David Icke: Conspiracy of the Lizard Illuminati (Part 2/2)

Uploaded by vice on Aug 24, 2012


KEVIN MORPURGO: According to Icke, the Isle of Wight is a
world within a world, with Freemasonry and Satanism at
its center.
The ancient lay lines scoring the landscape make it a
powerful spiritual hub.
I think the plan is he's going to show us this stone, which
is part of a old stone circle.
This is the main one where, apparently, Satanic rituals
happen on a regular basis.

So this is a place here, then, where you think these
rituals-- or you know these rituals--
DAVID ICKE: These rituals definitely go on at
this place up here.
DAVID ICKE: It's called the Longstone.
And in fact, it's two stones.
One's on its side and one's standing up.
And it's a beautiful walk, this direction.
After you.
DAVID ICKE: Cheers, mate.
It opens out, eventually, and you get a fantastic view.
It's interesting.
When you look at the traits-- this is mainstream science.
When you look at the traits of what we call the "reptilian
brain," reptilian genetics, which we all have, one of the
traits is an obsession with ritual.
So when you look at all the pomp and ceremony of the royal
family, you know?
With Buckingham Palace and all this stuff, and all the
ceremonies and the guards and the horses and the colors,
you're looking at ritual.
KEVIN MORPURGO: But you say that the people that actually
live on the island are part of this.
There are people--
there's a network on the island that are--
DAVID ICKE: Oh, big time.
I mean, the Isle of Wight's a beautiful place.
And if you pick up the higher levels, the vibrational levels
of it, it's a very pleasant place to be.
But my goodness me, if there is a network of Freemasons,
Satanists, and pedophiles that run this island.
KEVIN MORPURGO: And this is police--
DAVID ICKE: They run its government.
KEVIN MORPURGO: --the government, everything.
We're almost here at the top to see the Long--
DAVID ICKE: Oh, dilly.
KEVIN MORPURGO: There it is.
The Longstone.
DAVID ICKE: There we go.

