give me two portions of steak and ...
A cup of coffee
Keep the change
l'm going to the men's room
l've got money Don't worry, country bumpkin
Mr. Li
Mimi, l thought you've got rich
Who was that man?
He's my brother
That one who even eats washing machines?
l'm keeping it a secret from him...
to avoid provoking him
He recovered a bit and
pretended not to have know me just now
Don't greet me in his presence
or l can't even explain to him
lt's okay
Would them be trouble if
he saw us sitting together?
You can never tell
He might swallow
all the folks and knives
He's eating now
Go over now
Oh, l'm finished, l'm finished
Who's he?
His? Don't you remember?
Who's he?
You really don't remember?
Who's he?
You don't remember?
Who an earth is he?
Oh, you can't remember now
Tell me who he is
You really can't remember him now?
l can't, unless you tell me
You can't remember if l don't tell you
Even if l tell you, you won't remember
Why should l tell you then?
Sorry, my mistake
You've teasing me
Miss, how many of you?
l'm looking for someone
This way, please
Who's it?
The boss's daughter
What a coincidence
Are you alone?
No, l've an appointment with a client
Miss Kuan, this way
Sorry, please come over
Let me make the introduction
He's the manager of Chia Shu Jewelry Company
l see
Let me join you
So you know each other
You know each other too?
l met her in a library
A library?
Yes, yes, a library
Come on, sit down...
Let me make the introduction
This is my new colleague Mr. Shih Chin-Shui
General Manager Li of Chia Shu Jewelry Company
Mr. Li
Mr. Shih
How do you do?
Nice to meet you
Mr. Shih is a capable person
Thank you
l really can't see it from his looks
So you're...
lt's the look that counts, not the brains
You're right
Miss Kuan, never imagined
You had such a man in your office
Do you envy him?
Thank you
l don't envy him. Why should l?
Miss Kuan, you're lucky
Well, she is...
His sister
How are you going to explain to me now?
Why don't you connect a story
saying it comes from movie?
Why didn't you tell me
you work in a dance hall?
and you did that to help your husband
You daren't admit you have a husband
How we met my chance
because my boss dated him and
you told him l'm your brother
That's sensible
That's a logical explanation
l'm not blaming you
l know your grievances
but you shouldn't have kept it from me
What have you to say now?
Say it
That...Mr. Li
l really met him in the cabaret
Open up, bitch
What are you doing?
lt's none of your business
Come out
Hear that?
Get out
Open the door
Not her fault, not her fault
Not her fault?
Stop nagging and be quiet
What are you doing?
Let him scream, Mabel is not yet back
So what? l'll wait for her here
Just stand there, don't go away
What happened? She killed your father?
That tramp took my wife to join a cabaret
ls it true?
A taxi dancer
Not her fault,
l asked for her help
l didn't do anything unfair to you
Shut up, shut up!
Listen, it wasn't another person's fault
That tramp is a taxi dancer herself
and took my wife to join her too
l'm going to curse her
Haven't you had enough?
Never, you bitch!
Say that again
l'll say it 3 times more: Bitch, bitch, bitch
Hell with you
You're hitting me?
Yes, yes, even three slaps are not enough
l must slap you back to your sense
You think l enjoy taking
your wife to work in a cabaret
l've to take care of her every day
And l get no commission from her
What did you say?
Your wife came out to work
for nothing, but yourself
She helped you bastard pay for the bond
Well, you're keeping your mouth shut now
You should secretly be grateful
for having such a wife
Well, good, good, good
You all conspired...
to encourage her to do it
Just wait and see
Don't hit him. He's still not awake
Let me explain to him
Have you got a fire?
Sorry, l forget to bring the cigarettes
You're lucky
Your wife does everything for you What do you expect?
ls she a taxi dancer?
Not her alone. My friend Liu Yang's
girlfriend Li Szu Szu...
is also a whore
When circumstances require it, they'd no way to choose
Besides your wife hasn't been unfaithful to you
What did you say?
