Massholes Thanksgiving Mini-Special

Uploaded by LOUD on 22.11.2012


KENNY: The thing about Thanksgiving in LA is it's
kind of fucking weird.
No one's going to go home for Christmas and Thanksgiving.
You can't afford it.
It's 85 fucking degrees out.
Definitely miss my family, though.
Grammy's green bean casserole is fucking money.
But I found out family is what you make it.
And I got these knuckleheads.
PADDY: Thanksgiving back in Southie--
it's great.
I do a whole bunch of different stuff--
lots of drinking, a little bit of fighting, some
fighting and drinking.
JIMMY: Thanksgiving at my house-- full on Italian.
We're all about the family.
Even my Uncle Tony, when he brings his
friend Gary every year.
PADDY: My father yelling at me and my brothers.
MAGGIE: It's great.
We go to my aunt's house.
And my brothers and my sisters and my cousins-- they all
bring their fucking fiances.
And I got to defend myself against being a lesbian.
I'm not--
I'm not a--
I'm not a lesbian.
I'm waiting for the right guy, Mom.
PADDY: Father yelling at my mother.
BRENT: Thanksgiving with the Massholes?
They invited me to their Thanksgiving
dinner, which is cool.
But it's a little different for me, because my dad growing
up spend it with his other family.
And my mom was just endlessly drinking wine the whole time.
So I spent a lot of time alone.
PADDY: Father yelling at his brothers.
JEREMY: This is my first Thanksgiving away from home.
But being an only child, it's kind of nice to feel like I
have some older brothers, even if they are big, scary, mean,
loud, older brothers.
PADDY: Family.
KENNY: So when you can't make it home for the holidays, the
least you can do is find a nice, home cooked meal.
PADDY: Come on, Kenny, let's go.

JIMMY: I think most of all, we're thankful for Brent.
BRENT: Dude, they said what?
PADDY: For being the biggest turkey of them all.
BRENT: Paddy!