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Do you want to die?
I think ... it's just a little misunderstanding.
Isn't it your responsibility to let nothing happen to her?
My responsibility is not just to protect her, but to teach her well also.
Yes, chairman.
I'll be right there.
If you're busy, you can go first.
Remember, don't let anything happen to her.
Are you the new student, Eun Byul?
Give it here.
This place is really quiet.
Yes. There is no other place more quiet than this place.
Alright, you can go first.
I want to be alone.
Then, do you want to go to a more quiet place?
I said I want to be alone.
Why do you always think about yourself?
Hey, Heo Mo.
It's already late. What are you doing here?
Who are they?
He's the leader at Sang Gong, Kang Sung Jae.
Since he was defeated by Chae Moo Shin, he just hated us at MyungMoon.
Whenever I see you students from MyungMoon, I just get in a bad mood.
I'm the only son from the third generation.
and I'm just a girl.
Are you guys dating now?
What? Is this your family's rule?
You don't need to say much.
Since I don't have a girlfriend, I don't like the sight of a guy and girl together.
You... come over here.
- Me? - Come over here quicky!
What now?
How can you have date with a such beautiful girl like her?
And I have these ugly guys to accompany me?
Do you look better or have more money than me? Or can you be a better fighter than me?
What is it?
Wait a second. Don't misunderstand, ok?
She's... not my girlfriend.
She's not your girlfriend?
Why on earth... is there such a useless guy like you?
Wait... wait!
Then why are you with her?
She's really not my girlfriend.
If she's not your girlfriend, then whose?
Moo Shin
She's Moo Shin's girlfriend.
Chae Moo Shin?
Is this fate or what?
Catch her.
Hey, let go of me. Do you know who I am?
If you dare to touch me, all of you will be in big trouble for sure.
What if I touch you? Here.
So what?
Are you okay?
I'm going crazy.
Hey, hold her tightly.
Long time no see, Chae Moo Shin.
Are you a savior or what?
Always showing up at the right time.
You guys still hang around here?
Driving around like a bunch of hoodlums.
You must have a lot of money to spend.
spend our own money.
But... what are you doing here?
Just continue.
You're in luck today.
I have an urgent matter to attend tonight.
If not, I won't let you off that easy.
Got that?
What urgent matter?
It's my grandpa's anniversary. My dad told me to come home right away.
You bastard, don't your parents know you're doing things like this?
Live well, you got that?
Hold on, Eun Byul.
I have something to say.
What? Moo Shin's girlfriend?
I didn't mean to. You know that I had no other way.
Calm down, ok?
If I see you at school, you're dead meat!
I'll explain everything to you once you're calm down.
Where is your house?
It's ok. I can walk home from here.
want to be my girlfriend?
No one will bother you if they know that you're my girlfriend.
Do you feel sorry for me? Is that why you're doing this?
Alright, just treat it like you didn't hear anything.
Eun Byul
So you were with Moo Shin all this time?
What happen? You didn't even call home. Everyone is worried about you.
What happened?
Have you eaten dinner yet?
How are your parents?
Yoo Eun Byul's family must be very rich, am I right? Even teacher has to take care of her matters.
You should care more about your students with no parents.
don't act like you know me well.
Though I should've met with you sooner,
but I've been so busy lately, that's why it's been postponed until now.
Just help yourself.
Have you considered what I mentioned to you last time?
About that...
Even though you've helped me once before,
I've thought about your request, but...
We really need chairman Yoo's testimony this time.
Jang Seo Dong won't admit it.
You are our last hope now.
- I hope you know that. - Of course.
Of course!
Even though that happened in our hotel
it took place in the guest room. It has nothing to do with us.
Don't you want to do the right thing for justice?
Not to mention the amount of money that he swindled, but it's all hard earned money from the innocent.
People like Jang Seo Dong, we just have to put him behind bars for good.
That's enough.
Aren't you eating?
You're leaving already? You're not eating this?
Please cooperate with us just this time.
Your testimony is our last hope.
Woo Jin
Please help me this time.
I must have the ability in order to do so, senior.
You're just as stubborn as always.
You quit school early and started to work.
The teachers were worried about you.
- I'll take you home. - It's alright.
Jang Seo Dong's people are well known for making trouble.
Let me take you home.
They didn't just make threats once or twice.
Safety is the most important thing.
I'm going first.
Eun Byul
Don't you want to talk to your teacher?
Eun Byul!
Eun Byul!
Have you eaten yet?
