Dance Showdown Presented by D-trix - Episode 3

Uploaded by DanceOn on 18.04.2012


BRYAN TANAKA: This is the first time we're getting ready
to do our final rehearsal on stage-- the first time with
all the props, the first time with all our wardrobe.
It's just crazy because we only have 30 minutes, so the
pressure's on.

XJAWS: I am going to provide zero help or input.
It's all going to be resting on your shoulders.
You're going to have to carry me through this performance.
KHERINGTON PAYNE: I will, baby, on my back.
XJAWS: You have to understand, I'm really nervous for today.
KHERINGTON PAYNE: XJaws, badass bitch--
XJAWS: You're the badass bitch.
I'm the badass guy.
KHERINGTON PAYNE: You can still be a bad bitch.
BRYAN TANAKA: I guess I could pull up my energy and just
like, hey, I'm going to give you all this good energy, just
so you're not looking right now.
I want to just make sure you're just commanding it.
LANA MCKISSACK: I'm giving you eyeball energy right now
because that's all I have.
Do you feel it?
KHERINGTON PAYNE: I'm like half-naked under this.
Want to see?
HOTFORWORDS: I have two bras.
One is really like a push up bra, huge.
XJAWS: You're being rushed.
I feel bad.
I'll sit down for you.
I feel like a girl, first time in make-up.
It was a little bit of a weird experience but hey, what are
you going to do?
Yeah, Kherington, you look beautiful in your make-up and
your blanket.
KHERINGTON PAYNE: Do I look pretty without make-up?
XJAWS: Yes, of course.
I think I have a crush on her but I don't think she returns
any of those feelings towards me.
BRYAN TANAKA: Just working on that neck saturation.
LANA MCKISSACK: He also does bar mitzvahs.
A lot of people don't know this, but Bryan moonlights as
a make-up artist slash hairstylist.
He's really awful with hair, but please don't tell him I
said that, because I don't want to crush his ego.
BRYAN TANAKA: Wow, you look pretty.
My mommy says so, too.

TAY ZONDAY: I filmed the last rehearsal, and then I took the
video and I drew handwritten stick figures and then I
scanned that piece of paper and superimposed those stick
figures over the video, in order to kind of give myself
flash cards for what the moves are to the dance.
What the heck is this?
TAY ZONDAY: That's putting our hands--
this part where we're putting our--
LAUREN FRODERMAN: What are these Zs?
TAY ZONDAY: They're hands.
No, that's an arrow.
That's a hand and it's going back and forth.
LAUREN FRODERMAN: What move is that?
It is the craziest, mathematical, analytical way
I've ever seen dance be approached.
This is honestly the craziest thing I've ever seen.
I never--
TAY ZONDAY: It's the only way dancing makes sense to me.
I was still editing that video this morning and not
rehearsing the dance and I wasn't sure which would be
ultimately more productive.
It says sexy!
TAY ZONDAY: That's what I end with!
I end with the sexy pose.
The middle may have been ugly, but the end is sexy.
WOODYSGAMERTAG: This make-up process is really pleasurable.
All of these tools are soft and--
FEMALE SPEAKER: Are they supposed to hurt?
KHERINGTON PAYNE: Yeah, what do you want, like rocks thrown
at your face?
WOODYSGAMERTAG: You act like I'm crazy, but I don't have
anything in my life that feels this nice on my skin.
I've never had make-up like this before.
I feel like a star!
I'm just the jackass but I feel like jackass plus plus.

IAN EASTWOOD: All right.
I think we're warm.
Let's go dance.
Ah, you know we're pimping around here.
In driving the toy car, I was thinking of Jeffrey the
giraffe from Toys R Us.

Trying to do the dance moves and it's not coming together.
I mean, it kind of puts me in a tough situation, because
people will look at me and think that I
haven't done my job.
But it's not really up to me at this point.
I've done all I can do.
Embrace the fact that we are here.
We have no more time.
This is it.
It's funny.
You have all the moves.
Sometimes you just go like the opposite direction.

JLOVESMAC1: Right now, I'm really expecting to either
break a leg, kick Ian in the face and start doing some
tribal dance.
I don't know.
Performing it at home is so much different than when
you're actually performing it with your partner.
Hopefully we'll get it down.
Ian, please help!
DOMINIC: I'm D-trix.
Nice to meet you.
There's two other sets of shoes, right, that you're
leaving there?
Can you maybe take those with you and then we'll just get a
shot of you flicking it back and we'll just get the last
shot of it hitting your face, just like a quick punch line.
JLOVESMAC1: In what part does that--
DOMINIC: The very end.

JLOVESMAC1: I want you guys to know that this is something
that's one of my biggest fears ever.
I always stick inside of my comfort zone.
When you stick out of it, you just actually find more
excitement in yourself.
I love challenge.
KHERINGTON PAYNE: Three, four, five, seven, eight.
WOODYSGAMERTAG: There's going to be a lot of that.
KHERINGTON PAYNE: I think Woody's going to do really
good in this competition.
He already has that performance quality about him.
It's like this sweet little dad coming out to kick some
ass on the dance floor.
And it's really cool to see.
Down and down, yes!

