Double Fine Adventure! // Kickstarter Pitch Video [OFFICIAL]

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\f0\fs24 \cf0 [Drum Solo]\ \
\ >> TIM: Oh, sorry I didn't see you there.
Uh, you caught me indulging in one of my many impressive hobbies.\
\ I'm Tim Schafer, and I'm a man of many passions.
Drumming, skydiving, um, like charity or something.\ \
But, one of the things I'm most passionate about is making games.\
\ [Crashing drums]\
\ [light, dreamy music]\
\ And one of my favorite types of games to make
is Adventure games. But,\ \
these days it seems like adventure games are almost a bit of a lost art form. They exist
in our dreams and our memories and in Germany.\ \
[music change]\ \
People come up to me all the time and they say\
\ >> RABID FAN: You should make a point-and-click
graphic adventure\ \
>> TIM: You know, I would except\'85\ \
>> RABID FAN: Adventure games ARE NOT DEAD!\ \
>> TIM: Um, ok, I'm on your side but if I were to go to a publisher right now and pitch
and adventure game, they'd laugh in my face.\ \
>> RABID FAN: But I have money and I'd buy a copy\
\ >> TIM: Hmm, well, that's nice but unfortunately,
it's not enough money to make a game\ \
>> RABID FAN: But there's a ton of people out there just like me\'85they'd buy one too!\
\ >> TIM: Hmm, I wonder if that's true\
\ >> RABID FAN: DUDE, it's totally true, there's
so many people who'd buy it\ \
>> TIM: [interrupting] Not talking to you. \
\ What if there are a lot of adventure game
fans out there who want an adventure game? I wonder if there's some way I could talk
to them directly, and cut out publishers altogether.\ \
[Music fade out]\ \
[Bright music]\ \
And that's when it occurred to me, Kickstarter! We can use Kickstarter to make a fan-funded,
old-school adventure game. It's perfect, we've got the perfect team here at Double Fine to
make it.\ \
We've got the inventor of the genre here, Ron Gilbert. Oh look, there he is right now!\
\ Maybe he'll help us.\
\ [door slamming] [abrupt music cut-off]\
\ He'll help us.\
\ [music resumes]\
\ But that's only half the story. We'll also
be filming the whole thing as we go. Well, I mean these guys will be. Here, this is umm\
\ >> PAUL: Uh, Paul\
\ >> TIM: One of the guys from um\
\ >> PAUL: 2 Player Productions\
\ >> TIM: The people making that documentary
about\'85nachos?\ \
>> PAUL: Notch\ \
>> TIM: Whatever.\ \
>> PAUL: [off screen]!\ \
>> TIM: These talented documenteers will be filming the whole process from beginning to
end and putting it up on the internet as we go.\
\ A high-quality, serialized documentary that
provides an unprecedented look into what really happens when a company like Double Fine makes
a game.\ \
You know how they say you don't want to see how sausage gets made? We are going to show
you how sausage gets made. We are going to take our sausage and shove it in your face,
warts and all.\ \
[music fades out]\ \
[awkward silence]\ \
[big band music begins]\ \
Whether it goes well or whether it all goes to hell, we're going to show everything. Isn't
that exciting?!\ \
The conversation won't just be a one-way street. This is a game for adventure fans, funded
by adventure fans, so we want to make it with adventure fans.\
\ You'll be able to talk back to us on the exclusive
online community of people who funded the game. You'll give input on the concept art,
the music, and your input will actually affect the direction the game takes. \
\ It will be like a collaboration.\
\ Or more like "Little Orphan Annie" where we're
the cute little red-haired girl who sings and tap-dances for your pleasure, and you're
like Daddy Warbucks. Who's like bald or something, but, he's cool and everybody likes him.\
\ And that's the point. If you back this Kickstarter
project, you will be cool and everybody will like you, guaranteed.\
\ So, we're asking for this much to make the
game, and this much to film it.\ \
And that may seem like a lot of money, but, it's really not that much for a game budget
these days. It's pretty small, actually. But we're not scared. It's going to be an adventure,
both the process and the product. What could possibly go -\
\ [music switches to something more game-like]\
\ Oh man\'85come on!\
\ [struggling noises]\
\ I hate these\'85\
\ There it is!\
\ So! [hand clap] What's going to happen? No
one can say for sure, but here's my promise to you: either the game will be great or it
will be a spectacular failure caught on camera for everyone to see.\
\ Either way, you win. What could possibly go
wrong?\ \