Water Decals, aqua sticker tattoo nail art

Uploaded by cutenails on 04.09.2012

Hi! You might have noticed that water decals are fashionable these days.
They are kind of like the water tattoos.
It is the same principle.
I will show you first how to apply the simple designs.
I’ve already done a video about it.
But I’m doing it once again for the LM-Cosmetic website .
where you can find all these products.
Don’t forget to remove the transparent cover when you cut the design.
Then dip it for about 30 seconds in room temperature water.
You can obviously apply your water decal design on a colored nail polish.
But make sure that it is well dry.
Then peel off the design
And apply it on your nail.
It's very easy to apply. You’ll notice that you can move it for a few seconds.
It doesn’t matter if you didn’t place it well since you can place it as you like with your finger as long as it is wet.
Then with a cotton cloth, I wipe the surface to remove the water.
Then I use some top coat to fix it on my nail.
Water decals are very fine designs compared to stickers.
They don’t make bumps and don’t fold.
Now I will show you a full water decal design.
You have to choose it according to the size of your fingernail.
If they are too big, you will have to resize them.
By trying to make the round shape of your nail with the cuticle pusher.
So I dip the water decal design in water for more than 30 seconds.
I peel off the water decal slowly because it can tear. Be careful, it's delicate.
Then in the same way, apply it your nail.
As you can see, there’s a transparent area on the water decal at the end.
If it bothers you, you can cut it before dipping the water decal in water.
With my cuticle pusher, I apply it and remove the folds.
I apply the transparent area under my cuticle.
So that I don’t get bothered with it on my skin
To avoid having to remove it.
Then I cut one side of it.
unlike what is usually told, I don’t file it.
That is not convenient since it will remove it.
So I apply my top coat.
As you can see, the end is folded.
I use a stick to remove the excess, simply by scraping it.
It goes off easily.
To remove your water decal
Use a nail polish remover just like you would do for nail polish.
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