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Presented by ahnsworld and Mirovision
Distributed by Lotte Entertainment
Also presented by Interactive Media Mix
Produced by ahnsworld in association with Dasaepo Club
Executive producers AHN Dong-kyu and Jason CHAE
Co-executive producers LEE Jin-sang and SOHN Il-hyung
a film by E. J-yong
KIM Ok-bin
PARK Jin-woo
You should be careful.
Multi-Religion Private School, No Use High School
Multi-Religion Private School, No Use High School I'm substituting today because
the English teacher has caught STD.
Well, it can happen if we sleep with a teenage hooker.
So please understand.
Aethiest Class
Aethiest Class Yes, sir.
Miss Piggy, you should get checked as well.
Sir, that's outrageous! I don't sleep with teachers.
Well, that's good to hear.
Actually, the English teacher's got syphilis.
Sir, I have to leave school early.
Rotten bastard!
This is humiliating.
Damn it, I'm gonna kill her.
And I thought it was only a skin rash.
Sir, I also have to leave early.
Bro, don't you have an itch, too? Better see a doctor fast.
Sir, I also have to leave early.
- What? You screwed him, too? - You screwed him, too?
Hey, you said I was your first.
I said it was my first one-on-one.
Shit, all the class leaders went to the hospital.
When did I sleep with him?
Sir, I have to leave, too.
Sir, I also have to go.
What? That means I have to go, too!
Sir, I'm sorry.
I have a date with a customer, so I need to go as well.
Okay, you must be late. You better hurry.
What a good daughter.
Hey, don't be so hard on yourself.
Looks are only skin-deep.
Excuse me?
Sir, are you trying to make me feel like crap?
No, what did I do?
Yeah! I'm a one-eyed bastard!
So that's why I never got laid!
No, you got it wrong. A good heart is more...
Sir! Look straight into my eye and talk, okay?
A gushing young spirit, hi hi
A vain, overflowing desire, bye bye
Our proud
And truly all-understanding high school
No Use High!
Wisely chip, polish, and oil
Shining wisdom
Become the rain on the land of the people
LEE Kyun
No Use High
Director of photography CHUNG Chung-hoon
No Use High
Lighting director YU Chul
No Use High
Production designer LEE Hyung-joo
No Use High
Music director JANG Young-kyu
No Use High
Line producer YlM Ji-woo
No Use High
Wisely chip, polish, and oil
Based on a comic by CHAE Jung-taek Wisely chip, polish, and oil
Shining wisdom
Become the rain on the land of the people
KIM Byul
LEE Yong-joo, NAM Ho-jung
PARK Hye-won
LEE Min-hyuk, U GUN
Wisely chip, polish, and oil
Produced by AHN Dong-kyu Wisely chip, polish, and oil
Shining wisdom
Become the rain on the land of the people
No Use High
Hey! Hey! Hey!
DASEPO NAUGHTY GlRLS Directed by E. J-yong
Okay, I have to survive somehow.
I want to hang out with my friends.
I want to treat people to meals.
I want to pay for my brother's tuition
and buy him sneakers.
There's no reason for guilt.
Virginity doesn't pay the bills.
Just bear it for 30 minutes.
Guess I shouldn't tell him it's my first time.
That felt good.
What's that?
Don't worry about him.
He's Poverty.
I'm going to shower.
We don't have time for that.
Let's just do it.
Okay. If you say so.
I'll pay you triple
if we can try out my new toy.
I'll be gentle.
Look at this, it's already vibrating.
Softer, softer.
This isn't your first time, huh?
No, it is.
I would never have guessed.
This is how a 2-player version feels.
Can't play at home because of my wife.
And the office is off limits, too.
You're really good for a first-timer.
Wait for me!
Death would be better than living this way.
Geon-hee, what are you doing here?
Where are your friends?
They're at their private lessons.
Thought I'd catch some fish for Mom.
I'm home.
- Come over here kids. - What's all this?
Can we eat it?
We don't have to worry anymore.
If I sell a thousand of these, we can get by.
That so-called pyramid-style marketing business?
It's risky and can be disastrous.
What are you talking about?
It's just
an Infrared Micro Ceramic Pyramid
from Pyramid, Inc.
If I recruit 100 sales people, I can become a real employee.
That's what a pyramid-style marketing company promises.
Mom, please don't do this.
Shut up! What do you know?
