Mass Effect Infiltrator for iPhone Review

Uploaded by duncan33303 on 12.03.2012

Hey guys, this is Austin and today I’m here with a review of Mass Effect
Infiltrator for iOS. While this is a tie-in with Mass Effect 3 it follows
an entirely different storyline and has a different developer so is it worth
picking up? The first thing that grabbed me were the graphics. On an iPhone 4S
the game looks absolutely fantastic with the only real slowdowns happening when
you use your Cloak ability. Infiltrator looks especially good in a firefight
with lots of enemies and effects on screen at one time. The audio design is also
good for a mobile game with full voice acting and good sound effects.
I haven’t finished the main Mass Effect series so I won’t say much into the
overall story but some things did jump out at me. It basically launches you
right into the game without filling you in on much and on top of that enemies
just seemed to appear out of nowhere at random times without so much as an
explanation. I’ve got some issues with the presentation as well. For example
unlike the main Mass Effect games the dialog and RPG elements are kept to a
minimum and are largely held to a few token choices. Cut scenes would also have
helped at some times as major plot points seemed to be happening without me knowing
what was going on. Gameplay itself is fairly unique for an iOS game. Like the
main series it requires you to think things out as opposed to rushing headlong
into a fight. You get a few different weapons as well as a Cloak ability which
temporarily makes you invisible along with biotics which allow you to do things
like drag enemies out of cover for a quick takedown. Once you get into the game
though you’ll find it has a heavy emphasis on using cover and racking up style
points which requires you to chain together attacks, swapping weapons and using
your powers to achieve the best score at the end of each level. Infiltrator also
ties in with Mass Effect 3 by allowing you to use Intel gathered in the game to
either buy more weapons and upgrades or send it to your Mass Effect 3 game.
Definitely the most controversial part of the game are the controls. On one hand
they’re fairly good with easy access to switching weapons and the ability to tap
on an enemy and just line the shot up as opposed to having to fire each shot
manually. On the other hand the controls are much more likely to get you killed
than anything else. It’s easy to get yourself out of cover or send your character
flying right into a group of enemies by accident. The third person camera can also
sometimes get stuck behind you giving you absolutely no visibility of what you’re
shooting at. There’s a lot of potential in the quick swipes and core of the
controls but I can’t help but wish they implemented motion as well as a less touchy
cover system. Overall Mass Effect Infiltrator is a decent game for fans of the
series. Graphics are nothing short of fantastic and the controls have a lot of
potential for fast paced gameplay on a touchscreen. Probably the worst of it is the
lack of any meaningful story or choices which makes this more of a decent shooter
than true Mass Effect game. It’s fun for a few hours of gameplay but there are
definitely better games out there. If you enjoyed definitely be sure to leave this
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