Touhou Project 101

Uploaded by JoinerofSonicFans on 01.05.2011

Greetings once again, everybody!
Joiner here welcoming YOU to another session of J-Play! And this time we're
gonna do something a tad different...
Instead of delving into the past, we're gonna play something a little more
Okay, not really, since the future's more or less off-limits to us humans,
BUT the present is just as good, y'know!
For those that don't know, welcome to some mystical land you don't know about!
And the start of a gameplay series of the severely addicting Touhou Project!
Okay, before we begin for real, I'd like to start with the basics, like...
In order then!
...mostly created by a development team known as Team Shanghai Alice,
who branched apart from the original development team, Amusement Makers,
to create the remainder of the Touhou games.
To this day the team has one sole member... this man,
most commonly known as 'ZUN'.
Currently- that means at the time of this video being made and at no point in the
there's 12 Touhou games, with one new game in the works and 6 official spinoffs
for a total of 19.
The first five were made for the PC-98 emulator, which I... don't have, so I can't
go over.
I'm sure someone else has already gone over the PC-98 series though, infamous
as it is.
I'm going to be focusing on the rest, starting from the sixth, which were made
for Windows 98 and beyond.
The series takes place in a magical land sealed off from Japan by the name of
that houses a large number of humans, ghosts, fairies, and other mythical beings
from Japanese folklore, generally known as youkai.
Incidents take place here- at least, that's what they're called-
and it's usually up to the shrine maiden named Reimu Hakurei to resolve them.
Together with her friend, the magician Marisa Kirisame,
crazy, wacky, life-threatening adventures ensue.
For some reason, in the about 15 years now,
save for a 4-year hiatus in-between the fifth and sixth titles,
the Touhou series has garnered an almost inconceivable amount of
popularity, for a mere doujin project.
I mean, it's got so much fanmade stuff to its name- you've got fanart,
arranges of original music, fangames, merchandise, parodies of nearly
flash animations, audio dramas, comics, comedy skits, promotional videos... the
list goes on.
And it's still growing. It isn't a series as much as it is a phenomenon.
As for why I find this addicting... besides that, I'm not too sure.
I do like the concept of storytelling, and seeing as this is one giant story all
together, well, there you go.
I also like the role of a strong, capable female lead, but seeing as a very, very,
very, very, very large portion of the featured cast is female,
it's kind of silly for me to say that.
Besides, this is the Internet- no one's ever gonna take that last part seriously.
Another thing- I don't know about other shooters, but Touhou games are rather
difficult when you get down to playing them.
I mean, I heard there was harder, and I'm sure there is, but this one just dances...
...above my skill level, and that's just even more painful for me.
Like you finally get to playing, and you go,
"Oh, this isn't so hard, what's Joiner talkin' bout? He don't know jack."
and your naivete drives your run face-first into the ground.
And then 3 years later, you've barely 1cced anything other than the fighters.
Story of my life.
But I digress. Expect many, many a failure here on my part.
But that'll just make the impending success so much more worth it.
Huh, a guy can dream.
Speaking of dreams, let's get to it: ADVENTURE AWAITS!
For additional info click on this annotation, or the link for the Touhou
Wiki in the description.
See you guys in the videos to come!