Ep 13 - A Walk in the Park - 12-STEPS TO RECOVERY

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CASSIE I have five questions.
PARRISH I’m all ears.
CASSIE Kobe or Lebron?
CASSIE Toilet paper...over or under?
PARRISH Kidding me? Over.
CASSIE Pajamas or Nude?
PARRISH Bucked Naked!
CASSIE Joe Montana or Steve Young.
PARRISH Ohhh, you’re playing dirty. Steve Young.
CASSIE Not bad so far. This next one is a
toughie. Get it wrong and we can never be.
PARRISH You’re playing hardball. I thought
eighty percent was passing.
CASSIE Perfection is a bitch ain’t it?
(Beat) Here we go. The Stones or the Beatles?
PARRISH So you always use those five questions
when getting to know a guy?
CASSIE Depends. You gotta be more than a
handsome sports and rock fan. But those are just the basics. Believe
me, I dig deep. Substance is key.
PARRISH I agree. I can tell you’re a very
selective woman. I like that.
CASSIE My daddy didn’t raise a fool. Plus
I want more than just a good time.
PARRISH So why come to this speed dating thing
which wasn’t my idea by the way.
CASSIE I know. I’m in the gym 5 days a week
and your boy Blue has been blasting your business, but he means well.
Any guy that cares about his boy’s happiness as Blue does, then I want
to meet this guy and see what’s so special about him. Ok, I came to watch
all the losers vie for your love. C’mon, it’s like watching Flavor
Flav in dinner theater.
PARRISH I appreciate your honesty.
CASSIE However, I’m glad I came. I met a
Special guy tonight.
PARRISH Why thank you.
CASSIE You know, I bet you’re a ladies man
Parrish, but you like to sneak up on them. Be mister nice guy and before a
girl knows it, she’s wearing your shirt, bringing you a sandwich in
bed. She never had a chance.
PARRISH Interesting. You paint me out to be
nice and conniving in the same breath. Well as long as my niceness isn’t
mistaken for weakness, it’s all good. Those days are long gone.
CASSIE I like nice guys.
PARRISH Did I just tell you how nice I am?
CASSIE You’re funny.
PARRISH Let’s go.
CHAUNCEY Hello Sheryl, this is Chauncey.
Look, if you want your man back, you need to get down here asap.
CASSIE You’re so silly Parrish. I haven’t
laughed this much in ages.
PARRISH I am here for your pleasure Milady.
CASSIE So are you the kind who believes in
the true love, soul mate stuff?
PARRISH What do I know? I’ve been dumped and now
going on a bunch of blind dates set up by friends.
CASSIE You really shouldn’t do that? Women
don’t find the deprecating style attractive.
CASSIE I know I can be blunt sometimes, but
it’s best that I be honest with you. Women see it as a lack of confidence
and a form of weakness. You’re too good for that tag.
PARRISH Look at you--sharing the secret rule
book of women. But you’re right. I’ve gotten in a habit of doing that. But
it stops here, right at this moment. CASSIE
That’s the spirit.
PARRISH The real Parrish Diaz is laying it
down and taking no prisoners.
CASSIE What does this real Parrish have in
his arsenal?
PARRISH The dance moves of MJ. The swagger
of Denzel and the smoothness of Billy D. Williams.
CASSIE I didn’t give you permission to kiss me.
PARRISH I’m sorry, but the new Parrish doesn’t
hear you.
CASSIE If you think I’m bringing you a
sandwich to your bed, you have another thing coming.
PARRISH You talk too much.
SHERYL (O.S.) Parrish!?
PARRISH Sheryl!?
CASSIE So you’re the infamous Sheryl?
SHERYL Who are you?
CASSIE I’m that woman who lets a man take
care of his business—-business that sometimes includes handling an ex.
Parrish, I had a wonderful night with you. I better head on home.
PARRISH Cassie, you don’t have to go. I –
CASSIE We’ll talk later.
SHERYL So you’re kissing random women in
the park?
PARRISH Look, don’t go questioning or judging
anything I do. You forfeited those privileges. Plus I’m sure you’ve done
your rounds on the dating circuit.
SHERYL Parrish, I didn’t come looking for you
to argue. I’m here
to tell you that I’m sorry and I want you back.
PARRISH What? Are you kidding me?
SHERYL I made a mistake and I hurt your
feelings out of fear. I’m willing to earn your forgiveness. I just need you
to know that I love you and want to be with you.
PARRISH You are something else. I thought I
Wasn’t in your league?
SHERYL Ok, I deserve that.
PARRISH You think I can just forget the things
you said?
SHERYL You can try. We can try—-starting
tonight. My place?