Eun Byul
Congratulations to everyone who won the bet!
Who's going to do it? Hey, how am I supposed to do this?
Yoo Eun Byul will graduate without a hitch.
All in.
Does anyone want to place a bet on that?
No one?
- Me - Me
Write it down.
Class President?
In the initial stages, where is it difficult to predict sensitivity
compared to orderly conduct and its relationship with time,
in order to predict the uses of chaos...
Finals are coming up. Even if you miss class, you have to keep up with your studies.
Mr. Jang, I guess the thief has already been caught.
That's Ms. Shin's watch.
She must have been panicking.
Aren't students who steal things so mean?
They should be expelled.
Where did you hear that Miss Shin was missing her watch?
- From Miss Shin. - From the students.
We never went to the art room except for class.
How did you know it was from the art room?
You guys are officially not allowed to leave class early.
You guys, go back to class.
Go to your class.
I'm sorry, Miss Shin.
My students seem to have made a mistake.
I have it back, that's what matters.
I gave them a piece of my mind, but I'm still really sorry.
I'm their homeroom teacher, but they're getting more out of hand each day.
I wonder just how far they'll go?
Don't be too tough on them.
When girls see something pretty, they can't control themselves sometimes.
I'm truly sorry.
It wouldn't be good if I knew who the student was, would it?
Considering that you're still teaching them,
I think it'd be best if you don't know.
You homeroom teachers sure are different.
You always think about the students.
I think you're right.
It's better if you don't tell me.
Eun Byul, what brings you here?
I came to thank you for the pictures.
Oh, that. If you ever need anything, let me know.
I'll help you out.
Yes, thank you.
Son, what is it?
Why is your face like that? Is it girl problems again?
Which girl dared to hurt my son's face like that? How my heart hurts so much.
Here, let me see.
Take some medicine.
Dad, move me to class 8-3.
That class is full of bad students. Why do you want to go there?
Are you going to move me or not?
You need to tell me why I should move you.
There's a new student named Yoo Eun Byul, right?
She might become your daughter-in-law.
Why? Didn't you say that if I have a girlfriend, then you would let me marry her?
But not Eun Byul. No!
Is there a problem with her family?
You don't need to know.
Ah, her family must be poor, right?
If it's not about money, then you wouldn't object.
What do you know?
It can't be Yoo Eun Byul.
From now on, stay away from her.
Are you sure you won't be going to art college?
That place won't be any help to me. Why should I go?
Then why did you often come to the art room?
you said I can come whenever I want to.
Painters can express themselves through paintings.
Alright, let's see.
Just in a second, you can draw so long. Can you see that?
From that, I can see that
if you're in a difficult situation, you will be able to fight back.
You're very intelligent.
Is it very special?
That watch?
This watch? Why?
My friend has one that looks just like that one.
Your friend?
I have to go.
Are you going to pick up your brother?
How is he doing lately?
He's still the same.
As long as he doesn't get sick, then it's a good thing.
Who is your friend?
Her name is Yoo Eun Byul.
It's okay. You can go.
Give me a cup of tea.
The atmostphere isn't bad at all.
You're doing all this because this is your first baby, right?
I might be a bit selfish if I say this,
but the one who stole my watch is the new student that teacher Jang cares about.
but in the end, teacher Jang still didn't tell me who did it.
Even if I know, it's not like I'm going to do anything to her.
Is it that difficult because she's in the middle of us?
It seems like he's not doing too well lately.
I don't think he had enough sleep. His face looks so pale.
So fragrant!
What tea is this?
It's lavender.
Are you alright?
Is it too hot?
You are...
Where is teacher Kim Mi Sun?
Doctor Kim went to the hospital last night.
My name is Ji Sun Ho, Dr. Kim's replacement.
I thought you would introduce yourself.
Drink it while it's still hot.
Lavender is refreshing and it's good for your health.
It's alright.
That's strange.
I heard that you're very friendly. I guess it's not true.
You are teacher Shin So Yi, right?
Doctor Kim especially asked me to look after you.
This is just a misunderstanding. Excuse me.
I've always been wondering who painted the pictures for the school's announcement.
But now I'd like to know the reason why you painted it?
You should paint it well.
Your face is so pale, teacher Jang.
It was hot today, wasn't it?
Actually, I have something to say.
Say it.
That thing yesterday. Where did you go?
That's what you have to say?
No, that's not it.
Don't worry. My dad will never find out about yesterday.
Hey, let's talk a bit.
