Chanakya - Episode 10

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You win, Chandragupta!
Victory to you, Chandragupta.
Victory to you, Chandragupta
Rise O' lndia.
Victory to you.
Teacher. You are being partial.
Other students in Takshashila school also deserve your affection.
Udgan, not some, but all students deserve my affection.
No one should enter the city. Do you have a leader?
We come to you for shelter.
l request you to tell the King of Takshashila of our sorry state.
Wait here. No one may enter the city without permission.
salutation, King of Takshashila.
What important news have you brought sea guard?
We are facing a new problem, King.
From the west, a large number of old people - men, women and children
are entering Takshashila as refugees.
A large number of small boats are reaching shores of sindhu river.
Fearing attack from an invader called Allexandra, they have crossed the
Hindukush mountains and sindhu river and have come to request shelter.
Has Prince Ambhi been informed?
Possibly. Prince Ambhi is aware of the situation.
Till the city council meets, take care of the refugees.
But do not grant them entry in the city.
Salutation, Prince.
What is the news?
Alexander has accepted your proposal.
Shashiugupta will possibly be here very soon.
There should no more delay.
Arrange my meeting with Shashigupta as soon as possible.
As you wish, Prince.
You may leave now.
Was any secret meeting taking place, Prince?
No... l ...
l do not know why, but l distrust you.
Be careful of me, Prince.
What solution have you come up with for the refugees problem.
l am waiting for the Council to decide, father.
Whatever is the decision, it's your responsibility to keep me informed.
l welcome everybody present in the council hall.
This problem about the inflow of refugees from the west
will be discussed in today's meeting at the request of King Ambhiraj.
As you are aware, every day large number of refugees are coming ...
to seek shelter in western lndian regions from various countries.
The refugees say that a mighty warrior Alexander from Greece is ...
heading toward us after conquering various kingdoms.
He destroys anyone who dares to challenge him.
He has destroyed these refugees' homes.
Forced by his cruelty they had to leave their motherland.
Fearing their insecure future and pained by leaving their motherland,
hungry and weak, they seek your sympathy, help and cooperation.
To grant them shelter or not is left for you to decide.
Hence l invite your suggestions.
To shelter refugees is our tradition.
And we will be at a benefited by following this tradition.
Settling of refugees will increase Takshashila labor force ...
and they will buy our goods. Thus encouraging business.
Humanitarian action will strengthen relations between our nations.
l support this humanitarian gesture of granting shelter to the refugees.
stop this talk of humanity and tradition.
We talk about humanity and tradition and we get crushed.
Those talking of strengthening relations between our nations,
should know that soon Takshashila too will appear divided and weakened.
The foreigner you are thinking of giving shelter to
they too will lay their claim on Takshashila tomorrow.
You propose to grant them shelter in the name of humanity,
but tomorrow this land will see the...
blood flowing in the name of caste and creed ...
and no humanity will stop the use of swords.
These refugees will sit by your side in the council meetings ...
and influence your decisions.
Do not dishonor our tradition in the name of caste and creed, Ripudaman.
Accept the truth, Bhrurigrava.
Future of Takshashila has no place for feelings.
Our religions, our languages and way of life are different.
These differences will create disturbances and clashes tomorrow.
We don't want to leave our tradition, will they abandon theirs?
Tomorrow these refugees will become integral part of your state.
And they will soon be demanding their so called rights.
Then your humanists mind will be hesitant to take arms against them.
Can this council assure that...
.. Gandharv won't be broken due to the refugees?
Can any councilor assure that someday refugees will return to their land?
ls the council assured that in the settlement of the refugees ...
citizens of Takshashila will not have to pay more taxes.
Answer, Chairman of the Council ... !
Can the Chairman guarantee that the government will not use the refugees...
in any way for political gains?
l ask the citizens present here whether for fear of the future,
we should go against our ancient traditions?
Have we lost the values of our ancestors ...
that we should call upon breaking our own traditions?
Only those who are capable can grant shelter.
Are we incapable?
Only those take the poison willingly who have the courage to digest it!
Are we not the sons of Lord shiva?
Are we so scared of our death that ...
we have lost the strength to keep our traditions alive?
You are getting sentimental, Chairman.
l address my question to all of you.
What if there are Alexandra's spies among them?
There can be spies in your house too.
What if a citizen of Takshashila is a spy for Alexandra?
Decisions aren't taken on the basis of suspicion.
l will see how you safeguard your traditions when Alexandra attacks.
Prince Ambhi is waiting for you.
Welcome, Shashigupta.
Welcome - Kumar.
You made me wait for a long time, shashigupta.
This is our friend from Greece. - We welcome our friend from Greece!
Does Alexandra agree to our terms?
Only if you agree to surrender.
l had proposed friendship, not the surrender.
Alexandra will be your friend in both situations.
Suppose l refuse both situations?
That is for you to decide.
lf you accept Alexandra's friendship...
then he will make you ruler of all the kingdoms he conquers in lndia.
lf Alexandra accepts my friendship...
l will throw open the doors of the Takshashila for him.