It's a company that makes pyramids.
Stop butting in and keep to your studies.
Don't touch it.
Today, we will explore our beautiful and indigenous cultural heritage.
Surrounded by beautiful landscapes, accented by four seasons.
A nation that boasts 5,000 years of history and culture.
What do we conjure up when we consider our cultural heritage?
Who wants to share with us?
No one knows? What a shame.
Class Monitor, what do you say?
Tae Kwon Do?
Yes! Tae Kwon Do!
It's our national sport and the Olympics' official sport.
Although it's our national sport,
didn't it originally come from Karate?
What are you saying?
You guys know Tae Kyun?
Tae Kyun is our ancient martial art
and the basis of Tae Kwon Do.
But Tae Kyun and Tae Kwon Do are fundamentally different.
The early form of Tae Kwon Do was very similar to Karate
in technique, uniform, and training methods.
So it wouldn't be entirely correct to say that
Tae Kwon Do is pure Korean.
Can't say that you're totally right, but...
Let's go on to something else.
We have other cultural heritages besides Tae Kwon Do, right?
What else could there be?
The White Clad People!
Heard that we're called the White-Clad People, right?
It was because Koreans were known
to be a peace-loving people.
Due to the lack of dying techniques in the Chosun era,
and the high cost of importing color dyes,
common folks had to always wear white, it says.
I mean, in my opinion.
You little rascals know nothing about our own history.
You must not love your own country.
We went to the semi-finals during the 2002 World Cup.
But football is Europe.
No, it's Brazil.
No, it's France.
American football is the best.
I feel so responsible that you all are so ignorant
about your own heritage.
Long live Korea!
A nation never withers if its history stands tall.
Punish me for not teaching you correctly.
Come up here Class Monitor.
Class Monitor!
Come and spank my behind.
Teacher, we are to blame.
No, please spank me.
Or else I can't go on teaching you.
Come on!
Thank you.
Now you, Bellflower.
I'd appreciate it if you'd disciplined me, too.
Oh no, I couldn't. You are my godly teacher.
Let me do it instead.
Okay, why don't you give it a shot?
It's our only chance of redemption.
Here, use this. Whip me hard.
Yes, sir.
I have to study so please don't disturb me.
It's all quiet.
Time for Pleasures on the Web!
Oh, midnight, come quickly.
Lonely Virgin, share your secrets
Lonely Virgin, share your secrets She's on!
Gonna send you my picture like I promised, okay?
Of course I'm okay!
Please send it to me, baby.
Pure Blossom: What kind of picture?
Voice Types
What kind of picture?
Blush, blush.
It's a picture of my heel, ugly huh?
No, no. Of course not. It's so lusciously pretty.
Your skin looks soft.
Really? I'm flattered.
Wanna see a more private body part?
More private?
Oh yeah, baby!
If it's too awkward, you don't have to.
No, I'd like to share it with you.
What's that?
The tip of my tongue. Not impressed, huh?
No, no! It's fucking beautiful.
It's cute.
He, he, you're good at flattering.
Wanna see my most private body part?
Yes, please.
Do you mind showing it to me?
He, he. Then show me yours first.
That's only fair between girls.
You are a girl, right?
You clever little bitch.
Think I'm an amateur?
Time for the Sexchange Magic Show!
See, I'm a girl. Now show me yours.
Thanks, I'm a bit nervous, so it's making me thirsty.
Gonna get some milk first.
She's not backing out, is she?
Studying with the door locked?
How's your studies going?
Not too bad.
Son, remember
each drop of sweat you shed now
will be worth 100 bucks each when you grow up.
I know, Dad.
Son, is there any soy milk left in the fridge?
No, the delivery guy is out sick.
That's no excuse for missing his deliveries.
The ''Mommy Finger''.
After going to hell to buy this, it finally pays off.
- Sorry to keep you waiting. - It's fine.
We ran out of milk.
I'll settle for cold barley tea. Hold on a sec.
Damn, what now?
You didn't lock your door this time.
Yeah, Dad.
Can you get some beer from the store?
Sure, Dad.
What's taking him so damn long?
Dad, I got the beer!
Thanks so much, son.
You're working late?
I have an urgent deadline to meet.
You have to work this late?
Take a break, Dad.
I'll take a break when you get married.
My only wish is that you kids are
healthy and successful.
Thanks Dad.
You must be tired.
