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WEB HOSTING REVIEWS Hi everybody, my name is Steve and I'm an Internet marketer. I just wanted to show you
a site that I found very helpful when I was in the market for Web hosting. I started to
do some searches in Google and check out some of the forums to find out which were the most
reliable hosting companies and what sort of functions that they had. And there were so
many that I got quite confused, but I came across this particular website which is web hosting reviews .com.
What I liked about it was that everything that I wanted to know was on this website;
it was all in one place. And what they got here is they've got the top 10 hosting companies
ranked from down left here 1 to 10. And I see that HostGator is currently number one
hosting company. And that doesn't surprise me because I use HostGator myself. I went
for HostGator because they have a number of plans and I went for the baby plan where I
can host unlimited domains which I think it currently cost me about $11 a month which
is absolutely fantastic deal. But if HostGator is not what you want then
obviously the number two one is Ipage and the number three is Inmotion Hosting. And
all you have to do is down here, where it says more info you can click on review, so
for example if we click on review for Bluehost then it tells you that it's very reliable,
with 99% uptime. With this you get $75 worth of free Google credit, if you wanted to run
an adwords campaign, 24 x 7 support. And you can do that for all of the top 10 companies
because you've got a review button here so you just click review and you can read
all about the particular hosting company and the functions and the features that they offer
almost all the services that it is. When you've made your choice, if you click on view site
here, it takes you straight over to the site, where you can sign up. And here is the different
packages, you've got a reseller hosting, VPS hosting. It's a very interesting site this
and saved me an awful lot of time. The other thing I liked about it is that it's
got down hear VPS hosting, green hosting, dedicated server hosting, Cpanel hosting and
I didn't really know what VPS hosting was and all you have to do is click on it and
it gives you the top 10 VPS hosting and write up here it explains to you what that is. And
that's the same for green hosting and again green hosting top 10 and a little write up
telling you all about what green hosting is and the facilities and functions that they
offer you. Basically I mean everything you could ever
want to know is on this site and it's a fantastic site. I even notice that at the top here,
if you click on forum, on this site they even got a forum with a lot of various topics where
you can chat to other people and I thought that was a brilliant idea to. So if you are
looking to get some new hosting or if you're looking to upgrade you're hosting because
you're not happy. Then I suggest that you really have a look at this site, again its
called webhostingsreview.com have a look around it. From what I can see this has got all the
best web hosting deals that you'll currently get on the Internet. It s got a lot of information down
the side here about the best PHP hosting, Windows hosting, UNIX hosting, budget hosting,
multi port domain hosting, which is what I was talking about which is why I went with
the HostGator. This is it, you don't need to go scouring
the Internet. Whatever you want to know about hosting is on this site and again webhostingsreview.com
check it out you won't be disappointed. Alright, bye bye BEST WEB HOSTING