What inspires the 2003 Nobel Laureates in Physics?

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Professor Alexei Abrikosov, and Tony Leggett. What are the sources of inspiration to you,
as a scientist, Doctor Leggett?
I think that’s a rather difficult question to answer, actually. I think in the scientific
discovery, luck plays an enormous role, but I think one thing one can be fairly sure about
is that if you’ve not been thinking about the problem continuously and perhaps even
when you’re lying awake at night for some time, perhaps some weeks or even some months,
then it’s unlikely that you’ll get the sudden flash of discovery that makes it work.
And what would you say, Doctor Abrikosov?
My answer, for me the inspiration was always experiment. Some experimental facts which
were strange, could not get an immediate explanation, and so on. These were always my source of
inspiration, and I think that only that. Yes, I am very closely connected to experiment.
Not mathematics, not models, nothing but experimental data. And so of course after that, what Tony
said, the thinking and so on, even sleepless nights, that is of course how it comes. However
It’s a part of scientific research?
Yes. However, my ideas I just take from experiments.