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Well we have all either heard about her, tried one weight solution or another. I know I have. loss solution or another i know i have
because there are so many out there how could you not but here's the thing.
it can get so overwhelming can't it
well our next guest says it doesn't have to be her book called the diet solution
program offers as solution to dieting and guarantees her program
will help you lose body fat and increased energy and vitality
Isabel De Los Rios joins us as part of our book authors series.
hi isabel hi daniel. I'm so you're here with us this morning
because you know
i've got to start of with this and i'm sure you've probably heard this before
there's so many diet solutions in some new books out there that it can get
and confusing what make your book different
what I teach people is in realistic approach to not only losing weight
keeping that weight off and staying healthy and i say realistic because a
lot of the diets that are out there are not realistic long-term so as
you've probably seen before people lose weight that then they can stick to
whatever it is that that particular diet with teaching them a telling them to
eat and then they gain the weight right back
and ends up being a yo-yo cycle and they get frustrated and they'd just to give
up on the dieting give up on the healthy eating and you i've been there and have to
admit i've been one of those people where you try a diet and it works for the
short term
and that in because it doesn't continue to work
you just completely give up and then you can have that piece of cake you
or two or three and so what is the diet solution.
well with the diet solution is is a
healthy natural way of eating
and uh... i don't want that sounds like you're going to keep eat you know
nuts and berries and i have an ok it's going to be good food and
natural foods like
natural meats and poultry and
whole eggs and good fats like avocados and olive oil
even things like butter which people are really surprise when i tell them
you can put butter on your vegetables and put some salt on them and it's gonna taste
delicious so as you can see it it's a different approach uh... but it's an
approach that works it sounds like it's more of our lifestyle approach it's not
dieting for the moment or for that month but that it's a complete lifestyle
change danielle that's exactly what it is and
that's what my clients and my readers have really embraced and appreciated about
the diet solution program
is that they can eat this way for the long term
it's how i eat it's how my family eats
so it's it it's great it's easy to do you know speaking of that i wanted to ask
you how you came up with a diet solution program did you to struggle with weight yourself
i struggled with my weight for a very long time
and people are usually surprised when they hear that
but its started in my early teens and i think it was about eleven twelve years
old and i started following
every diet out there and unfortunately we see that in in girls especially now like
and here in high schools in even in grade schools girls that are talking
about their weight wanting to lose weight so i was there and i tried everything
and anything like most people have and until i found this approach which was
staying away from processed foods and staying away from the chemicals and just
sort of embracing the foods that are our ancestors ate you know how did ur
our grandparents eat how did our great-grandparents even really embracing
those principles
i not only lost the weight but for the first time i was able to keep it off and
for me that was about thirty pounds which when you're only five feet tall
and when you're only five feet tall 30 pounds
is a lot of weight you have but i did it without being hungry
uh... and and it's it's how i live my life now for other viewers out there who
may be struggling with their their weight how do we know the diet solution
really is a solution because i know you think it's different but why not just go
with the mainstream
well you know danielle unfortunately the mainstream is not working not working
and we see that in our our communities and our population the obesity
epidemic is just getting worse and worse
so if we continue to follow its mainstream it's is clearly not working
sell when people see me your approach is different and your
approach may be a little unconventional i say to them
we need to try something different because what people are doing
now is is not working
uh... so give it a shot try try something that you haven't tried before
and very quickly i wanted to ask you about this because dieting as we all know can
be very stressful because you don't want to be weighing your food
counting every little thing
how does your plan take the stress out of it
because you'll learn which foods work for you
you learn which foods to stay away from and that's all you need to know you
don't have to tell many calories how you don't have to worry about you know it
needs to be in uh... as specific and particular way you know these are the
foods you should eat
these are the food you shouldn't eat
and there you go pick a breakfast pick a lunch pick a dinner that pick snacks
that are gonna work for you
and for your family and again
just look at your plate and ask yourself
is this natural is this natural for me
that's it
you know ask yourself ask your plate
alright isabel de los rios we appreciate you being here with us
some good stuff thank you thank you danielle.
and once again if you like more information on this or to order you copy
of the diet solution program just log on to the diet solution program
dot com