Easy Heart Auscultation | Intro S3 S4 S1 S2: Heart Sounds Tutorial (Part 1)

Uploaded by helphippo on 18.06.2012

This is your heart: atrium and ventricles. “V” on the bottom for ventricles
The heart has four valves. remembered by: My Tri Pulls All:
Mitral, Tricuspid, Pulmonary, Aortic
Like a tube of toothpaste, the heart squeezes from the bottom.
so, Mitral and Tricuspid valves close first, then Pulmonary and Aortic.
You can hear these valves slap closed through a stethoscope,
lub dub, lub dub. Or,
Fock You, Fock You.
“S3 gallop”- Kentucky, Kentucky, Kentucky or
“FOCK you're screwed, FOCK you're screwed."
When your heart fails, you're screwed.
“S4 gallop” - Tennesee Tennesee, Tennessee, or
“well FOCK you, well FOCK you."
S4 is caused by a stiff ventricle. The atrium has a hard time pushing blood,
and says “well FOCK you, Mr. Ventricle!"
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