Jewish Extremism and Its Media Cover Up

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The mainstream media is packed with stories about the dangers of Islamic extremism, but
today I want to tell you about a worldwide extremist organization with enormous influence.
Its leaders have access to the President of the United States and just about every head
of state in the Western World, they boast of their ability to influence western leaders
to support Israel such as in Israel's murderous campaign recently in Gaza. The organization
is called Chabad Lubavitch, it has over a billion dollars worth of property and assets
all over the world. It has branches in practically every major city in the Western World. It
has centers in every European country and every nation of North and South America, in
Australia, New Zealand, it even has centers for its followers in far flung cities of China,
Japan, India and elsewhere. Hello I am David Duke, thanks for taking this opportunity to
find out what I truly believe and advocate at, you will find my real message
very different than that provided by the biased media, today you will hear what I actually
believe rather than what the media says that I believe. Today I want to inform you about
a powerful worldwide politically connected Jewish extremist organization called Chabad
Lubavitch. Now imagine for a moment if I said that among all the people of the earth only
White people had God like souls, but that non-Whites had souls that were entirely evil.
Imagine if I said the soul purpose of non-Whites on earth is to serve White people. Imagine
if I said that it is admirable to kill non-White men women and children. Imagine if I said
that it would be right for a White person to kill an innocent non-White and take his
or her heart or liver for a White person who needed one? The condemnation of me by the
press for such statements would be deafening and appropriate and it would be offered as
proof of hatred and evilness. Actually I can't even imagine uttering such vial and hateful
sentiments. If I said those things everyone who read anything about me in the media would
be made aware of such horrible views every time they heard of me. I have never made those
kinds of statements and condemn anyone who would. Yet Chabad is a very powerful organization
that has leaders who have said precisely what I just stated if you simply substitute the
term non-Jews for the term non-White people. The mainstream media do not condemn this organization
they actually praise it and cover up its hatred and supremacism. The mainstream media are
packed with stories about the dangers of Islamic extremism or even White extremism but are
absolutely silent about this organization. The organization that I speak of is called
Chabad Lubavitch. Chabad is a worldwide extremist organization with enormous influence, its
roots go back hundreds of years to a Jewish leader named Rabbi Shneur Zalman. Chabad takes
literally the anti-Gentile hate and violence toward Gentiles that is found in the Talmud.
Its leaders have access to the President of the United States and just about every head
of state in the Western World. Listen carefully to this quote made by Yitzchak Ginsburgh one
of the most prominent Chabad Rabbis, you can read about this leading Chabad Rabbi and his
role on many Jewish websites, sites that praise him profusely. The quotation is taken from
Ginsburgh's column in the New York Jewish Week, he has been one of the most prolific
writers in the Jewish Week which is the largest Jewish newspaper in the United States so this
is not some obscure publication somewhere in the world in his article Ginsburgh sites
the founder of Chabad Judaism Rabbi Shneur Zalman and goes on to say how it is morally
right to kill a Gentile and even take his or her vital organs if a Jew needs one. Here
are some of Ginsburgh's exact words quote: As for the goyim.Zalman's attitude (was):
"Gentile souls are of a completely different and inferior order. They are totally evil,
with no redeeming qualities whatsoever." .If every simple cell in a Jewish body entails
divinity, is a part of God, then every strand of DNA is a part of God. Therefore, something
is special about Jewish DNA." .If a Jew needs a liver, can you take the liver of an innocent
non-Jew passing by to save him? The Torah would probably permit that. Jewish life has
an infinite value. There is something infinitely more holy and unique about Jewish life than
non-Jewish life." Unquote. What I have quoted here is so shocking that some of you watching
this video won't believe it, yet it is absolutely authentic and not out of context this quote
appeared in the April 26, 1996 edition of Jewish Week. Not only does this prominent
Chabad rabbi tell his Jewish audience that Gentiles are evil and that Gentile life has
no value, he shows how these beliefs are the very foundations of Chabad and indeed of Judaism.
In fact Chabad uses teachings right out of the Jewish Talmud and the Torah to show that
these hateful supremacist attitudes are at the heart of Judaism itself. Let me now quote
from the prominent Jewish newspaper The Forward an article written by Nathaniel Popper June
12, 2009, it deals with a statement by prominent Chabad Rabbi Manis Friedman quote: "Like the
best Chabad-Lubavitch rabbis, Manis Friedman has won the hearts of many unaffiliated Jews
with his charismatic talks about love and God; it was Friedman who helped lead Bob Dylan
into a relationship with Chabad. But Friedman, who today travels the country as a Chabad
speaker shows a less warm and cuddly side when he was asked how he thinks Jews should
treat their Arab neighbors. Quote: "The only way to fight a moral war is the Jewish way:
Destroy their holy sites. Kill men, women and children (and cattle)," Friedman wrote
this in response to the question posed by Moment Magazine for its "Ask the Rabbis" feature.
