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Best-selling author, business consultant and member of the Speaker Hall of Fame, Phillip
Van Hooser is widely considered one of Americaís premiere leadership and service experts. Phil
believes that leadership is not a position. Leadership is the ability to offer service
and the willingness to take action. Please welcome the 2010 President of the National
Speakerís Association, Phillip Van Hooser.
Service is meeting and/or exceeding the expectations of experts. However, for the last 69 years,
itís been you, primarily thatís been creating that expectation. So now, what am I asking
you to do? Not what am I asking you to do. You donít have to do anything for me. What
is the company asking you to do? The company is asking you to redefine the expectations
and go beyond what you yourself have been doing for some cases five, ten, fifteen, twenty,
thirty years, maybe longer for some of you. In other words, weíre changing the expectations
that we, ourselves, are responsible for creating. Thatís not bad.
Failing can be good. Failing can be a stepping stone, not a stumbling block. Managers manage
things ñ money, resources, equipment, facilities, etc. Managers manage things. Leaders lead
people. Leadership is not a position. Leadership is two things ñ the ability to offer service
and the willingness to take action. Leadership is not a position. I donít know if youíve
come to this conclusion yet, but nobody cares about the position title that you hold. Well,
now, wait a minute. Let me back up. Thatís not totally true. There are two people who
care about the positions that you hold ñ you and your mama. Thatís it.
I donít really care what people think about this thing. I feel good. I went to an Elvis
thing the other night. I saw it. I went to Elvis the other night and trust me, I went
up there and I wanted to shake my booty, too, but yíall didnít know well enough just then.
Listen to me very carefully. People donít care what you call yourself. They donít.
Am I right or not? They donít care. What they do care about is what you do with the
positions that have been entrusted to you. How can you help me? How can you service us?
How can you do more with less? How can you help us beyond what we ever could have imagined
that you would? Now, that is the essence of the position.
Change is the reality of life. Everything changes and so, therefore, weíve got to look
at service in a way of meeting and/or exceeding the expectations of customers. Now, one more
statement, if we are going to meet and/or exceed the expectation of the customers, we
must first know ñ what? What those expectations are. Itís not. Leadership has never been
just about work. Leadership is a 24-hour a day, 7-day a week, 365 days a year for the
rest of your life activity. If itís that, then you donít have to worry about your leadership
at work versus your leadership at home, versus your leadership at church versus your leadership
in your community or whatever else it may be. It is who you are.
Phillip Van Hooser knows leadership and service. He is that author of the best-selling business
book, Willieís Way: Six Secrets for Wooing, Wowing and Winning Customers and Their Loyalty.
His newest book is, We Need to Talk: Building Trust when Communicating is Critical and his
management training system has been used by corporations around the world. Since 1988,
Philís 800+ clients and the unique organizational circumstances have afforded him a diverse
array of leadership case studies from which to learn. Phil wraps this multi-layer experience
in the customized leadership keynote presentations, training courses and personalized coaching
for his clients. If you want a dynamic speaker who is not afraid to tell it like it is, then
you want Phillip Van Hoover, cultivating great leaders to cultivate competitive advantage.
I am convinced that there is no higher compliment that anyone of us can receive than to be referred
to or thought of as a professional. I donít care what your title is. I donít care what
your responsibilities are and I donít care how long youíve been doing it. The single
greatest compliment that we will ever receive as individuals in terms of what we do for
our living, is to be thought of or referred to as a professional, but my question to you
is do you know that means? Because I fine that most people donít. Do you know what
Iíve always said? I want to walk into a bank one time in my life, one time, where thatís
the scenario and somebody goes, ìHEY. Over here. Donít go over there. Over here. Iím
the one that offers the best service.î Wouldnít that be cool?
Itíd be unforgettable and Iíd be talking about it for years because Iíd be wowed.
Now, maybe you donít want people screaming at you or maybe you donít want to scream
at other people, but the fact of the matter is we all want to be made to feel special
because attention and acknowledgment is paid to us. Number one, Willie knows that we should
know that when you walk on that school, every one of those students, teachers, administrators
are your customers and they should be acknowledged friendly, openly and freely and immediately.
What can I say to you? I would say to you that if you want to be a proactive manager
of those fears and anxieties that people feel in their professional lives, then focus your
attention on helping your coworkers, your subordinates, your peers and most especially,
your patients. Focus your attention on making their unknown, known; making their unknowns,
known. In other words, what I like to do is I like to try and anticipate as many questions
that someone might have before they pose the question, before they ask the question and
then if I can work to answer those questions even before they ask, somehow we can manage
and subdue the emotion that oftentimes accompanies those. Questions; make their unknowns, known.
When you have 1,800 people, all who basically do the same thing, some of which have been
doing it for a long time, many people have the mindset sometimes to actually vocalize
their mindset that says, ìGood enough is good enough.î Well, listen to me right now,
folks. Good enough is not. You understand that? Good enough is not good enough. Itís
not good enough for today. Itís not good enough for tomorrow. Itís not good enough
for the future. Itís not good enough to base my career on.
My only request because this, too, was a planÖmy only request was I said, ìGlenn, donít you
send me to somebody that I canít talk to.î You know why I said that? Because Iíve been
to doctors in the past that I could not talk to or they could not talk to me. Listen to
me very carefully. I love you all, but I ain't coming to your place. If that doctor will
not talk to me and treat me like an adult, a respected individual, somebody who has questions
and needs answers. I am deserving of that, but not just me. Every patient that you presume
to care about is deserving of that, as well. Even if they donít know the questions to
ask and even if theyíre not quite as bold as I am in asking them. They deserve your
attention. They deserve your answers. They deserve everything that you would offer anybody
else. Thatís the deal.
I close this morning with my favorite poem and the poem is one thatís meant a lot to
me over the years and maybe itíll mean something to you, as well. It says to you what I would
love to be able to say in my own words, but have not yet found those words. So I borrow
anotherís. The title of the poem is Drinking from the Saucer and it goes something like
Iíve never made a fortune And I may never make one now
But it doesnít really matter Because Iím happy anyhow
As I go along lifeís journey Iím reaping better than Iíve sowed
Because Iím drinking from the saucer My cup has overflowed
We donít have a lot of riches And sometimes the goingís tough
But as long as Iíve got my wife and my kids And now new friends like all of yíall to
love me I think Iím rich enough
Iíll thank God for every blessing That his mercy has bestowed
Because Iím drinking form the saucer I know my cup has overflowed
If god will grant me strength and courage When my way goes steep and rough
Iíll not ask for other blessings Iím already blessed enough
But may we, may everyone in this room Never be too busy to help another bear their
load Then weíll all be drinking from our saucer
All our cups will overflow
God bless you and thank you for what you do.