OBAMA GIRL: I love to perform.
So I think as soon as I feel like I'm on stage and the
lights are on and the cameras are there, I just turn on.
I forget everything.
I forgot that I didn't sleep.
I forgot I didn't have breakfast.
Much better.
OBAMA GIRL: Even if I am a little nervous, I might feel
it right before the song but as soon as the song
starts, I'm in it.
And I'm in it to win it.
LAUREN FRODERMAN: Stop the music!
You're looking right down to the ground.
SEANANNERS: Oh I did it again?
LAUREN FRODERMAN: This is your audience.
You've got to kill the habit while it's there.
SEANANNERS: So I'm looking down my feet, it's me trying
to remember what the hell I'm doing.
I feel probably way too relaxed right now.
I'm just like I'm a sleepy robot.
There's about a 95% chance I'm going to forget
most of these moves.
Worst case scenario, I forget all the things
that I've been taught.
I need to get out of my head and be more free.
WHATSUPELLE:There's something about the whole process of
becoming a mom that makes you feel incredibly uncoordinated.
God, do we actually have to tape it now?
I was a little out of breath at the end, but I made it.
Because we do so much traveling on that first step--
BRYAN TANAKA: I'm going to get out of there, quick.
WHATSUPELLE: You already got it.
BRYAN TANAKA: It's like we're talking like this without even
really talking.
Oh, she's such a perfectionist.
It's great.
The fact that she's really putting everything and
analyzing everything is awesome.
Let's go get focused.
IAN EASTWOOD: You walk opposite arm to opposite leg.
That's how people on earth walk.
This is how humans walk.
And you know what you're doing in this piece?
You're walking like this.
Your sexy walks are going same arm, same leg.
HOTFORWORDS: Oh, really?
I'm very worried going into it.
I'm pretty stressed out.

HOTFORWORDS: See now I'm thinking about what am I doing
with my arms.
IAN EASTWOOD: Well, don't think so much!
Stop thinking!
Get out of your head.
The music is what dance is all about.
If you don't hear the music and you don't dance with the
music, it doesn't work.
Rhythm, right?
To the music.
There you go.
KHERINGTON PAYNE: Kingsley wasn't exactly getting into
character, because I think he was nervous
about everything else.
We need to get into character now.
I'm a bitch.
The second that I'm on that dance floor, you don't like me
until it's over.
ITSKINGSLEYBITCH: I'm picturing her
as one of my exes.
My ex was an asshole.
Picturing Kherington as that is really helping me be mean.
I'm good at being angry, but not to someone's face.
Turn me.
Strip me down.
Throw me over.
HANNAH: My progress from first rehearsal to today, I would
describe as sweaty, sore, exhilarating, defeating but
ultimately quite moving.
Get it?
Oh, forgot that part.
LANA MCKISSACK: I did practice in front of my fiance.
The whole time he's going, you've got to flirt more.
He told me to milk it and rip the shirt off with abandon.
So that's what I'm going to do.
Vote for me.
I'm sweating for you.
Look at this.
Look at these eyelashes.
It's not a comfortable situation.
I'm working my buns off for you guys.
So all you have to do is click with your index finger and
we're even.
KHERINGTON PAYNE: One, two, three, four,
five, six, seven, eight.
XJAWS: I got it.
Come on, Kherington.
KHERINGTON PAYNE: You hesitated!
XJAWS: Huge fear of mine is that when I get out there,
it's just going to blank out.
I'm going to blank out, not going to be able to remember
anything and I'm going to mess up steps ridiculously.
KHERINGTON PAYNE: One go two, three, hit it four, five--
What are you doing?
XJAWS: It so hard to get that right sleeve off completely.
You're freaking out because you have more time.
So this routine is not going to be the best dance you've
ever seen but the fact that Sam has
come this far is amazing.
Close the door!
XJAWS: Jesus.
KHERINGTON PAYNE: How come I can't do anything right?
My God.
XJAWS: I feel like you're mom, not my wife.
We have a half an hour.
MALE SPEAKER: Kyle's spending too much time doing voices and
not enough time hitting those moves.
Kyle, it's head first, then shoulder, then like--
KYLE: I did it right the first time.
IAN EASTWOOD: Yeah, you did.
KYLE: I'm I looked a little different that time.
These guys think that by kicking me around, that's
somehow going to make me a better dancer.
When it actually does the exact opposite-- it makes me
sad and makes me feel like maybe I don't even want to be
doing this with them right now.
That's what I mean.
MALE SPEAKER 2: Kyle, we're in this to win
this, not to goof this.
KYLE: I want a hug.
Not until you do it right.
KHERINGTON PAYNE: We're going to do great.
I love you.
Love you Woody.
So this it.
It's game day.
It's the end of rehearsals.
There's no more warming up.
There's no more practice.
There's no more nothing.
The next run is for good.
DIRECTOR: Here we go.
Cue music.
And action!
KHERINGTON PAYNE: This experience
is great for everybody.
These people learn how to freaking dance.
They never danced a day in their life.
That's hard.
Vote for these people.
They deserve it.