Game of Thrones Audition for HBO - Episode 4

Uploaded by GameofThronesJoe on 19.09.2010

You must be very brave or very stupid, John Snow
to come back to us wearing a black cloak.
the Horn of Winter
that Joramun once blew to wake the giants from the earth...
you did you think that only crows could lie?
I liked you well enough for a bastard but I never trusted you.
A man has to earn my trust.
John. I never wore a crown
nor sat my arse on a bloody throne.
I am my own champion,
my own fool, my own harpist.
You don't become the King beyond the wall because your father was.
The free-folk follow fighters.
when I left the shadow tower there were five men making noises about how they might
be the stuff of kings. Tormund was one,
the Magnar another. The Others I slay when they made it plain
they'd sooner fight than follow
The truth is you are too few and we are too many.
I could continue the attack here and still send ten thousand men the cross
the Bay of Seals on rafts and take Eastwatch from the rear.
I could storm the Shadowtower too. I know the approaches as well as as any man
And I'd win, in the end...
but you'd bleed me
and my people have bled enough.
You saw the fist of the first men, you know what we're facing.
The Others...
They grow stronger as the days grow colder and the nights shorter.
First they kill you, then they send your dead against you.
Raymond Red Beard, Bael the Bard, the Horned Lord. They all came South to conquer.
I've come with my tail between my legs to hide behind your Wall.
If I sound the Horn of Winter, the Wall will fall.
But once the Wall has fallen, what will stop the Others?
Go back
and tell your Night's Watch to open the gates and let us pass.
If they do I will give them the horn and the wall will stand until the end of days.
Open the Gates
and let us pass.
if you refuse, Tormund Giantsband will sound the Horn of Winter
three days hence, at dawn.