This is directly again from Forward magazine a Jewish publication. Moment magazine which
they quote from is a prominent magazine for Jews, it goes on to show that Friedman is
one of the most famous Chabad. Quote: "Friedman is not a fringe rabbi within the Chabad-Lubavitch
movement. He was the English translator for the Chabad Rebbe, and at the Rebbe's urging,
he founded Beis Chana, a network of camps and schools for Jewish women. Friedman is
also a popular as a speaker and writer on issues of love and relationships. His first
book, "Doesn't Anyone Blush Anymore?" was promoted with a quote from Bob Dylan, who
Friedman brought to meet the Rebbe." A critic of Friedman who lives a few blocks from him
is quoted by The Forward concerning Friedman and Chabad quote: "What he's saying is the
standard normal view of a Chabadnik," Rosenberg said. "They just don't say it in public."
The most famous Chabad leader was of course the great Rebbe the spiritual leader of Chabad,
he was Rabbi Menachem Schneerson. Many Chabad Jews worship him like he was the Messiah in
fact thousands came to his funeral expecting him to rise from the grave. Rabbi Schneerson's
teachings became the official Lubavitch Hasidic doctrine of the modern age. The following
quotes are from a book of Schneerson's recorded messages to his followers called Gatherings
and Conversations, Schneerson said that not only were Jews superior to all Gentiles they
were so different from Gentiles that they are actually a different biological species.
He says that in addition to Jews being radically different genetics Jews also have a completely
different soul from Gentiles, the Jewish soul being holy and the Gentile soul being completely
evil. He also makes it clear that these qualities are inherent in every Jew on the basis of
their genetics by their birth and not based on faith. Here is a quotation directly from
Schneerson quote: "Two contrary types of soul exist, a non-Jewish soul comes from three
satanic spheres, while the Jewish soul stems from holiness." Unquote. He alleges Jews are
in fact God because they are part of God himself and that all other life on earth all other
non-Jewish humanity was created only to serve the Jews. Quote: "A Jew was not created as
a means for some [other] purpose; he himself is the purpose, since the substance of all
[divine] emanations was created only to serve the Jews." Unquote. Imagine if a major worldwide
organization of European Americans made a statement that the only soul purpose of non-Whites
on earth was to serve White people? There has only been a small number of Jews who have
dared to point out the hateful and supremacist foundations of Judaism in the Chabad movement,
there has been practically no mention of it in the mainstream media. Of course there are
incredible amounts of Jewish media ownership, management, production, writers and commentators.
Please read my chapter in my book Jewish Supremacism that documents a Jewish supremacy over the
media of the Western World of a scope that few could imagine. Still the truth slips out
occasionally, a few years ago a few sentences in an article of the respected New Republic
magazine dared to tell the truth about Chabad quote: "...there are some powerful ironies
in Chabad's new messianic universalism, in its mission to the gentiles; and surely the
most unpleasant of them concerns Chabad's otherwise undisguised and even racial contempt
for the goyim." Quote: ".Moreover, this characterization of gentiles as being inherently evil, as being
spiritually as well as biologically inferior to Jews, has not in any way been revised in
later Chabad writings." Unquote. The only real criticism of Chabad comes from a tiny
number of courageous Jews. Gentiles don't dare utter a word criticizing this powerful
group that claims all Gentiles are evil and the only purpose of Gentiles is to serve Jews.
Any Gentile who does condemn Chabad would quickly get the title of anti-Semite which
would be a political and social kiss of death in the Western World. The anti-Gentile hatred
is so wide spread and deep in the Jewish community that it is sometimes hard to fathom. For instance
the Chabad view of Gentile mothers and little girls has permeated the whole of Jewish society.
An article in the Jewish Chronicle titled Some Carefully and Carelessly Chosen Words
points out the most common Jewish term of a Gentile women is shiksa. You'll hear this
quite often on Jewish programs and comedies such as Seinfeld. Shiksa comes from the Hebrew
word sheigetz which means abomination or whore. A little non-Jewish girl whether they be Christian,
Muslim or any other religion is called a shikselbe which means little abomination or a little
whore. What would be the reaction if Gentiles routinely called Jewish women and Jewish little
girls as whores and little whores? Only a few courageous Jews have fought against the
Jewish supremacism and anti-Gentile racial hatred of Chabad Lubavitch. One is Dr. Michael
Samuel a former professor of Judaic Studies. Here is an excerpt of a letter he sent about
the government funding of an Chabad center near Montreal Canada, quote: "My name is Michael
Samuel. I am a former professor in the Judaic studies department of Concordia University,
Montreal, and I have a question for you: What would you do if a racist cult tried to build
its headquarters in your neighborhood? What if the cult targeted specifically young people,
teaching them that all Christians and Muslims are: 1. evil, satanic creatures from birth
(making all Gentile babies "little demons") 2. no better than worms 3. not really living
beings at all, but already "dead" 4. all to be forcibly converted or subjugated by the
"Messiah" 5. and that it is their sacred duty to hasten the arrival of this "Messiah" in
order to accomplish the forcible conversion or subjugation of non-Jews as soon as possible.