Cheer up, Dad.
You too, son!
You can do it!
You can do it!
You two look so happy together.
Honey, haven't gone to bed yet?
You, Dad? You're the ''Lonely Virgin''?
Then, those pictures?
You're ''Pure Blossom''?
What's wrong with you two?
We will hold auditions today for the Autumn school play.
This is the scene where our heroine realizes she's run out of rice.
Hope you all give your best performances.
Now, let's get started.
Candidate five!
Oh look, there's no rice.
What to do? What to do?
You bad rice jar!
Did you like it?
Dummy, you've run out of food in this scene.
Call that acting?
Candidate six!
What the fuck, we're out of rice!
This sucks ass!
It was realistic, uh, but let's think on it.
Next, candidate seven!
I took a number by chance.
What should I do?
Give it a try.
Oh my, we're out of rice.
Oh my goodness, that was so real.
It felt like I was really out of food.
I even saw a vision of a poor woman pass by.
I've finally found her!
Of course it's gonna seem real!
She's just acting out her real life.
It's like asking a gangster to play a gangster.
That's true.
Tell her to act rich!
Missie, try to act rich this time.
Go on.
I'll be going now.
# Anthony, the transfer student from Switzerland #
# You shine like the snow on the Alps #
# My cheeks blush with heat #
# Do you know what's in my heart? #
#All those chance encounters you see on soap operas #
#Will that ever happen to me? #
# I'm embarrassed by my feelings #
# These feelings are a luxury for me #
Damn it.
I went on a blind date,
and I got busted for my $12,000 Vacheron Constantin watch.
Damn, so what happened?
Oh man, she sent me 78 text messages a day.
Oh dear. Oh dear.
Doesn't she have any pride?
Who said she doesn't?
Can I have some water?
Hey, isn't that Cyclops?
Hey, Cyclops!
What are you doing here? You on a blind date?
No, no. I'm meeting my sister.
You got a sister?
What's she got, a third eye?
Third Eye!
Sorry, I'm late!
You're 30 minutes late, Double Eyes.
And why we gotta meet here?
Know how pricey this place is?
Two fruit parfaits here!
I saved up my allowance for this month.
So that I can come to a fancy place with you.
What's wrong with that?
What a new shocking experience.
She saved her allowance to come to a fancy place with her brother?
Has any girl ever said this to me?
This is a culture shock.
I saved up my allowance this month and had some extra money.
So I'll pay for the hotel today.
I never had a girl like that before.
Why'd you ask me out today?
It's your presnt! Happy Birthday!
What is it?
A beaded doll.
It's very popular.
I made it myself.
You did?
Have I ever gotten a hand-made gift before?
I assembled this Porsche 911 myself.
I saved up my allowance to buy the parts.
I've never even met a girl ike this.
How pathetic.
You call that a gift?
Yeah, you can only trust sincerity and a true heart.
If not for that,
how you gonna justify the incompetence?
That's Cyclops' family for you.
Man, how pathetic.
Hey Anthony, having feelings
for his sister by any chance?
Who me?
What do you think I am?
Hey, you're getting better with the jokes.
You do have a reputation
for dating only prime female specimens.
What's wrong?
Double Eyes, did you just go to the men's room again?
I told you to use the ladies room when you're in public.
What if someone sees you?
I don't care.
If you're embarrassed that you're different,
then you don't deserve to live.
Since people are cruel,
the more I try to hide who I am, the more they torment me.
So, if someone messes with you, let me know.
I'll demolish the bastard.
Wow, what a shocker, huh?
The world of poverty defies the imagination.
Thank you.
The beaded doll, and even a transgender.
Yes indeed, common folks and their lives.
It's all right! I have 178 girlfriends,
and 8,900 text messages.
I can't believe Double Eyes is a man.
Yes, it's time for ''Sponge Bob''.
How boring.
What's happened to me?
I think I like that bastard.
Where's the Vice-President Girl?
She insisted on playing the lead.
Yeah, she was quiet all day
and then disappeared after class.
She won't answer her phone.
Principal's Office
Open the door now!
If you won't, I'll burn this place down!
We promise to pay you back. If you give us more time,
I'll do anything.
Oh, yeah?
You'll ''do anything''? Know what that means, girlie?
I'm old enough to know.
I even have my own customers.
Someone needs to knock some sense into this girl.
