Plano de gerenciamento do projeto

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Hello, I invite you to know a little more about the plan project management.
The Project Management Plan, is the main document of the project
is where it should contain all important information and necessary to project
if he does not have the information it contains at least the reference of where to find this information
how that information is stored and where to locate
thus making him the main document to be transferred to another project manager
if there is a change of manager or a need for external supervision or go to the PMO (Project Management Officer)
power to inspect and verify that you are performing according to project along with company standards.
If you have any doubts about PMO, watch another video that we have talking about this office, this workshop projects.
The Project Management Plan, it contains other plans within him.
Other plans may be incorporated into the project management, but those just cited
are the main plans that are indispensable in their management project.
To illustrate and you know a little more about the plans management and what they are
you should imagine this: You're the project manager and is performing
idealizing a way to manage the project to a project that you do not will manage.
Imagine that there will be a project in China, the exact design that was passed to you
and will have a project manager there. Only you have to spend coordinates for him
how it should manage this project. So taking for example Scope.
Scope management plan, as he should start treatment scope,
what information it should seek, in which document should be based, the planning goals
how it will plan the scope, with whom he will seek the information, areas that he has to investigate
to investigate the areas where document write it down.
After he found how to plan, how to run, at what point does begins execution
how to calculate the amount of people needed to do this
to then be incorporated into the plan of human resource management
How to monitor and control whether the scope is correct, it should be written how to check
during the execution of the project scope is being serviced.
And in closing? How to check if everything was planned, contracted the customer will be delivered
if it is what is being delivered. Then describe it.
That I gave the example of the scope, but should also be applied to the time, to cost, communication, HR, Procurement, Risk
for all other management plans.
You will establish rules to follow when you have a change. When a Stakeholder call and request a change
how it should be done to check whether this change will be made or Not? What is your group of advisers?
You'll have a group of council to decide that or not
Who are the people who have the responsibility to act on this decision
and once approved. How to send and fit it within the project.
So it is important to determine the management plan of each project of this information.
It is a detailed document, and that if you think about a document that will be delivered to another person
you the hassle out of running the project.
Only it's not another person who will execute the project, may or may not, be yourself
and oh, by the time you are conducting the project, as the project it is usually large, contain much information
certain questions will arise. And throughout the project you have to follow the same plan you outlined.
And then you'll see. Oh, I'm doing the right way as planned? No, I'm realizing I'm out
Then you can get is a map for guidance when managing the project.
And if you notice that there is a flaw in the creation of management plan project
What better way to run can be done
then you can change the management plan, it is not something immutable, is dynamic
It is a dynamic project. Should be amended to the extent that this document is necessary
and is adding things to the project.
So this is a project management plan is a document super that contain all important information and instructions
so you can surf and run the project as efficiently possible.
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