The 9/11 Black Box (part 1/6: Time for Justice)

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How do you do?
Please, don't bother getting up.
How do you do? Can I look at this book?
It's the story of war.
Do you have books on the Apocalypse and the Messiah's arrival?
Sorry, I don't.
This is the big lie.
Can I have the book on the Messiah's arrival?
"A group of powerful leaders will try to rule over the world.
"But their enemies will rise against them,
"waving their swords, they will honour justice."
Hello, Thierry. Mr Meyssan, I can see you, now.
Nice to see you again.
Do you still like to work on your research?
Of course.
It's time for justice, now.
Great. As you say, it's time for justice.
I was waiting for your call.
I'm eager to work with you.
Listen to me.
Get a ticket and fly to Tehran as soon as possible.
I will take the first flight.
I see you in Tehran.
See you next.
Thierry Meyssan goes to Tehran to reveal what hides behind the 9/11.
Mistakes always happen in an emergency.
We better be careful.
Mr Meyssan!
I'm just in front of the entrance,
where the arrival is.
I don't see you. Where are you, now?
What did you tell him?
They recognised you.
Explain to him. I try to call some friends I have.
Go and talk to the officer.
Talk to you later.
Evening Mr, how are you doing?
May I speak with the night watch officer?
Ministry of Foreign Affairs? We have a problem with a guest.
He comes from France.
According to the new law, he doesn't need a visa.
He can stay two weeks.
It seems he would have be mistaken in his statements.
You can't help us?
He's not a journalist. He's a researcher.
We have to wait? Good. Excuse me. Goodbye.
My God.
I'm sorry to disturb you this late.
Is it the Ministry of Culture? He made a mistake, obviously.
He stated that...
No, wait. Is there someone, tonight?
Sorry, who are you?
Go back?
Why must he do that?
The poor guy isn't even a journalist. Why must he go back home?
He made a mistake.
His passport has not yet been validated.
No, he was wrong. I told him to explain this to you.
That's the truth.
He doesn't even have a camera.
Tell him, exactly...
Tell him exactly what I say.
Tell him that you are not a journalist.
If you were a journalist, or working for TV,
you should have a camera.
Talk to you later.
All right, that's great.
I wait for you outside. That's great. See you.
Come here. Hello.
- Hi. How are you? - Hello. How are you?
Quite welcome. How are you? What happened?
- Tell me exactly what happened. - Crazy story.
An officer wanted to show his muscles and authority to the others,
nothing more.
Everybody was nice to you, or not?
A young soldier, or Basiji, I don't know,
he saw that nobody was taking care of me
and he shared his own dinner with me.
- He gave you dinner? - He shared his own dinner with me.
His own dinner, he gave it to you?
You see the Iranian hospitality.
Now, I'm eager to work with you,
to realise our project,
but also
to discover this country, that's my first time in Iran.
I hope you will initiate me to its culture and history.
I'm sure you going to have a lot of great experiences.
Can you lower the window, please?
I need a fill-up, please.
- I'm glad to discover Iran with you. - You're quite welcome.
- Thank you. - Welcome to Iran.
Now, from where will it start?
From where?
Let me see. Do you know what is this?
This is the map of Iran.
What about this one? Can you read it?
- We are going to Afghanistan? - Exactly.
If you want to make a film about 9/11,
and if you want to read the black box of 9/11,
you have to talk to the people of Afghanistan.
Of course, but...
you have already planned that, this is a little dangerous.
All we hope we can do it.
Have you thought of it?
I've never thought of it.
So, we just give it a try.
is the first target of the 9/11.
You're right.
Thank you very much, sir.
You welcome, goodbye.
By the way,
in your research,
I saw your were mentioning the name of Strauss.
Is he that famous Jewish?
- That Strauss? - He was a philosopher.
He gave a very secret teaching to his students.
How to rule the world.
But when was it?
What year exactly when this thing was started?
He was coming from the Nazi Germany.
He became teacher at the Chicago University.
This is the beginning of my documentary.
At the end of the 90s,
following the demise of the Soviet Union,
a group of prominent individuals from various backgrounds
planned to transform
the United States into a global empire.
A hardcore nucleus identifies
With the esoteric teaching of Leo Strauss, a German Jewish philosopher,
was settle in Chicago
Over flying Nazi persecution.
"This research allow us to better understand
"the hidden clues
"behind the curtain of the 9/11 events."
"After a long journey, we reach the border of Afghanistan."
Look. Who are these people? What's happening to them?
They are flyers. Their car is probably broken.
Illegal or legal?
They should be legal because they just crossed the border.
We are near the border of Afghanistan.
- They need help. - Let's see what's happening.
Give me the camera, please.
- Hello, sir. - Salaam.
How do you do? What's going on?
Is this a breakdown?
Salaam 'Alaykum.
Can I film you?
- How far is the border? - If you drive fast, you'll arrive
- before 8 PM, but it's risky. - What do you mean, risky?
Afghanistan is dangerous by night.
May I ask why did you come to Iran?
We've got a diseased.
What's wrong with him?
He's just ill.
We can't treat him. Even the drugs don't work.
Didn't the Americans build hospitals?
For them, not for us. Are you going to Afghanistan?
- Yes, we are. - What for?
We want to interview people about the Twin Towers story,
regarding the September 11 attacks.
Those towers, in the United States!
Supposedly destroyed by Taliban under Bin Laden's order.
That was an excuse to invade Afghanistan,
and attack it with impunity.
You know what they say? They know the truth,
they know that was an excuse.
He says that was a "false flag".
In August 2001,
Bin Laden was in Dubai.
In the beginning of September, he was in Pakistan,
in Rawalpindi.
They didn't bomb Dubai or the Pakistan.
They choose to attack Afghanistan.
But bin Laden wasn't in Afghanistan at the time of the attacks.
It's dangerous, don't go there!