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(We are trying to break an apple in half!) "How is it going?" "Really badly! Ow!"
(We watched a guy on Youtube do it, and now she's trying to do it!)
"Oh no! It just hurts too much! I think maybe it's too tiny of an apple to do it!" "I think I need man hands!"
"Are there any willing men? Charlotte have a go, sorry!"
"I'll have a go! Sorry, it's not going to work." "I've got it started, I see what you mean! 321! My hands are literally trembling."
"Oh my god, it's going to crack!" " arghhh!"
"Ohhhh my thumb! I can't use my thumb!" "It hurst my thumb too much" "Just use the middle finger" "Here you are. Go for it!" "Oww!"
"We will all, slowly tear this apple apart." "That man was really quick and easy."
" How nice and green my thumbs are!" "Oh look , I can see it's squeezing - ew!"
"Someone, is going to make some vulgar joke!" "It's juicing. The apple inside out!"
"Oh you are nearly there." "Do it for your country!" "What country is that?" "The Isle of Man!"
"I can hear it. I can hear it! Oh you are so close Iona!" "OMG!" "Go for the home-stretch Charlotte, is it coming?" "If you get it, I will be so sad."
"I can feel it. I can feel it through my heart!" "I cant do it!" "You can. You can! Keep going!" "Go on ... pull pull pull!"
"My thumb still hurts, from the first time I tried." "Can I have a go?" "Yeah!"
"It looks so gruesome - oh right!" "Push down on your thumb!" "Aw .... no that's just me, getting into it." "Oh ok"
"Oh it feels like my thumb's going to break. Arghh it's so sore!"
"Fancy getting a knife and then just cutting it in half and then going - where are we going tonight?" "I can hear it. I can hear it. I am inside the apple!"
"Look how far we are!" "Yeah, I can hear it too!" "You're just slowly going to tunnel your way through it?"
"Yeah!" "I'm going to try it like that man was doing it."
"You're not even going to want to eat this afterwards." "I am quite hungry!"
"Oh I can feel it, Oh look at that! I'm cracking it. I'm breaking it look!" "Oh!"
"Do you want me to try?" "Wait, wait, wait! I can feel it! Look, there's a tear like, OMG!"
"It's going to be like, three minutes that is just your vlog. Three minutes of people pulling at the apple, ... "Your slicing it with your thumb!" "No outfit of the day. Just apple breaking."
"It's what they want! Give the people what they want!" "I want a go!" "You have a go, it's Ionona's apple"
"Oh right you have a go - Round 2!" "If you get it done, you will be the greatest!" "Oh, OMG I've done it! I am the champion!" "Let me see how it is!"
Instagram video, Video "Hello Iona. What are you doing?" "I am eating."
(It's a bake sale in the 6th form lounge and we are having cakes. This one isn't mine, but I'm holding it for a friend!)
"And you re-purpled your hair."
I got home. I'm home from school at last. It was a long day, but it was ok.
These two, well, I don't know? I'll tell you about it.
There are basically, these two trouble makers at school, like year 8's, its ridiculous!
They have been harrassing me quite alot, which is annoying, but I'm used to dealing with it. But they are particulary determined to make me not like them, at all.
I thought I'd sorted it out, because I spoke to some people in the summer and they had spoken with them,
and I thought that it would have been sorted it out. And that they would have a bit more sense, than to mess with me!
But currently they didn't, and they got at me again this lunchtime! So I was like "Right!" So their year head will talk to them on Monday. So hopefully, they will actually not bother me.
I just said that I don't want them to talk to me. I don't want them to shout at me.
I don't want them to screach in my face. I don't want them to touch me.
I don't want them to acknowledge that I exist. I don't want to acknowledge that THEY exist.
But I'm having to do that right now until it sorts out anyway.
Thank God it's the weekend, and my package from CLIP HAIR has arrived!
At least I think it is? It feels like hair extentions. It feels quite heavy and I've got a little bit of a 'window-fringe' going on right now.
But it's annoying though, because on the one day that I've crimped my hair, they have arrived! And I don't want to have to crimp them, because I would have to wash them.
They are always better when you haven't done anything to them and they are just how they are.
I think I will have to try them in tomorrow, but I will try them in today and see how they look with half-crimped hair.
But yeah that's good and look I've got my Felix! "Hi - Oh lovely cat! Aren't you?"
Yes, but that is us, for now! (Oh how pleasant!)
And look ... it's like, so nice. And it's like, an almost perfect match to my own hair colour.
It looks quite blunt at the bottom, but I'll see how it is when I put them in. I'm going to straighten my hair now cos I want to see how I look with it.
They are really long. They are like 24 inches! That's like, waist-length hair, which is what I asked for. I said "You can choose like, what kind of colour."
(Sorry I'm wearing my pyjama pants right now, which is what I do when I get home from school.) Yes I said, "You can choose which colour we will go for !"
It's really pretty. It's like, naturally wavy too, which is exactly what my hair is anyway so.
Oh what a great day!