Damer i natten

Uploaded by Femundlopet2012 on 04.02.2012

Our Finish friend arrives at checkpoint Grimsbu II and the Web TV team has not been able to leave Grimsbu as of yet. It’s because we are waiting for a veteran who we would like to interview when he arrives at this checkpoint.
And while we are waiting, I was allowed to decide what to report, and the result, it’s all about the ladies.
Nina, usually when I speak with you, you like to be with the leading teams. However, you have a couple of years ahead of you to build a new team.
Yes, well, I have to admit I was hoping for a better position today. I’m not done yet, but I thought I would have been able to make it to the top ten. At the moment, I’m far behind.
Well, not that far, I have no idea how far I’m behind. I’m a little bit disappointed. However, I only have 7 dogs left, so I can’t race too hard.
Why have you had to leave behind so many of your dogs?
There are many different reasons, actually, none due to injuries related to cold temperatures, I’ve lucked out in that regards. Oh no! Now I’m getting burnt.
This happened a few years ago, your jacket caught fire.
I’ve always had The Finnmark Race as a main goal. I’d much rather win The Finnmark Race over The Femund Race.
I find The Finnmark Race to be race that suits me better. Don’t misunderstand me, The Femund Race is an amazing race, however rhythm of The Finnmark Race works much better for me and my dogs.
There, I can stop and put back on a boot that comes off, but here I don’t feel there is any time for that.
From Nina Skramstad we will head over to another lady that chose not to take a rest at Grimsbu II and who’s ready for many hours on the sledge through a dark, cold night.
Hey Stine, now it’s just full speed forward. Yes, now we’re just moving forward at full speed.
I’m assuming the last leg went well since you’re choosing not take a stop.
We’ve raced at even pace. Even, and smooth.
You look rather energized, are you?
Naaa, it’s a game. Naaa, I just have to keep going. I’ve had 3 litres of fluids this leg, and now we’re off.
Safe travels. Step on it! Bye.
The third lady, and this interview was done earlier today, we’ve seen her taking first place at the Finnmark Race and she is very well known. Now she plays another part, here is Inger-Marie Haaland.
Ya, this is a special experience. Because, I believe this may be the first time I’m racing with a bit of B-Team, so to speak.
Otherwise, I’ve been rather privileged since I first started to be racing with very good teams. While this time I kind of have the rest, the leftovers. Ralph is racing with the all the best dogs.
It is a new experience. It’s a totally different world. 7 dogs at the moment, it may be a rough ride. They are not exactly eager to keep going.