Dark Horse - House of Night

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FREYA: Beautiful.
MAN: My thoughts exactly.
FREYA: Who are you?
MAN: I was known as Olav Kyrre, Priestess.
FREYA: Olav Kyrre is dead.
OLAV KYRRE: So I am, as I would have my people continue
to believe.
What brings you to my land?
FREYA: There is no House of Night in Scandinavia.
OLAV KYRRE: And you wish to establish one here.
FREYA: Our goddess wishes it.
OLAV KYRRE: The churches here still believe vampyres to be
minions of Satan.
FREYA: Yet there are many fledglings in this land with
nowhere to learn how to become what they must become.
OLAV KYRRE: I keep them safe.
FLEDGLING VAMPYRE: Have the humans found us?
FLEDGLING VAMPYRE: No need to fear.
She is the same as us.
FREYA: This is how you keep them safe?
By hiding them away like animals?
OLAV KYRRE: Would you rather they be hunted like animals?
Because that's exactly what the humans will do to them.
FREYA: And that is thanks to you, King Olav.
FLEDGLING VAMPYRE: What does she mean, Olav?

OLAV KYRRE: I was marked a year before I
was to become king.
So I hid the truth away by never removing
my helmet in public.
During my reign, I worked long and hard to establish peace
between the pagans and Christians.
The Christian bishops would agree to that peace, if the
blood drinkers were expelled from Norway.
I chased them out myself before the church soldiers
could burn them alive or worse.
After years of guilt, King Olav finally
"died" of a grave illness.
And I set off to protect the scattered fledglings.
I never meant for things to end up so--
FREYA: You had a heavy burden to bear, and we all wish we
could change the past.
But it's in the here and now that you have a chance to make
things right.
Do you not trust your goddess, Nyx?
OLAV KYRRE: It's humans I don't trust.
If I allow you to expose those fledglings, it will be at the
expense of their lives.
FREYA: But you can expose yourself.
These people still cherish their memory of you.
You could exp--
FREYA: You are a high priestess and therefore my
superior, but I will stop you if you--
FREYA: I will establish a safe haven for these fledglings,
with or without you.
OLAV KYRRE: Then I would request that you speak to Nyx
and explain the hazards of this madness.

FREYA: Earth, my element.
I summon you to stand with me as I beseech my goddess.
Nyx, I request the favor of your eternal wisdom.

NYX: I hear you, daughter.
But it is your own wisdom you will need.
What is it you would ask of me?
FREYA: Some believe that by trying to help the fledglings
here, I may be endangering them.
NYX: Is this what you believe?
FREYA: No, but I need your assistance.
NYX: Then you shall have it in the form
of my forest children.
They will show you your path if you survive their guidance.
OLAV KYRRE: Those cats will kill you soon enough.
FREYA: What are they, these cats?
OLAV KYRRE: Norsk Skogkatts, sacred to my people.
FREYA: If these sacred cats accept me, then so too will
the people of Bergen.
OLAV KYRRE: And if they flay you alive?
FREYA: You mean, us?

Earth, I summon thee.

You're bleeding.
OLAV KYRRE: Can't imagine why.
FREYA: It would be a shame to waste.
May I taste?
OLAV KYRRE: Be my guest.

OGMUND: Is it a witch?
HUMAN: She's a vampyre.
See the mark?
OGMUND: That's far enough.
HUMAN: How is it that a Satan-spawned
vampyre exists in Norway?
HUMAN: How'd she get them cats so friendly?
OGMUND: Shut your mouth, boy, and get.
HUMAN: I don't know what's demonic power you have over
the sacred Skogkatts, but--
FREYA: I have no power over them.
These cats accepted me, as I am hoping you
and your city will.
OGMUND: We've had no blood drinkers in this land for over
20 years, thanks to Olav Kyrre.
OLAV KYRRE: That's a mistake I will forever regret, Ogmund,
old friend.
OGMUND: King Olav?
HUMAN: You will leave this land, demon, and return to--
OGMUND: I will hear what he has to say.
OLAV KYRRE: Please forgive my deception all these years.
I'm ashamed to admit that I doubted my faith in the Norse
capacity for acceptance.
I hope you will prove that I was wrong.