Liu Yang and Li Szu Szu are men of the Sung dynasty
l played mahjong with him
You must be joking
Frankly, when l followed Emperor Chin
to Japan to get the elixir,
l took one secretly and turned into this form
Well, forget the past
Now go and
say ''sorry'' to your wife
Don't stare at me. Go now
Go in, go in
Are you saying that to me?
l'm really good for nothing
l brought you into your present state
We make our swears by the moonlight
Now we're couple, why say that?
A shooting star
What are you doing?
Making a wish
You said a shooting star fleets out of sight
You believe it now
What wish have you make?
Wish l could do better in performance
to win the boss's recognition
And you don't have to suffer any more
Where's your husband?
Over there
What are doing here? Come here
Off duty?
He's handsome
My husband, Eva
Look, your wife's so nice to you
She can get over after today
Take good care of her from now on
We wouldn't wish her to come back here
The duty is yours
There's not going to be next time
Really disgusting
See you again
No, we won't like to see you here again
Hey, and you
Don't come to such a place any more
l'll hit you if l see you here
l won't
l'm going to Club...
Say that again
Where are you going?
Let's go to Cafe de Coral for breakfast
Let's go away. Let them get close
What would you drink?
Manhattan. And you?
And this gentleman?
Yes, here
Many in our business always come here chatting
to meet more people, you can learn more
l've seldom come to these place
Kid, you're dating my girlfriend?
Hello, don't scared him
l'm joking, nice to meet you
Haven't see you for a long time
Where have you been? Are you busy to date?
No. You still kidding
He is my colleague, Mr. Shih
Mr. Chen
Hi! How are you? Nice to meet you
How are you?
You have a chat
Let me go over to say hello
Okay, stop nagging
Sit, sit
Szu Szu is there
Seems to be alone
Of course
Her man is now beside you
Let's go and tease her
Excuse me
You look familiar
Looks like my ex-flame
Szu Szu, Jenny
l see, your looks show it
l have many ex-boyfriends
Let me introduce you one
l've thrown away your Romeo
That tall strong man
He insisted that l bring you the flower
Why are you talking to him?
Haven't you forsaken him already?
You really have good grace
lt's not bad to be friends
Hey, did she forsake you?
And he had to come to you
l have lots girls
Hear that? He's got lots of girls
What's your rank? Up to 20?
l love you
Bastard, let's wait and see
Jenny, Jenny
Woo her after you get well in your eyes, massager
lt's all right. Are you all right?
l really should thank you
for your help
That's easy
l'm hungry
Let's go to a Japanese Restaurant
Thank you
You need chili sauce for this
Oh, no
Are you used to eating here?
When l was a child, my sister often took me to...
But the food here seems better
ls that so?
Have some more then
Boss, bring two more bowls
Right now
First class
Darling, l'm back
Go in and sleep
Darling, what's this?
Look at this way
A camera?
a layout
Why's it look like that?
Listen, l want to have
those 2 tables and cupboard are moved over there,
and move this table too
Then put a floor light over there
Look like this in that photo
Comfortable, isn't it?
Let's buy a rocking chair later
and put it over there to watch TV
No, an rocking chair for one only
What about you if l sit on it myself
l think l'm sitting on it
Where did you get that necktie?
l didn't buy it for you
Yours is here
Why have you changed it?
Calm down. My boss bought it for me
to go out for meeting clients
ls mine not presentable?
What's so special with hers?
lt's over $400
A $400 necktie?
l could get 20 with the money from the market
She paid for it
Well, from now on, wear anything
old and unpresentable
So she'll buy anything for you
Do l have to wear yours too?
So much the better
l share your view that
this year's jewelry business is better
Right, right
Excuse me
lt's okay
Thank you
What are you doing?
My chest, somehow l feel it's dropping
What then?
Never, it's designed that way. Come on
Paul, you're early
Let me make the introduction
The Superintendent of Asian Jewelry Company, Mr. Lu
Mr. Lu, nice to see you
Mr. Shih is my assistant
Mr. Shih's sister Miss Shih
How do you do, Miss Shih?
How do you do?