What do you want to say?
Is something missing again?
About that...
I think there was a misunderstanding.
Those trash Bin girls were behind it, weren't they?
How did you know that?
I'll handle it myself.
Handle it?
Eun Byul
If you do that, you'll be no better than them. Let it go.
I gave them a piece of my mind already. They're probably torn with remorse right now.
What did you say?
They're not allowed to leave class early.
Oh, wow. They must be torn up inside.
So let it go, Eun Byul.
You're done, right?
Eun Byul.
What now?
I'm sorry.
What did you say?
I said I'm sorry.
I can't hear you.
I said I'm sorry.
Hey, if someone apologizes, there should be some reaction.
What kind of apology was that?
If you're going to apologize, you should at least look sorry.
What more can I do?
- What can you do for me? - Anything.
I want to eat steamed crabs.
Steamed crabs?
At this hour?
Where would I get that?
Try your best.
Hello? Yeah, I'm almost home.
You should've told me that before.
It's not that I don't want to go. I'm worried that the crabs will spoil.
Eun Byul
Are you feeling a bit better now?
When you work, there's something called payday.
And in the army, there's the day you finish your service.
What I mean is...
People need to have an end to their hardships.
Let's just tie this situation up neatly. What do you think?
You won't regret it?
Probably not.
Settle down, would you?
Teacher, I want to hear you sing.
If you don't want to end this, then forget it.
If you're in times of need, I'll help you.
If you're sad, I'll be your tears.
When you walk on a dark street,
I'll be your street lamp.
When you're lonely...
I'll be your moon!
I'm your brother forever!
I'm your friend!
I'm your song forever!
I am, I am your, I am your...
Teach, don't forget to take your medication. Tell me if you run out.
You must be going through tough times.
We'll try to behave.
We won't make fun of you for being tacky.
But you should still seek professional help.
Good luck!
You guys erase the board from now on.
That is really something.
What's with that hair? Look at those clothes.
Mr. Jang, come over here. Hurry up.
- What is it? - Come over here. Take a look at this.
Who's that?
You don't know? He's the new doctor.
He was a singer. He was pretty famous in the 90s.
See? "Hunky Boy Band, Rescue Party".
Hey, now. Teachers, look over here.
Starting today, we have a new member on our board.
His name is Jin Sun Ho. Introduce yourself.
Hello, my name is Ji Sun Ho.
Principal, since we have a new teacher, how about dinner?
What are you looking at?
What are you reading everyday?
"How to make money". Are you looking for a job?
I'm looking for some money.
You don't look like the type who greeds for money.
Get away.
Mind your own business
Did you change your ringtone yet?
Why? You change it.
Mister, do you miss me already?
- What if someone finds out about this? - Don't worry. It's almost time for class.
Yoo Eun Byul, because of her we have to go through this.
What am I going to do? It's brand new. I just bought it.
Isn't that the imitation ?
Can't we just apologize to the teacher, and then ask him to let us leave class early?
Are you out of your mind?
With what we've done, don't you want to graduate anymore?
Hey, look over there.
Get down.
Isn't that our homeroom teacher with Yoo Eun Byul over there?
What are they talking about?
Could they be talking about us?
That tattletale.
Look at her talking to him.
That sly thing.
Something's fishy.
A work dinner?
You know that I don't want to go, right?
Then why does it look like you can't wait to go?
That's not true.
But this is the last time, got that?
Fine. Hey, Miss Wind.
Don't run off anywhere else. Go straight home.
Alright already, Mr. Naggy.
What a choice of songs.
How are you, Miss Hong?
Yes, I'm doing fine.
Of course, everything is okay.
If you're worried, then buy me some tarts this weekend.
There you go again. I'm hanging up. Bye!
Look at that young face, no wonder all the female teachers are attracted to him.
I think he had some operation done to his face.
I don't think so.
A guy shouldn't have that kind of face. He needs to be bald like me.
Why don't I sing anymore?
It was best to dismiss the band while we were still famous.
But when was that?
Wouldn't be nice to have Miss Kim Mi Sun here?
Am I right, Miss Shin?
What are you going to do now that teacher Kim isn't around anymore?
She's very close to Miss Kim Mi Sun.
Don't think too much. Just use this opportunity and get married.
There won't be any other better opportunity than this.
You're right.
The closest person is always the best choice.
Teacher Suh, come here.
Looks like you're going to need some help. Let me be the matchmaker.
Of course, I'll be happy to.
