Interview with Na`Vi.Puppey after StarLadder Season 3 (with Eng subs)

Uploaded by natusvinceretv on 24.10.2012

Hello my friends!
Weíre talking to the champion
Of the StarLadder Season 3.
Clement Puppey Ivanov.
What was the final for you?
Was it difficult or did you expect to beat Empire in such conditions?
Iíd say that Empire is a strong team.
But all games were very chaotic
We didnít come to win this tournament
While they had this in mind and they were more prepared
But we still won.
What can you tell about the lineup?
It has been playing only for a month but they already gave you a fight.
They are good players. They have been playing all the time,
They felt that it was necessary to make a new team
They made it and they play rather well.
They are about 3 months
1 month
If they play for so long the lineup will be very strong.
The players become better,
For example, Scandal. I think he has never played on LANs.
He played for the first time in WCG qualifications.
He hadnít felt himself very comfortable but now
everybody understands what he needs to do.
How were you preparing for the tournament?
It seems that you had only 3-4 days of bootcamp on LAN?
2 days.
The 1st day when we arrived
and the 2nd when we played.
Have you managed to prepare for the tournament?
Or did you play Dota2 online?
We played with EG and then we failed the pubs.
Why did you fail?
Pubs are strong.
Stronger than we are.
How did you spend your vacation after the International?
I was in Estonia.
Did you have a rest? Did you play Dota?
Yes. I havenít played Dota before StarLadder.
Something crazy was happening with picks on this tournament.
Invoker wasnít taken. Batrider was often taken.
What can you say about the picks and about Batrider in particular?
Everybody understands that Batrider is imbalanced
But on this tournament only we and Empire set trends for picks.
I donít think that somebody who was playing against PULSE
thought that they do not pick these heroes or pick those heroes, etc.
We and Empire donít care what mouz was doing
Or Skane or M5, MYM or
Empire found how to play with Goblakís picks.
He has been playing for a long time as well.
He invented such things like Undying on hardlane
as triple or double lane.
We decided it with Empire what pick during the tournament.
Invoker got nerfed but I donít pick him
as weíre not like Chinese teams which know what to do with it.
Maybe the good player will play it but we donít know
how to use him effectively.
As for Undying you banned him for 2 times. Are you afraid of him?
Heís strong.
Heís a strong hero as others were nerfed.
Have you already played Dota 1? There are new heroes?
No, I havenít played it for nearly 1 year.
I donít care of it.
Itís like an introduction for Dota2 so maybe those heroes
who appear there will also appear in Dota 2.
and you can start making predictions by playing Dota 1?
No, Dota 1 and Dota 2 are different games.
And I donít give a s**t about Dota 1.
Once you told in the interview that the only person
who can make you sure to pick any hero was ’¬Œ—“.
Why is that?
To pick a hero for him or what?
To pick a hero because of his request.
You told that in one of your interviews.
I think I was trolling you. As I never pick the heroes
which Dendi or XBOCT ask me to pick.
XBOCT wants to get lots of heroes, like he wants
Rikimaru, Rikimaru, Bristleback, Mortred
and Rikimaru once again. Well not only Rikimaru,
but a lot of other heroes. So I donít care about what he wants.
I can hear him asking to pick 1 hero for example.
If he likes a hero and I wanted to take at as well, we can do it mutually.
Tell us about your playing style on Lycanthrope
You use it more like support than carry hero.
What is the reason for it?
Everybody uses it like a support.
All strong teams.
He isnít suitable for free farming.
He can free farm for himself if he has everything necessary for that.
Heís support, just like forest Chen or Enigma
He can farm everything for himself if nothing prevents him.
Lycanthrope is DPS and according to that everybody considers
him to be a carry hero. But itís not. Heís like Chen and Enigma
in the forest but he is doing damage there unlike those two heroes.
He is NOT a hard carry, he has the same role + DPS.
He doesnít have a stun but he has other options
Like split-pushing, etc.
I guess he was fixed in the last update, wasnít he?
Yes, he isnít so powerful
You choose him despite of it. Tell us why?
The spectators have their own opinion.
Lot of people asked why to pick it if it was fixed?
What can you say?
Well, wellÖ
According to the result, you were right, but in any case.
We lost one game and won the other in the group vs Empire.
So I think this hero works works.
Maybe somebody will disagree with me, but itís my opinion.
You have a deal with him.
Yeah, heís also Puppey!
Youíll have ESWC soon.
Youíll stay in Kiev until November 1.
Youíll be practicing more than 1 week and a half, am I right?
How will you train and relax after StarLadder?
Weíll go home as Smile and Lost have no visa yet.
So they will go home. Weíre doing the same as thereís no sense to stay here.
Weíll come here when everybody gets visa.
Thank you for the interview.
Good luck to you on ESWC and other tournaments.