You go on. Dance with me
Miss Shih, have something to drink
Oh, thank you
Where does Miss Shih work?
l'm not working
Let's go over to eat
Oh, l don't dance well?
Not bad
What do you think of Mr. Lu?
Not bad
Has your sister got a boyfriend?
No, why?
You must be joking
lt's true
Mr. Lu doesn't suit her
How do you know?
Caviar, it's nice, try
Will you have this steamed or
mixed with two fried eggs?
l can't take it raw
Thank you
You ordered anything casually
Wait if it should...
spoil our stomach?
Who's Shih Chin-shui's sister?
l don't know her myself
She really is inconceivable
She wants the caviar to be mixed with eggs
What's so special with Shih Chin-shui?
in all kisser, his sister's is not any better
Thank you
Does it suit your appetite?
Why don't you cover it up?
No need
ln fact, it's not bad
Please cover it up for me
Are you new staff? You don't understand that?
means that a fried egg put on it
Get a bigger one, please
Have you been in that line too, Shui?
Yes, it's not bad
Put an egg cover it
lt's nice. Try
Now you're well off
Why didn't you invite me before?
What's wrong, father?
Today's our wedding anniversary
Last time we didn't invite you for the wedding
Let's making it up now
lt's most important to live happily
ls he nice to you?
Not bad
Sister, switch to another station
Can you understand what's going on?
You switch it yourself
Can't l switch it?
This is not for switching
Why didn't you say so?
Don't you like it?
Take it
Thank you
What's damned brain
Can't l say that?
Dad, l beg you
Don't touch her foul language
l didn't tell her to say that bloody thing
Damn it, it doesn't sound well
Something's bloody wrong with the head?
There really is a generation gap
Why didn't you come back to eat?
l have an appointment with a client You eat first
Thank you
Your birthday?
Can't you have dinner with me on any other day
l invite you to dinner?
You said you'd invite me
Okay, make it my treat
You said you'd invite me
My dad has opened a branch in Singapore
and you know that
Yes, you told me about that
He plans to bring me with him
l see
Oh, l can get free then
Do you mean it? You really want me to leave?
No, no, l was joking
l mean it's good news for you
He wants me
to bring an assistant with me
Who have you in mind then?
lt means to
fine someone who can take care of me
Have you found him?
You do
Are you sure?
That calls for celebration. Cheers
What if l tell you
l have you in mind?
Stop joking
Are you serious?
Don't tease me again, l can't stand that
lf you think
l'm joking,
forget what l've said
You think l can help you?
Are you sure l can help you?
At least...
l think you're reliable
l must teach him a lesson when he returns
He's forgotten such a big day
l must beat him up
Maybe he's too busy
You're siding with him You deserves punishment too
A taxi, dad
Let's go
Dad, come again when you have time
Okay. Go to the upper deck. lt's going
Thank you
Go back and think over
What l've just said to you
l will
Thank you, bye-bye
Have you eaten?
Yes, they've just left
Dad and my sister
Did they come here?
Who were you dining with at this hour?
A client
You alone?
That Miss Kuan seems to be nice to you
Frankly, would you think
l'm incapable and unworthy of you?
What did you say?
You're smoking?
Just for fun
What for?
Forget it. Don't you feel
we were happier we lived in wooden rooms
lsn't today your birthday?
Can't l invite to dinner on any other day?
lt's your treat? Can't be mine then?
Okay, your treat
No, no, it's my treat
Thank you
Thank you for helping me all the time
and for giving me
the opportunity once and again
Don't be so formal
l don't...
l don't think l can help you
because l have a sister at home
l promised to take care of her all my life
l can't leave her behind
And l know you can surely find
someone more capable than l
You will for sure
We haven't ordered anything yet
please read
lt's you, what a coincidence
Aren't you going to office?
lt's Saturday
Oh, a boyfriend?
Where's your brother?
He's at home
He has no girlfriend?
Do you know what your brother is planning?
l don't know
lsn't he working well...
with his present job?
ln fact, he's intelligent and capable
l planned to transfer him to Singapore to help me
Did you? He didn't tell me about it
He turned me down
He said he has to stay in HK to take care of you
ln fact...
