Campus Connection: Move-in Day 2011

Uploaded by RITUniversityNews on 31.08.2011

>>CHUCK LAMB: This is one of my favorite days of the year. You have Christmas, you have
Thanksgiving, you have New Years but opening day at RIT is just the best. We have students
and families picking up keys across the road. Then they come here and unload their gear.
>>CHUCK LAMB: We have an army of volunteers that are assisting in emptying the cars and
moving the personal belongings up to the room. Families move their cars over to F and E lot.
They take the shuttle back. Students then go to the field house to begin their orientation
program. It’s 10:30 in the morning. We’ve had a great start. Wonderful weather. We’re
good to go. It’s a wonderful day so far. For the first year student — as well as their
family — this is a real exciting day. Fine-tuned machine is right. We’ve put a lot of time
into making sure this check-in system is refined.
>>MUSIC: Guitar playing
>>CHUCK LAMB: They’re going to be anxious, they’re going to be excited. There will
be some sentiments tomorrow, this evening, when the families depart. And for both families
and the students here, they begin their new lives. They are all part of the RIT family.
Some are here on campus, some are living afar, but we want them to be part of that family
for the next nine months.