Producing heat press transfers with a solvent printer cutter

Uploaded by CADCUTDirect on 25.05.2010

Do you own a solvent based printer or an eco-solvent based printer?
Do you know you own a premium product for decorating bags, garments, uniforms, umbrellas?
Keep watching and let me show you how to make money with your printer.
Hi, I'm John Loucks with Stahl's CADCUT direct.
And if you own an eco-solvent or solvent based printer, you might be sitting on a gold mine
for garment decoration.
Whether it's a Mimaki, a Roland, Mutoh, or any other solvent based printer, coupled with
your heat press you can decorate any kind of item that you would like.
Let's start by showing you the basics.
At CADCUT direct dot com, we carry a variety of cad-color material that is compatible with
your printer.
Express Print is our most popular and the one I recommend you try first.
It is made up of the printable media and a Mylar carrier.
You're going to print this just like you would your digital sign.
I've installed hundreds of Roland printers, so that's the unit we use today.
It's a printer and a cutter, so you’re not printing on one machine... unloading it...and
loading it another machine to cut it.
Ok, the first thing we’re going to do is load our Express Print on our Roland printer.
The printer is going to come across and measure the width of our Express Print.
(machine running)
All right, we're going to get our width of 18 inches.
A common mistake that people forget to do is they forget to do their test cuts.
It is very important that you do a test cut.
That way you're not ruining your blade or your cutting strip on your machine.
OK, here's our test cut.
Now we pull the circle out and leave the square in.
Pull the square out and what we would like to get here is...we would like to be able
to see the score in our Mylar carrier, but not be able to feel it on the other side.
So it looks like we're in good shape.
Close our cover.
And we'll send our job to the printer.
(machine running)
Again the great thing about this printer is that it is a printer and a cutter.
So I did not have to take it out, replace it in another machine and cut it out.
The machine will automatically go back and cut it out.
Very convenient.
All right, here's the finished product that we just printed.
We're going to go ahead and we're going to trim off our excess media.
And we're going to weed it with our weeding tool.
Express Print is very easy to weed.
Great product.
(natural sound)
(natural sound)
Ok, we have our finished weeded print.
From here we're going to use our Magic Mask medium tack to lie over the top of it.
Pull the backer off set that aside.
Now I'm going to drop the mask right in the middle and go out.
I'll lightly squeegee it.
Get the big air bubbles out, and then I'm going to hit it kind of hard.
Just to get it down all the way and make sure we're completely tacked down.
I'm going from the center outward...get rid of all the bubbles.
Ok, from here I'm going to go ahead and, I like to flip it over, and pull off my backer.
And I'm going to lay my original Magic Mask backer right over the top of it just so I
can store it, and use it without worrying about the stickiness of the carrier.
I'll go ahead and trim it up.
All right, we've finished trimming up all of our transfers let's go heat apply them.
Ok, we've got a variety of items here.
Again remember, if you can get it under your heat press, you can put something on it.
I've got my print perfect pad; I'm going to slide this backpack right up set my print
perfect pad down that is to get the zippers and everything else out of the way.
I’m going to drop my logo right on top of it.
Line it up.
Teflon sheet over the top of it just to protect your garment.
And drop it, now Express Print is 320 for 15 to 20 seconds, peel hot.
(beep, beep, beep)
I'll go ahead and remove our Mylar cover.
And we have our logo.
Alright next we're going to throw a t-shirt on.
(natural sound)
(natural sound)
Give it a quick preheat to get our moisture out.
Stick our logo on.
(beep, beep, beep)
Next I'm going to do a nylon mesh binder.
I'm going to open it up...try to get a flat surface...print perfect pad.
You can see our nylon mesh.
(natural sound)
Going to change our pressure setting just a little bit.
(natural sound)
(beep, beep, beep)
(natural sound)
Alright next we're going to do a little beanie.
(natural sound)
(beep, beep, beep)
(natural sound)
So let's take a look at what it cost to do a print.
This full color print is four by four.
The material and mask cost for this area is about 17 cents.
The ink cost is about 2 cents.
So you're looking at about 19 cents for our four by four logo.
Of course you need to add in some for your labor, but the point is, you can make money.
So if you have the printer and software you're halfway home.
All you need is a heat press, a roll of Express Print and Magic Mask Medium Tack...and you
can get that at CADCUT direct dot com.
So log onto CADCUT direct dot com and get started.
If you have any questions, visit the site I'm there as a Product Expert and would be
happy to help just click my name and send me an email.
Thanks for watching and best of luck making more money with your solvent printer.