Interview with Zeus after semi-final @ IEM6 WC

Uploaded by natusvinceretv on Mar 9, 2012

- Hello!
- Hey
- Could you please introduce yourself?
- I’m Danil ‘Zeus’ Teslenko
- How do you like your performance at the tournament?
- It’s OK, as you see. We are in top2. Not bad.
- Tell us about the game vs Lions.
Have you ever thought that you could win their map
and they could beat you on your map?
- We have a very non-standard situation in leading the team.
Starix is the captain on one map,
while I’m the captain on the other one.
I.e. on dust2 I took the initiative into my hands.
Later it was decided that I continue being a captain on tuscan.
There was a certan boiling point when
we played for attack and we were at a loss.
Me as a captain couldn’t read Lions’ actions
and choose the right strategy.
We were nervous and too energized.
We freaked out a lot.
We gave away our rounds.
We finally lost the map with a big gap in the score.
On the third map it was decided that starix
should lead the team.
I had to calm down and show good aiming
and individual performance.
Starix showed awesome ruling of the team.
He was incredible in reading competitor’s attacks.
We often used a combination
with 3 players on banana moving to B-plant.
We always met Swedes there.
Thanks God, our scenario worked.
We won the defense with a huge advantage.
When they took a round, we always took the next one
and they always had eco.
We stressed them out and they could do nothing.
While playing T-side we only had to take a few rounds.
That’s what we did.
I’m very happy to get into the finals.
Tomorrow we have a very serious game.
- You’ll face either SK or ESC.
Stop, I’ll ask you about it later.
Why do you always show such unstable performance while group stage?
You hardy got into play-off.
Why is it so?
- In this very situation I have to admit that
our group was far more complicated than the other one.
They matches vs mousesports, SK, as well as…
well… Anexis and ESC were extremely hot.
I consider Poles and SK to be stronger than fnatic and Lions.
Plus while tournament you have to feel…
like… you don’t have to think how awesome you are…
Well, you can really be awesome, but you have to get into the swing.
You must help each other and drag every round.
Like, stop arguing and move forward as one team.
So group stage was like this.
Especially while playing vs Poles
we understood that it’s all or nothing.
We were on the edge of getting knocked out of the tournament.
At the same time we believed in the victory till the end.
I believe there were a lot of people
sitting in front of their monitors
and keeping their fingers crossed for us.
Guys, thank you very much for supporting us!
I think this mix of reasons helped us to take these crazy rounds
in the game vs Poles.
- Semi-final SK vs ESC is being broadcasted at the moment.
Whom do you think to win?
Which maps are they playing in your opinion?
- SK will cross out tuscan and dust 2,
while ESC will cross out forge and…
either train or mirage,
as has already SK beat ESC on train.