No matter how screwed up this world is,
a little chicK like you shouldn't use your body like that.
Damn it.
Even a thug lectures me.
I cry not from his beating, but due to shame.
Let's bail.
Do the right thing.
Why'd you let her off? She was ripe for the picking.
The boss likes high school girls.
Did you know or not?
Bring her quickly.
Time for some healthy recreation. Please come on out.
Take good care of him.
Take your clothes off.
Can't hear me? Shall I do it myself?
Do it now!
Oh yes, wonderful.
Take the rest off.
That's right.
Put on that outfit next to you.
Now, come to bed.
Where did I put the camera?
Aren't you coming to bed?
Don't be so surprised, girlie.
Nice to meet you, honey.
You wanna die?
Call me sis.
Big Razor Sis!
Yes, Big Razor Sis.
What shall we do now?
Oh my, you should already know.
Make a photo album, of course.
Now, gimme a cute smile. One, two!
What's with your face?
Once more.
Pose sexy.
45 degrees.
My face came out too big.
Hold on.
Sorry, sorry.
This will be better.
Wonderful, wonderful. Where would be nice?
Over there!
Let's go.
Look, we look like twin sisters.
Time to save it.
You get prettier and prettier by the minute.
Look this way.
The other way.
Good, now stay still!
Now, the model angle.
Gotta save again.
By the way, Big Razor Sis, are you a transgender?
Girl, you've got a lot to learn.
A transgender? No, I'm a cross-dresser.
I like dressing up as a woman.
You're too young to understand.
Since we're done with the pictures, let's chat.
Chat about what?
Tell Big Sis what's bothering you. Your dilemmas.
Yeah, dilemmas.
You know, having crushes on a boy maybe.
Stuff like that.
Well, my dilemma...
Being poor is one of my dilemmas.
I see.
What else?
My mom is dragging herself around trying to sell pyramids.
I see.
I attempted suicide.
I have a lot of credit card bills to pay off.
Hey, hey!
I didn't ask for those dilemmas.
I want to hear typical teen girl gossip!
Like who's the latest sexy teen idol?
Stop putting us down when we're having fun!
I feel so guilty
I don't wanna go to school anymore.
I feel like people are calling me a slut behind my back.
Mister, life is so hard.
Girl, I said call me Big Razor Sis.
Life is never easy for anyone.
Even for me.
But money and credit card debts are not reasons for suicide.
Most loan sharks can live damn well without your money.
Banks and card companies
treat you like a criminal if you're delinquent,
but it's all bullshit to scare you.
Don't be afraid.
Trust me.
Only acute hemorrhoids qualifies as a reason to kill yourself.
Got it?
Yeah, it's okay to cry. Go ahead.
Damn it, my make-up is running.
What's with you? You're early.
Why'd you skip rehearsal? You're the leading actress.
You crazy bitch.
Oh my, no need for profanity.
Sorry, but I can't be in the play.
I need to study early for the college entrance exams.
And I'm through with you.
What are you talking about? Are you insane?
She's strange.
Oh damn.
All I brought is my lunchbox.
Someone share their textbook with Cyclops.
- No! - No!
That's right, I'm an outcast.
I'll share with him.
Yeah, I'm not a total outcast yet.
Bellflower shared her book with me.
Wow, I'm so happy!
The scribbles in her textbook are as adorable as her.
''I went to visit Myung-hee's home, but she wasn't there.''
''Her brother was sleeping.''
''I wanted to just go, but his thingy peeked out of his shorts.''
''My hand went there and...
We've progressed enough for now,
you kids want a break?
Keep going, sir!
- You crazy? - You bastard.
That's right, we should make the best of our class time.
Let's keep going.
''...I almost touched it, but I just tucked him in instead.''
''I'm so proud that I have so much self-control.''
''But lately, there's a boy who excites me just by looking at him.''
''His name is Cy... Oh, my heart trembles.''
Okay, that's it for today.
Please keep going!
I'll kill that dumb son of a bitch.
He'll be an outcast forever.
Okay, on to the next page.
''His name is none other than Cyclops.''
''I love his butt.''
''One day, I will do his...''
Bellflower likes me?
Thanks for lending me the textbook, Football Captain.
My pleasure.
I open my eyes and she's there.
I close my eyes and she's still there.
I can't sleep because of her.
She's a guy. Oh, Double Eyes.
