Mahabharat - Episode 63

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l am Time
Happiness and unhappiness are the two shores ...
... between which l flow
l experience neither sadness nor joy
l can neither laugh nor cry
But because l know the Past and the Future ...
... my knowledge sometimes ...
... brings laughter to my lips ...
... or tears to my eyes
Today l stand at the crossroads where ...
... the honourable dynasty of Bharat ...
... is breaking apart ...
... and none can stop its destruction
After the defeat of the Kauravas at Viraat ...
... Dhritirashtra does not dream of victory ...
... but wishes to keep the control in his hands
But History does not want that
Dhritirashtra who can recognize any sound ...
... cannot recognize the footsteps of History
Maybe his ambition prevents him from recognizing them
That is why he is afraid of War ...
... but is not ready for Peace either
Victory to the king!
What's it?
Royal charioteer Sanjay is here to see you
He is waiting at the door
At this time?
Call him
He has my permission to enter ...
... at any time and without waiting
As you wish!
Victory to the king!
What's the news? What did Yuddhistir say?
He says that Truth is the greatest wealth
True happiness lies in being Truthful
My lord! Even l have been thinking
And what have you thought?
My lord! l think a Truth ...
... not spoken on time is worse than a Lie
Go ahead Sanjay
l can listen to the Truth. What is it?
My lord! Your actions negate the Truth
Your filial love has wounded your soul
Serve your wounded Soul, my Lord!
Even you are accusing me?
No, my lord! l am not accusing you
This is a mere analogy
lf you do not listen to me now ...
... History will criticize you in every lifetime
Do not gamble with Hastinapur's future
You heed everyone but your well-wishers
Return Indraprasth to the Pandavas
Has Yuddhistir threatened war?
No, my lord! To threaten is not in his nature
He has requested me to tell you that ...
... they are ready for both War and Peace
lf you want War, there will be War
lf you desire Peace, there will be Peace
The long journey must have tired you
Go and rest!
As you wish!
Anyone there!
Yes, my lord!
Send someone to fetch Vidur
As you wish
Why has brother-in-law called you?
It is the king who has called for me
Why so late?
I’ll find out once l reach there
My respects, O King!
This is not the Court
Call me Brother at least when we are alone
Yes, my lord
Sanjay has returned from Yuddhistir
He did not tell me what Yuddhistir said
He wasted time in blaming me
We will know what he said in court tomorrow
My sleep left with Sanjay
l don't think Sanjay was blaming you
He is your well-wisher
Whatever he said must be in your interest
As your charioteer ...
... it was his duty to tell you the truth
You have always been unjust to the Pandavas
Just think, my lord
By dividing Hastinapur you have been unjust ...
... to both Duryodhan and Hastinapur
As the king, it was your duty to honour the border
By dividing the nation you have violated your limits
But Yuddhistir ...
... accepted this injustice quietly
You divided the nation not for Hastinapur's benefit ...
... but for Duryodhan's benefit
You will do anything to make him the king
l do not know, Brother ...
... if Hastinapur will ever forgive you ...
... for the crime of dividing it
And you?
l will never forgive you
And maybe ...
... you will never forgive yourself
My mother was your mother's maid
My lord, l am tied to you by the bond of slavery
Whether you are just or unjust ..
... l cannot leave you
Speak on
Your bitter words do not sound bitter today
What else have l done?
l do not want to repeat all that
The Wax House, Gambling, Draupadi's disrobing
These are all sad memories ...
... which cannot be forgotten
Doesn't Draupadi's cry for protection ...
... ever echo through your Soul?
Don't her questions ever bother you?
So, my brother, love your country ...
... instead of your son
Be just, my lord
lf, after taking Indraprasth, they forget their insult ...
... be grateful to them
Protect the Truth, my lord
For, if there is war ...
... neither Hastinapur ...
... nor the Kuru dynasty will survive
Shed your ambition, my lord ...
... because that is your enemy
Never go to your enemy's house ...
... in the darkness
Why are you silent?
Keep talking
One last advice, my lord
Don't let your filial love think for you
Hastinapur is your responsibility
And Duryodhan?
He is not your responsibility
He is your disease
Dhritirashtra faces a dilemma
Should he be a king or father
The king's love for his son ...
... is a curse for the nation
The royal charioteer Sanjay is here
Victory to the king
What news have you brought?
