Student Employment at Prince Edward Island National Park

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Text: Parks Canada Student Jobs. Luke, Sarah-Jayne, Nicola, Ocel, Brian, Kassandra
My name is Kassandra McKinnon, and I’ve been working in the park for four years.
My job title is supervisor at Province House National Historic Site.
I’m currently a second year sociology major at UPEI with a theatre minor.
One of the reasons why Parks Canada is so awesome is all the opportunities it provides.
I started as a student myself with the FSWEP program.
There’s a lot of availability for moving up in the workplace from different sites or different positions within the field unit.
My name is Ocel Dauphinais.I’ve worked at Province House for three years and three years as an interpreter in Prince Edward Island National Park.
I just graduated as a business major and now I’m doing my masters in Organizational Development. I guess being a business student the major skill that I’ve learned here in the national park
would be communication skills, public speaking, just being very comfortable around people and interpreting and talking to people.
"They’re not as common as the moonsnail, this is the famous moonsnail so you guys can touch that one there."
I think Parks Canada is a great place to work especially as a student because we get to, like my job here I get to be outside all day and it’s not every job
that you get to work outside with people all the time. And we also get to represent the great cultural and natural sites that this country has to offer.
My name is Brian Smith. This year I’ve been the administrative assistant at the front desk at the Dalvay Administration Building.
I am actually doing a co-op work term this summer through the UPEI Business Administration program, so I am receiving a credit for the work that I am doing.
Any student whether in high school or university can actually work at Parks Canada through a co-op program.
So you’re not only working for the summer but you’re also receiving a credit in the course or the program that you’re involved in.
My name is Nicola MacLeod and I’ve been working for Parks Canada for 2 summers.
Currently I’m at the Cavendish Visitor Information Center and previous to now I’ve been working at Stanhope Campground, Copper Lane Gate and Graham’s Lane gate.
Being at the gate really gave me a lot of responsibilities, and being at the campground as well.
You’re responsible for opening and closing and managing your cash, making sure everything’s organized and making sure that you can get a visitor everything that they need.
With my Arts degree I’d like to work with people someday so it’s great interacting with visitors, helping them plan their trip.
The job is very rewarding as well, you get the sense that you helped people and made their trip better.
Hi, my name is Luke Hennessey, and this is my fifth year working at Prince Edward Island National Park.
My job here is -- I’m a student field technician. I work primarily with the piping plover, which is an endangered species in the national park.
But I also do other measures of ecological integrity. Today we’re working on ants!
The number of ants that we find represents the biodiversity of this dune and it’s a measure of ecological integrity.
There’s a long of great things about my job and working for Parks Canada. Even things like I have set days off, set hours.
Also I get to work outdoors, which I love. I would definitely work for Parks Canada again.
It’s a really great agency, I love my job and I would love to come back in the future.
My name is Sarah-Jayne MacDonald. I’m an administrative services student in the HR and finance departments.
Right now I’m at St. Mary’s University and I’m doing my Bachelor of Commerce degree with a major in Human Resource Management.
I got this job through applying for the Federal Student Work Experience Program, and I just filled in an online application and submitted my resume and then they contacted me.
To apply for the Federal Student Work Experience Program, you can go to, and on the side there’s a link for students.
So if you click that, it will take you to the Federal Student Work Experience Program,
Which is an online application and you fill out some information about yourself, your address and that sort of thing.
And then you get to fill out stuff about your education and your past work experiences and any skills that you might have,
and you also can attach a cover letter and a resume as well.
Text: Every year, Parks Canada’s PEI Field Unit hires over 95 students to work in PEI National Park and National Historic Sites.
Text: Will you be one of them? Resource conservation, maintenance, interpreters, media, finance, human resources, administrative assistants, gate attendants, special events
Text: Will you be one of them?