Turning Trash into Cash: Ronnie Sladek - Texas Parks and Wildlife People [Official]

Uploaded by TexasParksWildlife on 28.08.2012

Ronnie came into Surplus Property and when he saw a mess,
he cleaned it up just like a small-town sheriff.
Ronnie's a 1-man show. He does everything.
-Morning Gary! -Hey Ronnie.
What you got for me?
Well I got you a truck and a trailer.
Ronnie deals with all of our surplus property.
Tons of trucks, lots of boats, lots of motors.
Mileage is 150...
Issued equipment and seized equipment
and he's the person that manages to make order out of all the chaos.
Ronnie was the first one to implement online auctions.
We've taken our money from 2002
and increased it by over 500 percent.
The auctions are open to anyone and everyone
except for our Parks and Wildlife employees.
I see vehicles, boats, outboard motors, jet skies,
computers, printers, you name it.
The strangest thing that we've had in surplus was a water tower.
Ronnie is able to turn trash into cash.
Hi John. What you got for me today?
Hey Ronnie. I've got 2 cameras and some night vision goggles.
I try to get maximum value for all our surplus property.
Cameras still work?
No they don't.
People from all over the country buy our stuff.
The curious public is looking for something
they can buy and fix up and sell for a profit.
[phone rings]
I get tons of calls every day,
people asking every type of question you can imagine.
Sure, let me look that up for you.
Yes sir, that is a 150 horsepower outboard motor.
The more detailed you are, the better.
Our investigation found that millions of dollars
of state-owned inventory is gone.
There's been a lot of press throughout the state
about other agencies losing equipment.
And I'm proud to say that we look clean
and a lot of it is thanks to Ronnie
because he has a meticulous annual property inventory process.
Never caught Ronnie not being organized.
He's always been on the ball.
Let's go right in here. We'll take care of the title transfer fee...
Ronnie has helped package these boats, motors and trailers
so that the titles cleared.
And he just puts them all in a nice little package
so that we get top dollar for them.
Here is your receipt. Your title will be mailed to you in about 30 days...
He makes everyone's job easier.
He's got a heart of gold underneath and he's a teddy bear.
Thanks man. Thanks for all your help.
He will do anything to help people.