LEGO Christmas Special with the Assassin: Robbery 2

Uploaded by HarryAndBillyBrick on 24.12.2011

Hey! You're new!
Why do you come here?
Hi, I'm very tired. Please don't bother me.
I think you need some money...
Come tomorrow to my office and I give you something
And I have a work for you.
OK, it's a good idea.
I accept!
Well done, see you then!
Merry Christmas! Be a good child.
Merry Christmas!
I thought you will like this work
No, I don't like it.
I want to tell you we are going to meet around the Christmas tree tonight
I'll be waiting you!
They're very happy...
But they don't know what we are going to do
Tonight we're going to make a big robbery
We're going to rob all their Christmas presents.
Merry Christmas to everyone!
See you later!
Come on!
It's time to rob!
OK, we have a lot of hoses to rob.
Oh no there's a person!
We'll hide!
Kill him, I'll drive.
They were making a robbery in a house!
We have to punish them!
Please, don't make us anything, It's Christmas!
Well done, thank you!
Where is he?
Merry Christmas!