On-line Youth Counseling Center
I'm a man, but is it okay to like another man?
No, think of your parents, you dumb ass.
You homo, drop dead. Yuck!
Go to the army and become a real man.
Militray Manpower Administration
You like other men? Come join the military.
Sexy Rambo: Come join the Army.
Naked Seal: Come join the Navy.
No way, I'm not enlisting.
This site won't help.
No Use High, Bulletin Board
Football Captain: Please call me... Football Captain: Please call me...
What the hell is this?
Damn Internet.
# The moonlight urges me to confess #
# My heart to you #
# I love you #
# A rose that reminds me of you #
# Beautiful autumn night #
# A moist Wednesday #
# My love is over there #
# Oh, my Double Eyes #
# Why am I shaking? #
# My stuttering voice #
Sorry, but can I borrow 10 bucks?
Did you spend all your allowance?
I put all my allowance and wages in my savings.
That's why I have to borrow from you.
That's not fair.
Oh well.
But you gotta pay me back.
There's a new doll costume I want.
Why are you putting money into your savings?
It's a secret but I'll tell you.
I need to get a surgery after graduation.
Well, it could be good news for me.
Why does she have to be a man?
Oh really?
Mom, you gotta hear what Double Eyes said!
Sorry, it wasn't an easy decision to make.
I didn't want to tell mom and dad unless I was sure.
Oh yeah, I'm borrowing your razor. I need to shave my legs.
No one will think you're a woman even
if you get a surgery.
They'll think of you as a guy with a cut-off penis.
It's not easy being different.
I should know.
What do you do
if you find out that your rear bike tire is flat?
You change it and then go on.
I promise to pay you back.
This is reality.
Damn pervert!
# My love is leaving #
# Good-bye, Double Eyes #
# Lucky the rain #
# Is masking my tears #
Why don't you know?
Everyone notices my $3,000 suit,
my skin and hair cared for by a dermatologist,
and even my latest cell phone model.
Don't you watch commercials?
What a person wears and
rides say a lot about that person.
# The wall that divides the classes #
# Can it be overcome? #
# I will nurse my suffering soul #
# With the materials of my wealth #
I need virgins to be sacrificed to the god of the Erotic Realm.
Bring me the girl hanging around Rose Hotel
at 4 p.m on Saturday.
Fe lron, A Argon, O2 Oxygen...
Bellflower, what's wrong with you?
Hey girls.
Got a question for you all.
Why do girls prefer white panties
over all the other colors?
They're pratically all white.
Hey, this isn't the time for nonsense.
Weird stuff's been happening on campus.
- What? - What's going on?
Listen carefully.
Yada-yada-yada. Blah-blah-blah.
And that's what happened.
All that happened during our mystery-solving quest?
For real?
And it turns these kids into model students?
How fascinating.
It must be some evil energy.
That's why I need your help. You in?
- Yes, we will take over. - Yes, we will take over.
I'm right, huh?
He's going to be big after this movie,
- huh? - Yeah.
I had such a good time today.
So did I, Big Sis.
You're so much prettierin the sunlight.
Girl, you have such a good eye.
I put more make-up on today.
It looks great on you.
Oh, I gotta run.
It's my daughter's birthday today. We have a big family gathering.
My bag! I left my bag!
Dummy, go on and fetch it!
What a clumsy girl.
Let's go!
Drag her down!
Realm! Realm!
Please stand.
We have today before us
two virgins to sacrifice to our god,
the god of the Erotic Realm,
who grants us the sexual energy we need to survive our dull lives.
Realm! Realm!
We will now observe these two virgins
do a dance that emanates tremendous erotic energy.
Hey you, the fat one.
You go first.
Who me?
Yeah, you!
Damn it, why are they making me dance?
Move it!
What the hell.
Throw her out!
What a turn-off.
That's not a virgin dance. It's a wrestler's dance.
The pretty one!
It's your turn.
Do I have to?
I've never danced in public before.
Then you must have danced alone.
Do the dance of erotic love.
What do I do?
Come on!
Just do it.
Okay, I'll give it a try.
But don't laugh.
Don't stop!
Don't stop!
Realm! Realm!
Big Razor Sis and I were dragged to this god-forsaken place,
and were forced to dance all night to arouse erotic energy.
We were released only when Big Razor Sis
sacrificed her beloved yellow panty.
I'm planning to debut her through our company.
So see what you can do.
