Wooden Spoon Crafts : Wooden Spoon Crafts: Herb Drying Rack

Uploaded by expertvillage on 26.09.2008

Whether you grow your own or buy them fresh from the grocery store, these herbs look great
hanging on our little onion herb drying rack. What we need to make this little herb drying
rack is a wooden spoon that has a point to it because that will give you the little bit
of onion look. The first thing you want to do is to take green paint and paint all around
the bowl, all the way around your whole spoon, front and back. Once you've done that, you
want to put it across a little pod or something else and let it dry and then you're ready
to make it look like an onion. What I did for that was to take the brown paint, add
a little bit of white to it, and then take a very fine brush or the corner of your brush
and just make little quick strokes across the bowl. I left the bowl the natural color
because it also has lines in it so that really gives you the idea of an onion, making those
little quick strokes. Then you can paint a little face on it, with a little eye and a
little mouth, something whimsical to make your onion happy because we don't want our
onion to be sad or crying, although you could. Then the raffia, as the finishing touch, that
makes him look like an onion but before you put your raffia on, you need to decide whether
you're going to glue it on or if you're going to drill a hole in here and put it through
the hole and bring it up and tie it. If you're going to put the hole through it, you want
to do the hole before you seal it, if you're going to glue it on, you want to seal it before
you glue it on. After it's all painted and the paint is dry, get a sealer, whether it's
Mod Podge or varnish, and seal your spoon and let it get completely dry. Then when it's
dry, you can put your raffia on, either by gluing it or putting a hole through it, and
you're ready to put your hooks for hanging your herbs. I recommend that you use the very
small L-hooks or you use the very small cup hooks because the bigger L-hooks and the bigger
cup hooks, tend to split your spoon. The longer your spoon, the more little hooks you can
get in it but you don't want to put them too close together so three seems to be a nice
number. Once you have your hooks in there, you have to decide how you're going to hang
your spoon. If you're going to use a piece of ribbon, you need to glue it on all the
way. Make sure you come up to the top because if you don't, your spoon will hang forward.
When you have it glued completely on, you're going to want to put two hooks on the wall
so that you have one here and one here so that your spoon has balance because if you
just put one in the middle, you can balance it when you don't have herbs on it but then
you when hang your herbs, it will get off balance and you don't want to spill your herbs.
It's a little bit more difficult to balance it with just one hook on your wall as opposed
to two. Another way you can do this and make sure it's balanced, is to use the very tiny
little screw eyes and put it in, on the end and right here in the flat part of the back
of the bowl, and that way you will also have an even balance. Once it's all done and dry,
you're ready to hang some herbs. It smells so good in here right now, we've got some
Rosemary and some mint and wouldn't cilantro be just the right touch to add to the onion
herb drying rack.