These are just some of the racist teachings of the fanatical messianic cult called "Chabad
Lubavitch." Why should you care? Because Chabad Lubavitch is not just our problem, it may
be yours as well. It is an extremely powerful, worldwide organization. Its power has until
now intimidated the media, who are afraid to expose the evidence of racism produced
here to the public, lest they be accused of anti-Semitism. We desperately need your help
in breaking this media blackout." Unquote. So now you know what Chabad represents. Isn't
it odd that if one dares to object to Jewish extremism and Jewish anti-Gentile hatred,
he's the one who is called the hater -- while the real haters are portrayed as "victims."
That's because of the Jewish Matrix of Power in media, politics and finance, Chabad leaders
have access to almost all the leaders of the Western World. Here is Chabad with Barack
Obama, with George Bush, with the heads of Canada. France, Britain, Germany, Russia.
Not only does Chabad have access to them in many nations including the United States they
are actually able to come into government institutions to teach and instruct government
officials who aren't Jewish, they actually have parties in the White House of the United
States. The question must be asked how can they get away with this? How can this hateful
Jewish extremist organization be allowed in the highest halls of government? How can it
be praised by political leaders such a Barack Obama and George Bush, Tony Blair and others?
How come there is hardly a word of criticism in the media about Chabad? Not one pundit
or major newspaper condemns the fact that this ultra-supremacist hate organization gets
support from the whole establishment. Take a look and see who runs the media. Take a
look at the Jewish Lobby, the most powerful political force in politics in America, Britain
and around the world. Take a look at who dominates political fundraising. Take a look at the
huge Jewish money and financial power. Take a look at those who control the World Bank,
the International Monetary Fund and the Federal Reserve. The media and the political establishment
has no problem at all with Chabad in fact they love Chabad, they give Chabad great publicity.
The Congress of the United States actually gave the Chabad Great Rebbe the Congressional
Gold Medal. That's right they honored the man who said Gentiles have Satanic souls,
that Gentile's soul purpose on earth is to quote 'serve Jews' and they honored the man
who viewed all Gentile women and little girls as abominations and whores. How can the Rebbe
get the Congressional Gold Medal? How can Gentile politicians give an award to someone
who states that their own wives and daughters are whores? It's only the result of the tremendous
power of Jewry in media and politics, they make sure that we the Gentiles of the world
don't even really know what Chabad is and the power that it wields. Those Gentiles who
do know they don't dare to object, most of them anyway, because to do so would likely
be their ruin. A clear proof of the Jewish supremacy over us is the erection of menorahs
all over the Christian world at Christmas time, while Christian symbols of Christmas
in Christian countries are increasingly banned on public ground, menorahs are being put up
by the thousands. Chabad puts up thousands of Jewish menorahs all over the United States
and all over Europe on public land, at the same time Christian crosses or crŠches are
banned. The world's largest menorah is put up right across from the White House where
it is illegal to put up a Christian Christmas symbol. The menorah of Chanukah is a symbol
of Jewish apartness, separateness and supremacy from the rest of humanity. It commemorates
a Jewish military victory and the massacre of Jewish enemies, the Syrian Greeks in Jerusalem.
It also celebrates the murder of thousands of Jews in Jerusalem who were quote 'Hellenized'
that is the extremist Jews who recaptured the temple murdered Jews who had dared to
assimilate fully and live in harmony with the Greeks around them. A part of the Jewish
people in this case was murdered by the most radical of the Jewish people. No wonder Chabad
Lubavitch promotes the erection of the menorahs and the celebration of Chanukah, it symbolically
represents their own extremism, ethnocentrism and hatred of Gentiles in a non-Jewish world
and it represents their hatred of Jews who would like to assimilate or truly get along
with Gentiles. Ironically Christian religious symbols representing the values of the vast
majority of the people are forbidden while Jewish religious symbols of less than three
percent of the population are erected. Symbols of peace on earth and good will toward men
are removed while symbols Jewish military victories against their hated Gentile enemies
are erected. Now you know why the Jewish dominated media so hates and slanders me as well as
all the Gentiles who dare to expose the reality of Jewish extremism and its pernicious influence.
These Chabad extremists are not like some Muslim radicals running around in the desert
in some far off land, these extremists are right in the White House of the United States,
they are in the centers of the most powerful nations on earth and they influence almost
every European political leader and government. They support the Israeli terrorism against
the Palestinians and even the Israeli terrorism against the people of the United States. Israel
actually committed terrorism against us in the Lavon Affair and in the attack on the
USS Liberty. The Israeli government even admitted to the purposeful terrorist bombing of American
facilities in Egypt in the Lavon Affair and recently they gave medals to the Jewish terrorists
who attacked America, but if you are new to you probably don't know any
of this. I submit that you don't know of these facts because of Jewish power in media and
politics. And now you know why you can't put a Christian Christmas decoration up across
from the White House but you can erect the world's biggest Jewish menorah. God bless
you and keep you -