Yes, sir.
Her Shaky Dance creates a stir
Wait, she's in my class.
How'd you think of the Shaky Dance?
Is it true you distributed footage of yourself for publicity?
Is that thing on your back a style?
The Dancing Queen Rocks the Country
Shake, Shake, the Shaky Dance Synrome
Hello everybody!
I'm Kyun from the Ultra Variety
Watch It or Leave It Show.
You will now meet the crazy sensation
from the Internet,
that shaking, shaking sensation,
whom we've all come to love, the one and only beautiful girl...
And her name...
Do you know? You don't?
She's over there. Let's meet her.
Hi, I'm Kyun, we'll see how she's feeling lately.
I'll go ask her.
Hey kid, Cyclops can't be on TV.
Sorry, step aside.
Take him away.
Back to my question.
How are you feeling?
I'm just dazed.
Ah, she says she's just dazed.
Thanks for watching the Ultra Variety Watch it or Leave it Show.
This is Kyun, good-bye.
Pepper Girl, just checking to see if everyone is okay.
You all right? Okay, go back to bed.
Class Monitor Girl is not answering.
Is she sleeping?
No way, she said she'd call before going to bed.
It really is strange.
Okay, let's get started.
Hold that pose, good.
Damn, she sucks.
Come on, do better.
Yes, sir.
This is a tough industry, you know.
Thank you.
Oh yes
Oh yes, what a wonderful life
The window is closed, but the moonlight seaps in
My heart is closed, but love breaks in
Is love the moonlight?
Or is the moonlight love?
Only love
Fills up my empty heart
Oh yes
Oh yes, what a wonderful life
The corona is the pearly layer around the sun.
Hm, it's not a beer?
I can't get side tracked.
Gotta get into college.
And get married to a nice man.
I'm so glad my breasts shrinked after yesterday.
I lost five kilograms, you know.
So don't get in my way.
The principal was right.
I feel reborn!
What? The principal?
I mean, the principal doesn't have anything to do with this.
Please believe me.
You know what, the principal hasn't been around lately.
Something smells fishy.
- Principal's office? - Principal's office?
Should we go in?
What if he's inside?
You think?
Do you hear that?
It doesn't sound human.
Open it.
This is the wrong room.
I told you.
It should be near here.
Oh, beautiful.
Hey, seeing you dance, you seem to be happy.
You like being a star?
You're everywhere.
But why aren't you back in school?
I have to take care of my mom. She's sick.
I see.
I had to park down below, so I hiked here.
Yeah, we're pretty high up.
Hiking up this
winding hill reminded me of the time
I traveled to the San Torini lslands off of Greece.
It's surprising
that there's a place like this in Korea.
Wow, how beautiful this has grown.
I'm interested in gardens, too.
Um, the smell of nature.
Hey, don't touch that!
Oh, sorry.
I didn't know it was so important to you.
Can I have a glass of water?
It's been a strenuous trip up here.
I'd like to sit for a bit.
We only have one room and my sick mother is lying in it.
And I can't say we have no water.
I wish he'd get the message and leave on his own.
Who's there?
If it's a friend, bring her in.
Tell her to buy a pyramid, too.
Mom, please stop.
Drink it.
Yes, ma'am.
Tap water isn't so bad, is it?
No need to be biased.
It's a waste to use water filters all the time.
My daughter has always been so shy,
she never brought friends over before.
But she brought a boyfriend now.
What a surprise.
What do your parents do?
They were both diplomats for 30 years, but they quit last year.
They lived in Lausanne Switzerland.
What? Switzerland?
Yes, Switzerland.
My mom is an adviser to the Eurasian Leisure Town Association.
And my dad is CEO for the World Federation of Economists.
What a difficult life living abroad.
Plus, they don't work anymore?
Ah, yes.
Where's the lavatory, I mean,
the bathroom?
What am I gonna do?
Our bathroom is just a dirty community outhouse.
Go outside and turn right,
and there will be a door marked ''WC''.
Thank you.
What are you doing?
Go help him find it.
Go on.
What's the newspaper for?
You'll need it.
You mean to read in the bathroom?
Oh my goodness.
Oh, oh, sorry.
Is it apple juice?
Oh goodness, what have you done?
I'm sorry.
Never mind. Goodness!
The urine in the can spilled everywhere.
Shut up, Mom!
Oh no, this is terrible.
