СтопХам 15- Подчиняйся!/ Obey!

Uploaded by StopXAM on Dec 4, 2011

-You’re blocking the road; people are driving here and because of your car and the car next to you the entire traffic narrows down.
-…because of yours’, as well. -No! Not because of this one!
-Shall I whack you, huh?! -Go on! I got some more stickers.
-Get your hands off!
-Look, over there is a sign “Stop forbidden” -You go and stand there!
-Hi to everyone! You can show me on YouTube!
-Are you tough?!
-I will fucking smash you, you fucking peace of shit. -Go on, fuck, go on!
-Sure, so you sue me after? -Yes. -*untranslatable swear rhyme*
-So that’s it, dammit, move your car! -Suck my cock!
-Go on, punch me!
-I just want you to leave! -I don’t give a shit what you want!
-Whatup, huh?! What the fuck’s up?!
-Bring it on!
-What are you doing?!
-Without touching a young person!
-What are you doing?! -Why are you pushing the girls?! -You’ve got some expensive camera, right?
-Get the camera off immediately!
-You, take the camera away! -Remove the young man, why are hitting me?
-I will go out and start helping them! -Go to the mayor! -Go to hell!
-Hey you! Obey them!!!