Yuddhistir has sent his respects to all Elders ...
... and his love for the youngsters
Speak to the point, Sanjay
Be patient, Duryodhan
My patience is at an end
My hands are now itching for the mace
Even they have maces
l know, Grandsire
lf the Pandavas do not accept 12 years exile ...
... war is definite
At least listen to what Yuddhistir has to say
The war you wish to avoid is inevitable
l won't let you avoid this war
The Pandavas only understand the language of war
Speak on charioteer. What news have you brought back?
My lord! l gave your message to the eldest son of Kunti
Who else was there?
Apart from the Pandavas, the Kings of Virat and Panchal ...
... Prince Dhristadyuma and Krishna were present
What did Yuddhistir say?
First l will tell you ...
... the message Arjun has sent for Duryodhan
With Yuddhistir's permission ...
... or without it?
Well! Yuddhistir did not stop him
Now say what message Arjun has sent for my son
Arjun said ...
O Sanjay! Tell Duryodhan in Karna's presence
lf he does not return Indraprasth then ...
... because of his treachery, indecency and ego ...
... he will be vanquished in war
He should, therefore, learn to walk the path of Peace
By Lord Shiva! My arrows will rain fire ...
... which will destroy the Kuru warriors ...
... like heat destroys dry grass
Are you trying to scare the eldest Kuru son Duryodhan?
Bhishma is the eldest Kuru son
l know that Grandsire is the eldest Kuru
Forgive me
l also announce that ...
... if father does not send my message back to Arjun ...
... l will go there myself, pull out his tongue ...
... and string my bow with it
Be patient, my son
Patience is not for me, my father
Listen to me carefully, Duryodhan
You have forsaken both Truth and Religion
You are the cause of the Kuru decline
lf you do not realize that now ...
... you are fated to see the corpses of our warriors
Will you only listen to three people?
Karna who is cursed by Sage Parshuram
Your treacherous Uncle Shakuni and ...
... your ill-mannered brother Dushasan
Is it necessary to criticize me in front of everyone?
l have only done my duty as a warrior
l had sworn to kill the Pandavas, my friend's enemies
What else could l do?
l do not know the sweet words of treachery
l am not a politician
l am a warrior and l know only the language of war
Listen carefully to me, Grandsire
l have no loyalty to the Kuru dynasty
My loyalty is to the king and Duryodhan
Do not misuse sacred words like ''loyalty''
You are destroying the tree which nurtures you
And you dare to call this loyalty?
Do not fan the flames of Duryodhan's hatred
Who are you?
All of us together cannot face Arjun
We were there at the Virat war and so was Duryodhan ...
... who sits here boasting that he will ...
... string his bow with Arjun's tongue
Listen to me O lord!
Exorcise Duryodhan of Karna Shakuni and Dushasan
Where was Karna when the Gandharvas caught Duryodhan
Fighting a war is different from talking about it
lf you wish a long life for your sons ...
... return Indraprasth
Never, Grandsire
Let them first accept 12 years of exile
What should we do, Sage Drona?
lf the king desires war, there will be war but ...
... Grandsire's proposal is acceptable
No army can defeat an army which has ...
... Arjun, Bhim and ...
lf we've more well-wishers of the Pandavas like you...
... we will lose the war
lf we have no right to speak why sit in court?
Allow me to leave
A student who cannot respect his teacher...
... has no future
Call me when you need me on the battlefield
l will even fight my favourite pupil Arjun
Do not forsake my beloved Hastinapur
l now know your opinion, O Sage. Please sit
Arjun is fire. Why get angry with him
Tell me, what did Yuddhistir propose ?
It was Yuddhistir who lost the Dice game
And so, he should take the decision
Is he, too, preparing for war?
lf yes then tell me if there was anyone there...
...who opposed war
Apart from Krishna, none spoke of Peace
l only fear Yuddhistir's anger and Krishna's peace
Do you think they desire war?
They have only two options:
Indraprasth or war
Our defeat is certain in this war
Returning Indraprasth is also defeat
l can see the corpses of my hundred sons
But what can l do?
lf Indraprasth was mine l would return it...
...but it belongs to Duryodhan
So, the Kuru dynasty must accept its bad luck
Friend !
Why are you here so late?
Is there a time to meet friends?
l would have come earlier but...