It's funny though, you come on a day like this, it's a nice
day, there's families around, and you see these stones.
If you could see these on May 1, Halloween, these ritual
periods of the year--
KEVIN MORPURGO: Then you'd be a totally different story.
DAVID ICKE: You would see something
very different, yeah.
KEVIN MORPURGO: So this is the center point of this energy,
then, that they're trying to tap into?
DAVID ICKE: What they would do, among many other things,
you'd have them in their robes and hoods all around here, and
you'd probably have, or you would have the sacrifice on
the slab here.
KEVIN MORPURGO: This is the altar?
DAVID ICKE: This is their altar, yeah.
And what they're doing--
it's horrible, but let's get the truth out.
What they're doing is manipulating the sacrifice.
The sacrifice knows the sacrifice is coming, and who's
going to help them?
DAVID ICKE: At midnight or something.
No one.
And what they then do is they sacrifice the victim and they
drink the blood immediately, which has this chemical
substance in it.
And they go crazy.
I mean, I've talked to people who've been at these rituals,
and how once the sacrifice happens and the blood runs,
these people go crazy with blood.
DAVID ICKE: There was a man called Stanley Kubrick, the
great filmmaker.
KEVIN MORPURGO: I think I've heard of him.
DAVID ICKE: Stanley Kubrick was an insider, and he wanted
to expose it.
And his last movie was called Eyes Wide Shut.
KEVIN MORPURGO: I've seen it.
DAVID ICKE: Now, Eyes Wide Shut, he died very, very soon
after it was presented to
executives at the film company.
And was given no fanfare whatsoever when it came out--
KEVIN MORPURGO: They maybe edited the hell
out of it as well.
DAVID ICKE: Yes, they did.
They took 25 minutes out of it, which he refused to do.
Now, he filmed a ritual with Tom Cruise in it, in which I
only know more recently was a Rothschild mansion.
DAVID ICKE: And what he filmed is a mild, mild version of
what goes on.
Because he knew.
And you had the colors.
You have most people in the ritual in Eyes Wide
Shut were in black.
The main guy was in red.
Here we go again.
You had the orgies going on, and you had the people being
killed, the lady being killed.
But that was such a mild version.
I don't know what was in the 25 minutes
they took out, mind.
Because the real version is that there's blood
We see a hierarchy in the public arena of presidents,
secretaries of state, of prime ministers, secretaries of
state, down, down, down, down.
That's the public hierarchy.
The real hierarchy, in the shadows,
is the occult hierarchy.
And if you're higher in the occult hierarchy, the satanic
hierarchy-- which is incredibly hierarchical, it's
all hierarchical--
then you have more power over someone higher than you in the
public hierarchy.
KEVIN MORPURGO: You know, people familiar with your work
would know that you've made some predictions over the
years, and they've come to pass.
I mean, I think this may be part of the reason why people
are really starting to pick up on your work.
Something like the internet.
What do you see--
because at the moment, this is how people are getting
information spread to each other.
It seems, at least at the moment, to be relatively free
in most countries.
What do you see happening there?
DAVID ICKE: The big thing that they're going to say is
because of the danger of terrorism and terrorists
communicating on the internet, these
things have to be stopped.
I mean, what did Cameron say after the London riots?
We may have to talk about
censoring Twitter and Facebook.
And Bill Clinton--
and when Bill Clinton, like Tony Blair or George Bush or
anybody, when they open their mouths, it's
the Rothschilds speaking.
And just a few months ago, Bill Clinton came out and
said, we need, basically, a censor organization, a
Ministry of Truth, to police the internet and to stop
people-- he specifically talked about people who were
spreading rumors on the internet that are not true.
They are true, Bill, OK?
They're in my books.
There's documentaries about it.
They're true.
Go away.
Drink your milk.
KEVIN MORPURGO: Do people just turn up at your door, though?
I'm sure you have fans that--
DAVID ICKE: Well, they do.
I hope they're not fans.
I hope they're not followers, or they're not listening.
But yeah, I have people come quite a lot from time to time.
I'm a very private person, you see.
It's one of the strange things about my life, really.
I'd guess you'd call it a paradox, but I don't suppose
it is, really.
And that's that almost everything I've done in my
life has been a public profession.
I was a footballer.
Then I became a journalist and television presenter.
Then I was a national spokesman for the Green Party.
Then I did this, of course.
And yet I'm an incredibly private person.
And I talk to thousands at an event, and I love it.
I just love being there.
It's like being in another reality.
There's a massive interaction going on energetically between
the audience and me.
You feel what humanity is behind the programming and
behind the false sense of limitation, and I
Can't and Little Me.
You feel the true magnitude of what we are
coming off the audience.
What we need is not compliance.
We need a non-comply dance, where we beat to a different
drum and we dance to a different drum.
Where we refuse to acquiesce to this control system that
seeks to enslave us even more than it already has.
Non-comply dance.
Do this.
It's time to fly.
It's time to fly.
Thank you very much.
DAVID ICKE: Thank you.
It's funny, Kev, you know.
You brought me here, and it's kind of a real strange,
spooky, surreal feeling, because I used to stand here.
I was a little boy.
I could just about see over the top of this bloody fence.
Same fence.
Think it is, anyway, repainted.
And I used to watch the steam trains come up.
And I wanted to be a footballer and I wanted--
I love steam trains and all the rest of it.
And nearly 60 years later, I'm standing in the same spot and
I've been talking to you about a moon bloody matrix,
shape-shifting reptilians, a few families
run the bloody world.
I mean, whatever happened to you?
Just keep watching the steam trains.
Look at the trouble you've got me into.
And it's just as strange, where life goes.
You never know where it goes, so all you can do
is enjoy the moment.
And I love this moment, this moment when I was watching
those steam trains, I was in my heaven.
And standing here, I'm in another kind of heaven,
because given what happened 20 years ago and
many years after that--
I was ridiculed in the street, called a nutter, and I
couldn't fill a phone box.
And now, suddenly, it's so different.
It just shows that if you keep walking, and keep walking,
believing what you're doing, then something comes
out the other end.
And it's just beginning to.
KEVIN MORPURGO: Even within conspiracy circles, David Icke
is a controversial figure.
Many view him as a harmless eccentric, while others claim
he must be an agent provocateur, discrediting
conspiracies by mixing documented fact with wild
allegations of rapist reptilians and their
artificial moon base.
Maybe they're just jealous.
Icke has sold over 20 million books worldwide, while his
website is an iconic forum for the global esoteric community,
with over four million views a month.
So this is David Icke--
visionary, multimillion-selling author,
global icon, one-time messiah, former goalkeeper, and the
single greatest threat to the lizard apocalypse.
Good luck, my friend.