Alright, senior first. Let me pour a drink for you.
Yes, thank you.
This is our math teacher,
and this is our history teacher.
Sitting next is our art teacher.
Miss Shin.
and I'm teacher Jang, 8-3's homeroom teacher.
Ah, this must be the teacher with the pale face, teacher Jang, right?
Miss Shin, let's go for round 3, ok?
We'll go to the karaoke room...
Just one more drink!
What's the use for paying for a cab? Let's take the cab together.
You're going to ask me to pay for all of that, aren't you?
Just half.
It's not enough for us to go halves.
Let's just go to the karaoke room and sing just one song.
Then I'll be on my way.
Keep fighting, ok?
With what?
Guys are all cowards at heart.
Give him something to work with.
I'm hungry.
I won't be mad if you bring home a chili dog.
You like him. Mr Jang, the guy with the haggard face.
Mr. Jang, I'm going now. I'll see you tomorrow.
- Excuse me. - Excuse me.
This isn't some sort of 90s soap opera.
You can say first.
I'll call a cab for you.
Who would dare to cut in line and steal our cab?
Come on, man!
You're dead meat, pal!
I'll take you home.
Over there, red. Here?
- You remember. - Miss Shin, I...
Here you go.
We always... North-south rest stop...
Miss Shin, here. Me, there.
Would you like to come in and have a hot drink?
Coffee will keep you up. Go inside. You need to sleep a lot.
Your dreams need to be sweet. That way, I can go and knock.
You're tired, so go and I'll...
Hog dog! Hog dog! Chili hot dog! Give me my hot dog! Hurry!
Oh, I forgot.
Your student is starving to death, and you come in smiling?
I'm sorry. What should we do?
What do you mean? Take responsibility!
Go out right now and buy me something. I'm hungry.
How can I...
I don't care. I'm going to faint in front of the camera.
Hey, what are you doing? Wait!
I said to just wait a minute.
Oh, here's a good idea.
Hey, get up. Get up!
Let's see. Hurry and get up.
Just wait in here, I'll make something for you to eat.
You've waited so long.
But mister, do you even know how to cook?
I've lived on my own for 10 years.
I guess you must have learned something.
Well, it smells nice.
- What is it? - Hold on to your seat.
What do you think?
You don't like it?
You think it won't taste good, don't you? Just try it.
I'm tired. I'm going to sleep.
I thought you were hungry.
Just give me a wakeup call in the morning.
That's it. From now on, let's take turns making breakfast.
You take all the turns.
You have a very bad habit. You're too passive.
If a person...
Then I won't eat breakfast.
You're so weak because you won't eat.
Why didn't you eat that delicious meal last night?
Teach, let's just go.
Miss Shin.
That looks even better.
Don't you know how to knock?
Did you not hear?
It's all purple.
I don't think it's dry yet.
What is it?
Do you like musicals?
I got tickets from a friend in the business.
Do you want to go?
I don't like musicals. Go by yourself.
But I don't have the time to go.
It's today, but I have a yoga class.
I have two tickets, so you should go with your boyfriend.
Oh, he's not your boyfriend yet, right?
Mr. Jang.
Miss Shin.
Well, I have these tickets to a musical. I was going to see it with my friend.
but something urgent came up for them.
You can't get a refund?
It's a little too late for a refund.
It's for today. I was wondering if you were free.
Tonight? I'm not busy at all after school.
So where should we...
What about the coffee shop next to the art center?
Ah, that coffee shop. I'll see you there.
Then, bye.
Then, bye!
Class is over.
Eun Byul
You'll have to go home by yourself today.
I'm sorry.
What's wrong with you?
We're close to the school. Control yourself.
Something's fishy.
Nothing is up. What's fishy?
Where are you going?
Something urgent came up.
Be careful on your way home, okay?
You said that your work dinner was the last time.
Don't go.
If you're supposed to take me home, you should do your duty.
There will be time when you'll have to go home alone.
Rock, paper, scissors.
Why is it always rock, paper, scissors with you?
I really don't want to go home alone!
Why is a grown kid whining so much?
At any rate, don't go today.
Eun Byul, I have a very important appointment.
I can't cancel it.
Yeah, Miss Hong.
There was a little problem, but it's fine now.
Really, there isn't. Why?
My dad?
Did something happen?
I'll order when the other person arrives.
What are you doing? That's dangerous!
- Let go! - What is it? What happened?
Mister, Cheongdam Hospital. Please hurry!
Eun Byul!
Please let go.