...l wanted to cool my anger
- Forgive me, friend - For what?
For Grandsire's insult in court today
l was not insulted. l am a charioteer's son
He insulted you and Dushasan
But he is your Grandsire He can say anything to you
But he forgot one thing about me
My arrows had wounded Arjun in the Virat War...
... but he recalled only my wounds
History will now witness my duel with Arjun
Only the coming eras will talk of ...
... what l was worth as a warrior
So, do not worry about me
Even if Grandsire insulted me ...
... the news of the forthcoming war ...
... has healed the wound
l still say ...
Don't say anything
War is not your expertise
Your treacheries have shamed us in History
Now that war is certain ...
... l shall sleep in peace like a warrior
l was avoiding war because ...
... there is only one way to defeat the Pandavas
But you will not explore it because ...
... your ego will not allow you to ask for a favour
l will not ask for favours
Looks like defeat is written in your fate ...
... and you have to accept it
Whom should we ask for a favour?
l will do it on Brother's behalf
There is no representation in these matters
lf Duryodhan wants to win this war ...
... he must ask for Krishna's help
The Yadus are very powerful
Their army is the most powerful in India
Don't go if you want to lose the war
But if you want to win this war ...
... you cannot ignore Krishna
Go to Krishna! Now!
Arjun! When did you come?
l came first
O so you, too, have come
But l saw Arjun first
No Krishna! He has come before me
Okay !
Let me ask him why he has come to Dwarka
You must have come to know that...
...war between the Kauravas and Pandavas is certain
You must help us
Like Arjun, even l am your friend
We are also related to you
That's true
Besides, l have come first
True, but l saw Arjun first
So, I’ll have to help both of you
But how can you fight on both sides?
l did not speak of fighting, Duryodhan
l only said l would help both of you
On one side is my divine army and on the other ...
... l, alone and unarmed
The question is : Who can ask first?
l, because l came first
No! Arjun has the right to ask first ...
... because he is younger to you
So, Arjun! Do you want me or the divine army ?
l did not come here for the army ...
... but for your help, l don't want the army
Okay! I’ll take the divine army
l cannot hurt my younger brother
Okay! I’ll pay my respects to Brother Balram
Of course. You must do that
Tell me Arjun
When you could have the army ...
... why did you opt for me?
In war, a charioteer is more important than a warrior
l need a trustworthy charioteer in this war ...
... on whom l can rely and be free of worry
Who else can be better than you?
You know all the roads and directions
You will not lead me astray on the battlefield
O Krishna! Honour me by being my charioteer
l do not want the divine army but Divinity itself
Maybe l was born to be your charioteer
That honour is mine. Now my victory is certain!
Don't forget to ask Brother Balram for help
No Arjun! No!
Duryodhan, too, asked for help
l also told him that brothers should not fight
There is no point in discussing ...
... who is right and who is wrong
All the corpses that fall will belong to the same family
In this war l will not side with anyone
Neither will l bless any one of you with victory
At first, l was afraid that Arjun would ...
... ask for the divine army ...
... but like a fool he said that ...
... he did not want the divine army
... and asked for the unarmed Krishna
Then l asked for the divine army and said ...
... how can l hurt my younger brother
That was disastrous, my nephew
Even an unarmed Krishna ...
... can prove to be dangerous
Does this mean war is inevitable
You are the essence of Truth
Do not be in a hurry to decide
It is not a question of hurrying or delaying
You know very well that from the beginning ...
... there is no other option but war
This exchange of ambassadors is a necessary evil
At best you do not want ...
... the Pandavas to be the aggressors
How can they be accused of being aggressors?
Did they cheat at Dice? Or order Draupadi's disrobing
War is not their aim but their right
War can never be an aim
My suggestion is that if you all trust me ...
... then I’ll take the Peace proposal to Hastinapur
There is no question of not trusting you
lf you wish to go please do so
A few more days of waiting won't matter
Warriors fight to protect the Truth
They should not be over keen for war
Remember History will evaluate your values ...
... and History is always impartial
Do you wish to be assessed lower?
l am not an opponent of Peace but ...
There are no ''buts'' if you really want Peace
So, it is final that l shall go to Hastinapur
So that brothers may not fight ...
... and Truth shall always triumph ...
... Lord Krishna himself ...