Basketball Dribbling Tips & Tricks : How to Low Dribble a Basketball

Uploaded by expertvillage on 02.02.2008

This is Travis on behalf of Expert Village and we're talking about dribbling. The next
one that we want to talk about is low dribbling. Low dribbling. When you dribble you can talk
with a low voice. That could be low dribbling like this, but what we're talking about is
dribbling low to the ground. You're going to have quicker dribbles obviously because
you're close to the ground. You're going to use this dribble, the low dribble, depending
on which side your defender is on. If your defender is facing more this way trying to
force you right, you're going to be using your right hand and using your left arm and
hand. Without touching them because you can't push off. That's illegal. Just kind of as
a guard to keep your space. You're going to do the low dribble on the side when they're
defending you and pushing you the other direction. The low dribble is good for when you're being
closely defended by your opponent. Remember, the low dribble for when you're being closely
defended, whether you're coming down the court or whether you're working in your half court