Alejandro & Diego - 015 [1/2] (English Subs)

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Hello, hello.
Okay, who is absent?
Ms. Miranda, Gonzalo and Mauricio where suspended. And Sofía, Mauricio, and Yesenia didn't come.
My brother asked me to tell you that he could come to school today. He had something very important to do.
Okay, thank you, Sofía.
Let's start the class. uh...
Ms. Miranda, are you feeling well?
The, The Spanish Golden Age is uhm.
Tragicomedy is the literary genre of "La Celestina". Calisto and Melibea, Love and Death.
Uh, hi. Uhm, excuse me, Sofía. Has Mauricio told you anything about Yesenia's relative. If he's okay?
A relative of Yesenia? Of what I know, she only has a brother and he hasn't lived here in more than two years.
I found out, that todays is the wake of one of your schoolmates that was a victim of an illegal drug.
I'm not only Elizbeth's father, I'm also a chemist. And I do experiments in my laboratory. Where experiments should be done, guys.
Not like the delinquents that do them in schools like this all over the country. To test every illegal drug they get in the market.
And you guys... You guys are the guini pigs of the laboratory. They don't just use you to see if you like the drug or not.
They abuse of you inexperience, of your youth. The desire to make easy money.
So they can get you in that illicit market.
I was also young just like you guys. I also liked to have a good time, have fun, dance.
One thing I'll tell you guys. For those who deal or do drugs, there are only two paths. Jail or the cemetery.
Three years ago, in the most prestigious and expensive school in Miami, two senior students were expelled.
And do you know why they were expelled? Because they were selling drugs right on campus.
I don't know if there's a dealer here among you guys.
But if so. You're in time to stop.
Guys, any illegal pill, not mater how harmless it may look can make you lose your life, or...
or can make you hallucinate until you yourself take you own life.
It's true, guys. Look, organized gangs will make use of any method to recruit teens, young boys. Threats, lies.
The secret is in telling someone as soon as possible. The one you confine in the most.
Because any of you can lose your way.