Dungeon Master Nexus for Sega Saturn (1998) - Promotional Video

Uploaded by gothmog970 on 12.02.2010

Dungeon Master
Here began the history of real-time RPG...
The evil Lord Chaos was stopped
The evil Lord Chaos was stopped 5 years ago after a deadly struggle...
and the legendary heroes came back with overwhelming powers
After the mysterious devil Borketh imprisoned the Grey Lord master
Theron's adventure starts again
Monsters wander in a fully 3D labyrinth
The heroes path is blocked by cleverly laid out moving traps
Progress in real-time in an otherworldly reality
With a variety of new features and dramatically improved usability
Dungeon Master Nexus
What awaits you at the end of the nightmare?
Dungeon Master Nexus Expected release on March 26 For Sega Saturn Price ¥6,800 (tax not included)
Victor Interactive Software Inc.
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