My pyramids are all wet.
Apple juice? What a stupid thing to say.
And that good for nothing tells her own mother to shut up?
Why does the bathroom need a key?
Don't ask. I don't know.
It's dark in here. I can't see the toilet.
Just look down.
Oh shit, there's no room to move.
Oh my God.
Oh no!
I'm sorry for yelling at you.
Promise me you'll return the clothes.
Or else I'll have to live in my underwear.
Promise you'll return it, okay?
What a day.
I'm so sorry.
It's all right.
I'm sure my ltalian friends
will have a good laugh about me falling through the shithole.
I'm so sorry.
Pathetic, pathetic.
I've never seen such a pathetic little shack.
And that woman, she was filthy.
What was I thinking?
Is it Anthony's?
What's with all that mumbling?
Sorry, did I wake you?
What are you sitting on?
It's a friend's book. A book of poems.
By a famous lrish poet who won the Nobel Prize.
The book got wrinkled.
You want me to help you?
My butt's bigger than yours.
No, it's all right.
Let me give it a try.
Like this.
Much better.
Oh sorry.
You stupid butt.
Anyway, I don't mean to insult Ireland's pride and all.
But do you have an American book?
I'll take it back.
That boy Anthony.
He's from Switzerland, right?
I gave up your brother for adoption to Switzerland long ago.
A brother?
Didn't I tell you?
Right when you were born, I gave your brother up for adoption.
I sent him to a wealthy country,
so that he could grow up rich.
So later he could come to us and pull us out of this poverty.
I asked the adoption agency to have him find us for sure.
I have an older brother?
That boy Anthony.
I have a feeling he's your brother.
His round eyes and pointy nose.
He looks just like me. It's him for sure.
No way.
I knew it was about time for him to come back.
I can't forget that Anthony's face.
If his parents are foreigners, then it's surely him.
No way.
Can't be.
Anthony is my brother?
No. Then what about me?
Tell me. What happened to you?
No, I can't say.
He's evil. What did he do to these kids?
All right. Let's try this again.
And now our secret invention, the electronic tickling machine.
- No. - No.
Two more notches.
It tickles.
What's this?
It's when the principal called us.
I was told to come talk to you.
Why is it so dark? Should I turn on the lights?
Just sit down.
Wow, your hairstyle has changed.
What's this smell?
Do I have to drink this?
Yes. Drink up.
What kind of tea is this? Yuck.
This sucks.
Mr. Principal, I will study hard and
avoid boys from now on.
I will take on a religion to become a better person.
I want to live my best in this beautiful world.
This is an ''Instant Virgin Chip''.
It'll turn you into a nice virgin girl.
Go on home now.
And don't tell this to anyone.
If you tell anyone...
That's what happened to me.
I remember everything now.
Me, too.
Sir, I'll be leaving now.
How beautiful the world is.
So happy to be a pure girl again.
He's not the same principal we know.
Something's going on.
A conspiracy.
And everyone having to have a religion is
just wrong.
Why do they wantonly girls to be pure?
We have to stop this! For our spirits to be free!
Yeah! For our spirits to be free!
''The Force of Yin'' for the freedom of the soul
7 p.m, No Use High, track field
Psycho principal!
Come on out!
- Come out! Come out! - Come out! Come out!
What was that?
Something passed by.
It went by again.
Did you see it?
I want to go home.
Go where?
I'm scared.
Don't be scared kids.
Don't fool around and show yourself!
- Show yourself! Show yourself! - Show yourself! Show yourself!
Why are you turning all of us into nerdy students?
- Why? Why? Why? - Why? Why? Why?
You want to know? Then I'll tell you.
Those fools.
They don't even realize that it's only smoke.
If you're going to fight, fight with me.
You fools.
You little rascals.
This is all for your own good.
Mr. Principal!
No, you funny dumb monster!
Why don't you leave us alone?
Oh my goodness.
What the hell are you?
Why are you imitating the principal
and trying to turn us into nerds?
Go back where you came from, you ignorant monster!
You little wench! Why don't you shut up!
And stop calling me monster!
I am...
I'm an Eemuki!
- An Eemuki? - What's that?
- Is it a name? - Look it up.
It's getting bigger.
Gross, it's turning into a snake.
What the hell is that?
This is for you
as much as it is for me.
987! 988!
How did you like my Instant Virgin Chips?