Excuse me for saying so
To take care of you...
is your future husband's responsibility
Don't you think
you're unfair to him?
Miss Kuan, you may pour the water
ls this one?
Not this one, that is a computer
Computer, is this one?
This is a calculator, do you know?
l am looking for a digital diary
You want a computer or
a digital diary?
You need to say
l've written down lots of important things in it
l can't do anything now, what should l do?
Little sister has taken it away
She said that it's funny, so l gave it to her
You gave it to her just because she likes it
Did you think about me?
l can't do anything now,
is it funny?
l don't know about that, don't angry with me
You don't know,
then what do you know?
You only know how to cook and go to the hairdresser,
what else you can do?
l can't do anything,
but l can make my husband feel comfortable when he returns home
And this should be called a good wife My life is like that, bastard
Who is the bastard?
l'm not a good husband?
l had give you money,
and did...
l do anything unfaithful to you all these days
Don't you know that what you made me forsake?
Don't regard that l know nothing at all,
lf l've hindered you making money,
just say a word, l'll go
You should go right now then,
don't hinder me any more, go!
What's the matter with you?
Why are you quiet?
When did you return?
Just now
Where's that bastard?
Has he got rich? Repay then
No, l want to go out for a walk
You don't have to hide
because of that you owe me
Don't pay if you've no money
Not that
What happened?
Has he got a mistress?
Tell me frankly, l'll chop that bastard dead
No, dad
What then?
A conjugal scene is common
l was fully armed when l quarreled with your mother
We chopped each other
What happen then?
We've had you later
Well, try to make concessions to each other
And you'll get on well
This time it's different
What's different? Tell me
Don't ask me, will you?
Dad, don't blame Shui
l told you to wait He's having a meeting
Mr. Shih, she claims to know you
Yes, thank you
l want to talk to Mr. Shih Chin-Shui alone
Please go out for a while
Sorry, ladies and gentlemen,
let's have 5 minutes interval
Sorry, sorry
Take them to the lobby
Why are you here?
Anything special?
How's your sister?
She's left
l don't know
Tell me what happened?
Stop acting. Get out!
Take it back
Damn your bloody head
You're out of your mind
You fled with the boss's daughter
to Singapore
You've suburd, you're okay
Shut up
Don't call me that? l'm no longer your kin
You! You have no ethics!
My sister sacrificed much for you,
hoping you might rise above the herd some day
Now you've better off and
you jilted her
My sister is No.1 fool
She wants me to help you for the last time
lf l were she, l'd have chopped you dead
l'm wrong
Tell me, where's your sister?
How do l know? She's left by plane
and said she won't return in the near future
Aren't you happy now? Go to hell
Time's up. We must leave
Okay, Okay
Hey, is this the mansion of Mr. Shih?
Yes, what's it?
Someone's ordered a rocking chair
There, put it over there
Mr. Shih, please sign it
Thank you
What's the matter with you?
Time's up Dad's waiting for us at the airport
Don't you know the new number?
l don't know the new number
Would you check if for me, please?
l see
Thank you
lt's so late
Aren't you leaving?
l work overtime
Call Hong Kong again?
Already one year, and she still can't be found
What else can l help you?
lt doesn't concern you
Had l not transferred you to Singapore
Don't be silly
Forget it
lt's fate
Are you eating?
l may leave
Shih, are you going?
l still have something to do. You eat
What a coincidence
Have you got a fire?
Have you got a fire?
Thank you
You've changed?
Why not? You've changed too
How long have you been back?
Over a week
How are you?
Same as before
l know that you've been moving around these years
and you've nearly toured the whole world
lt's nice to meet more people and see the world
Right, right
Any plans?
l'm leaving next week
You've alone outside
Would your folks worry about you?
Why not?
l've been taking care of myself since childhood
l'm leaving. Bye-bye
l want to tell you that
Miss Kuan is marrying her boyfriend next month
Congratulate her for me
Bastard, you scared me