Bleach Extremely Epic Trailer - Zaraki Kenpachi's Way [HD]

Uploaded by maximbeet on 17.01.2009

Soul Society is a very boring place…
Sometimes I think I'll sleep myself to death without a good fight.
Do you know what it is like to fight to the death?
To fight, without holding back?
When you can only count on your own abilities and the sharpness of your own Zanpakto...
and nothing matters accept you and your enemy.
When every muscle of your body is at its maximum and your senses are sharper than ever…
It is ...
They've called me an animal, they've called me a monster, they've called me the devil...
but what the hell, I just love to fight.
I am squad 11's captain, Zaraki Kenpachi.
Watch me, in Bleach.
Dubed an Subed by Maxbeet.