989! 990!
Now I will become a dragon soon.
Hey, don'tjust run away!
Fight back with ''The Force of Yin''!
How dare you go against me.
The! Force! Of! Yin!
What the hell's that?
Look, it's working!
You better stop that right now!
What's she doing?
It's strange.
You're ruining my cute hairdo! Stop it!
Damn it, you wanna die!
Why isn't the ''Force of Yin'' working?
Hey, your Yin trick won't work on me, the Queen of Yin.
That only works on the Bulgasari.
Bulgasari: the King of Yang
TT. A legendary Korean creature
that drives evil spirits away.
Why don't you get your information straight.
You little embryos.
Hurry, look it up in the Internet.
Look, it says the ''Force of Yang'' works on the Eemuki!
It does? Hey guys, the ''Force of Yang''!
Get into position!
They still haven't learned a lesson.
The! Force! Of! Yang!
Is it working?
I think so.
It's not working again?
It said to be careful of side effects.
What's this breeze?
I think I'm becoming a dragon.
Look out!
The monster is gone.
She said she's an Eemuki.
Eemuki, don't come back! Never!
I wanted to give you this.
Sorry I was such a bastard when I went to your place.
It was a first time for me.
It's okay, I forgot all about it.
By the way, are your parents foreign?
How'd you know?
Did you do a background check on me?
No, that's not it.
Did my friends tell you?
I was adopted to Switzerland when I was a baby.
And my parents now are my adoptive parents.
How old are you exactly?
Unfortunately, I don't know my birth date.
All I heard was that I'm more mature than other kids.
Then is Anthony really my brother?
Life is a soap opera.
The Curse of the Secret Birth. It can't be!
I didn't plan to lie.
I'm glad that you found out...
Even you don't understand who I really am.
Fucking Korea, fucking minority discrimination!
Hans J. Schmidt (Switzerland)
Hans J. Schmidt (Switzerland) At one, my mother abandoned me and I went to Switzerland.
Damn it. Mother, I'm a grown-up now.
You said let's meet again in Korea and that's why I came back.
That is Mama's picture.
Mama, Mama.
Shocking News! Shaky Dance Girl, Teen Prostitute?
She Dates Her Transvestite Manager?
Poverty Forced Her to Prostitute
We did not sleep together!
Shaky Girl Tricks the Public with Her lnnocent Face
I'm sorry about all this mess.
But this is life, you know.
There are good times, and there are bad times.
It's okay, I feel sort of liberated.
I felt like I was being someone who I wasn't.
I'm just grateful
to pay for my mom's doctor bills and my brother's tuition.
Thank you Big Sis.
Hey, don't call me that in public.
And call me if you get into trouble.
I'll be going.
Oh yeah, still gonna give me your uniform when you graduate?
Yes, of course.
Oh great!
Is it you Poverty?
You're leaving?
I got to know you by chance,
but I think I was ashamed of you while you were on me.
Actually, you were my best friend.
I'm sorry.
I won't be embarrassed of you if you come into my life again.
So long.
Dear graduating class,
the word graduation doesn't mean the end,
but rather the beginning
of a new era for you all.
I want to ask of you graduates
the following as you enter
the real world.
become someone your family needs.
Second, be a person that society needs.
This is an infrared micro-ceramic pyramid.
If you have this in your home...
Mother, please calm down.
I sent you overseas so I can live comfortably someday,
instead, you came back as a vagrant.
- A vagrant? - Oh, my miserable life.
Excuse me.
Once again, I want to ask you...
This is so damn boring.
This is the last nagging from him.
After today, we won't hear his nagging anymore.
Is this really the end of our teens?
I wish all of you become a success at whatever you choose to do.
Congratulations graduates.
A gushing young spirit
Hi, hi
A vain, overflowing desire
Bye, bye
Our proud
And truly
All-understanding high school
No Use High
Big Razor Sis, long time no see!
One second.
Why is Poverty on your back?
My parents went bankrupt.
My dad has been implicated in a fraud case.
My luxurious life is over.
Like you said, life is a soap opera.
But I'm starting to like this thing on my back.
Let's just enjoy the moment.
Girl who used to have Poverty on her back
gets to handle money everyday at the bank.
Anthony returns to Switzerland and becomes a farmer.
Double Eyes becomes a beautiful woman.
Cyclops becomes rich off of selling dolls made after himself.