Lindsey Williams - The Elite Speak - DVD 1 Part 7 - Jan/Feb 2010 (To Seduce a Nation)

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The ocean had flooded the land for miles and miles and miles.
And most of the usual landmarks, just washed away.

The Leeville Bridge, the only thing that connects the port to the rest of Louisiana --
But then the worst news came when I got back to dry land.
The loop pipeline that carries 1 million barrels of oil into America a day had been
severed -- done.

When John finally reported that we had lost 80% of our gulf productivity and that we had
lost almost all of our imports at the port, I knew that an event like this could impact
the lives of every American.
And I was concerned our economy would simply fall apart.

The damage to Port Fourchon would take more than 12 months to repair.

And in addition to that, let me just tell you that I have some additional information
concerning the High Altitude Auroral Research Project which is HAARP.
You see we had Nick Begich come in and speak.
And he explained all about that.
However, we also had another speaker by the name of Bill Schnoebelen come in.
And he made a DVD called the Russians Secret Plans to Defeat America.
And he began to explain that Nikola Tesla came up with this new technology called Scaler
He took it to the Americans.
The Americans didn't want it.
So he took it over to the Russians.
And the Russians were delighted to have it.
So let me briefly explain what they called Scaler Wave.

It goes through time and space.
In other words it leaves on this side of the globe.
And it does not travel through the Earth.
It does not travel around the Earth.
It leaves this point on the globe.
And then with no way of tracking it appears on another place on the globe.
And they have no way of knowing where it's going to hit, or that it's about to hit except
birds disappear.
Here's what scaler wave can do.
It can cause large portions of the atmosphere to get very cold or very hot.
Well now what can they do with that.
Well they can cause huge snowstorms.
Now this has military implications.
They can destroy a nation by stopping a military.

By causing a giant and, of course, we've seen very large northern storms come in and
just blanket a city, dump 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 feet of snow in an area.
They can also cause large portions of the atmosphere to get super hot.
Well, what does that do?

With that you can cause a tornado or you can cause a hurricane.
Literally there have been hurricanes or tornadoes formed in areas where they've never
been before.
And then of course by causing this area to be hot and then they simply move it over, this
area to be hot, they can march a hurricane or tornado into your back door if they want
Now I recall just talking to you this past week.
You live in the desert Southwest, we won't mention exactly the area.
But you told me that there were some very unusual storms that people were saying never
had been and matter of fact this area had never experienced a tornado.
And now they were for the first time putting out tornado warnings.
That could be scaler wave which is also associated very similar to the High Altitude
Auroral Research Project that Nick Begich talks about called HAARP.
Yes, they can do these kind of things.
The moral code of the elite again, may I state, is that they must tell you everything
they are going to do before they do it.
If you know how to interpret their buzzwords you can know in advance everything that the
elite are going to do to America.
Everything they're going to do to your dinner table.
Everything they're going - that's going to happen about oil prices.
So at this point I would like to give some of the buzzwords that were actually given to
me just hours ago by this elitist.

Now this is going to be very unusual.
Please attempt to think in terms of the mindset of the elite so that you can understand
their buzzwords.
And here they go.
I'm going to actually give you seven of them.
He gave me many.
But I'm going to take seven of these expressions that were buzzwords and attempt to
interpret them for you so that you will be able to try to begin to understand things like
Oil Storm and other things that they are telling you.

Oftentimes in Hollywood movies they'll tell you what they're going to do like they did
in Oil Storm.
They may tell you through the national media as much as I dislike it you can't trust most
of what they say but every now and then they tell you what they're going to do.
So let me give you a few of their buzzwords.
Here goes.
Number one.
Oil is priced in dollars.
Now understand that I was talking with this elitist on the phone.
And we had been talking for quite some time maybe 30 - 45 minutes.
And he began to say some things that I knew he was trying to tell me something.
87 years of age remember I had been his chaplain on the pipeline.
And all of a sudden he begins to tell me some things by way of what I sensed were

And the first one he said, Oil is priced in dollars.
Now to many people if they heard that over the media they probably wouldn't give it a
second thought.
To me, it said immense things because you've been hearing lately that the oil-producing
countries of the world would like to have a basket of currencies that they can begin to
price oil in.
And this individual said to me, Whether the world likes it or not they still have to sell
oil using dollars.
Now that will end at some point in the future.
But he said, Oil is priced in dollars.
Well, I took the other things he had said in the course of this conversation such as the
dollar will lose 30 to 50% of its purchasing power or its value.
It will depreciate that much in the next 12 months time.

And other things he had said and put it together with this to interpret his buzzword as
follows: watch the dollar and you will know by its decline what gas prices are going to
be at the gas pump 30 days from now.
Now you drive back and forth to work.
If a person as a person said to me just this past week Oh I have to drive two hours every
day in order to get to work.
Well jobs are hard to find.
Sometimes you might have to go a long ways.

Well if you are spending that much for gasoline every day and the price of gasoline goes
from $2.50 a gallon to five dollars a gallon this is a major issue.
Would you like to know where the price of gasoline at the gas pump is going?
Here's how you tell.
Watch the devaluation of the dollar.
Look how much your groceries go up in price at the grocery store.
See how much the things go up at the hardware store in price.
Watch the value and you will know in relation to the devaluation of the dollar where you
can expect to be in gasoline prices because from this point on gasoline prices aren't
going down.
Gasoline prices are going up.

Second buzzword: Financial deficit spending is awash in paper.
I wrote down his actual words just like he said them.
Financial deficit spending is awash in paper.
Then he went on to explain some paper items.
And I knew he was trying to tell me something.
It was very obvious that he wanted me to know this.
Just in case I happen to do it.
Don't trust any financial instrument.
I don't care what it is.
It's worth the paper it's written on.
He went on to mention a few things.

T-bills don't trust them.
Oh I know.
For as long as anyone on the earth has traded crude oil the nations of the world have
used the American dollar as the standard currency or the reserve currency of the world is
the proper word of using.
And they have bought T-bills because they knew that every other currency, no matter what
it might be, might fluctuate drastically; but the American dollar would maintain its
purchasing value.
So they bought T-bills.
And the world holds them today.
Don't trust them.