Affordable Cloud Computing in Healthcare

Uploaded by NuesoftVideo on 29.09.2010

>>Matt: Twenty years ago, most of us could hardly have dreamed about accessing a patient
record from our beach chair while on vacation, or about submitting a medical claim to a payer
in Texas from a palm-sized computer in Iowa. Welcome to the future. Cloud computing has
arrived! If the term cloud computing seems a little nebulous let us shed some light.
Cloud computing is a networking model where the Internet is used to access data and software
applications that sit on servers in a remote location. Google, or are two examples.
Data is managed by a vendor, like Nuesoft, that handles its constant backup and security.
Users only need a computer with an Internet connection for safe and secure access from
anywhere, at any time. Cloud computing is widely used in many industries, from finance
to travel and tourism to marketing. But it’s also a viable option for health care, and
particularly for small to mid-size medical practices. Here’s why: First, cloud computing
is scalable. Whether you need minimal server space or enough to house millions of patient
records, cloud servers allow you to easily and instantly grow or decline with need. That
is because the cloud vendor is managing the resources and can add servers and infrastructure
to meet demand.
>>Dr. Seyfried: Not having to maintain servers within the office and deal with upgrades and
software has been a tremendous benefit.
>>Matt: Second, cloud computing is affordable. That’s because you do not need to invest
in the hardware or IT resources necessary to keep your applications running, and your
data secure and intact. The cloud vendor, otherwise known as a Software as a Service
provider, will manage your backups and upgrades; make sure that computing loads are balanced
efficiently; handle redundancies to your data AND ensure that it is kept safe and meets
all federal and state privacy regulations.
>>Lynn Day: It's essential to our practice in making us able to respond to our patients
>>Dr. Seyfried: NueMD has streamlining our appointment scheduling and billing, and follow
up posting.
>>Matt: Finally, cloud computing is ideal for mission critical health care applications,
like electronic medical records. The reality is that most small to mid-size medical practices
don’t have the time or the expertise to make sure that servers and the data they house
are backed up adequately, secured properly and replicated effectively. Cloud computing
is the next evolution in technology. Computers will be evolving away from hardware with operating
systems, hard-drives, and applications such as Microsoft Word and Excel to smaller machines
with the sole purpose of connecting to the Internet where users will have access to applications
and storage in the cloud.
>>Dr. Seyfried: One of the great benefits of the cloud system through Nuesoft is it's
constant availability.
>>Lynn Day: When the answering service calls because the patient needs me in the middle
of the night, I can get up, go to my home computer and still access the software. We
can access it quickly. We can access it from anywhere we need to be. It really has made
us a lot more responsive to our patients.
>>Matt: Regardless of what is in store for cloud computing, smaller medical practices
may want to consider the cloud as a scalable, affordable and secure alternative to their
health information technology needs.