But Ambhi should be given a prime position amongst his other friends.
Besides, Alexandra will have to help Ambhi achieve his ambitions.
l will convey your views to Alexandra.
Greek soldier, tell Alexandra ...
that Ambhi is always ready to welcome a friend.
Do l take it that you have accepted Alexandra's friendship?
Only if Alexandra has no objection.
Salutation, King of Takshashila.
Prince Ambhi is planning some dangerous conspiracy, Lord.
Are you speaking the truth?
You can see the proof for yourself, King!
Ambhi! Kumar!
Prince, who was that Greek?
l am asking you, Ambhi. Who was that Greek.
Great Alexandra's messenger.
Why had he come here?
Alexandra has extended his hand of friendship.
Brave men don't extend their hands, they raise their hands, Ambhi!
When a brave man extends his hand in without challenging death ...
it is merely a political compromise.
Did you accept Alexandera's friendship?
For Takshashila welfare l did not decline Alexandra's proposal.
King Ambhiraj is still alive to worry about Takshashila's welfare, Prince!
Don't call your selfish motives as Takshashila's welfare.
You still have head on your body ...
hence l'm asking who will be sacrificed in the name of friendship?
Whose head have you put on stake to save your head?
l have saved the lives of citizens of Takshashila from the Greeks, father!
lf you did not have faith in your capability you'd have come to me!
l would have sent my head on a platter to Alexandra as a gift,
but l would not have accepted this political friendship.
What price have you paid ...
to save the citizens of Takshashila from atrocities of Greek soldiers?
l have opened he doors of Takshashila to Alexandra, father.
so that he can romp over Takshashila easily ...
invade the regions of Kaykai and rest of lndia!
Fool, to protect your head you have put the life of lndia in his hands.
Go, stop that Greek messenger before he reaches Alexandra.
Or pick up your sword and prepare to protect the nation's borders.
lt is impossible to stop the Greeks in any manner!
Other states of lndia are capable of deciding that.
As protectors of boundaries of lndia, it is our privilege to die first!
Takshashila is an independent state, father!
And it is capable of taking any decision for its welfare.
Takshashila is an inseparable part of lndia.
The states of lndia may be independent politically but ...
culturally the are bound together.
We as protectors of boundaries have always been, and will always be...
responsible for the safety of borders of lndia.
lf you are incapable of protecting the borders ...
then seek help from our neighbors Kaykai and Abhisar.
But do not insult the traditions of our dynasty.
Don't harp on tradition, father! Where were your nation's tradition...
when Kaykai attacked Takshashila and insulted Takshashila?
Then no son of your nation had opposed Kaykai.
Kaykai had not attacked Takshashila, they had attacked your pride.
You are suffering from malice and hatred.
Because l have not forgotten the way Kaykai had insulted me.
Your false pride is going to make you betray your nation, Ambhi.
The person you are calling betrayer...
is going to be the future ruler of all states conquered by Alexandra.
so you will join Alexandra in his thirst for blood?
lt is very possible.
Guards, imprison Ambhi!
l, King Ambhiraj, order you to imprison Ambhi!
Father, they will respect you because you are Ambhi's father.
But they will not take any orders from you.
Ambhi's orders are to crush any rebellion mercilessly.
And make sure that no citizen supports the King Ambhiraj.
King Ambhiraj is still free.
But if he opposes Prince Ambhi he should be treated as a traitor.
Father ...!
ln politics father too is insignificant, Ambhiraj!
Takshashila - you're cursed to have rulers like shakuni and Ambhi.
The plans to attack the nation have been made.
But you don't even know about it, Takshashila.
Your own sons are conspiring against you.
Yet they are still alive.
Father ...!
Tomorrow, the land of Lord Vishnu ...
the land of ascetics -
the land of thinkers and renouncers .
the land of heroes will be trampled under the heels of Greeks.
Will the city built by Taksh - the son of the great King Bharat ...
be under the Greek rule tomorrow?
Soldier, have you seen my father on this road?
He has possibly gone towards Takshashila.
From this spot, by his penance, King Parikshat's son Janmajayan ...
had even challenged Lord lndra.
Then can't we challenge the Greeks?
l can't see the land of Rama under the Greek rule.
Nor can l see the down fall of my descendents.
Queen Gandhari had renounced her eyes but l will give up my life!
God! save my dynasty from ruin. save my son from becoming a traitor.
lf my ancestors have done this nation any good ...
then save my kingdom from going into Greek hands.
Father ...!
Stop Ambhi if you can, child!
Your brother has joined hands with the Greek Alexander.
soon the Greeks will attack the country through Takshashila.
Alka, warn Kaykai.
Chancellor ...!
Acharya, please stop Ambhi ... !
Please stop Ambhi. He has aligned with Greeks.
Please stop him ... !
Acharya, please stop Ambhi.
He has aligned with Greeks.
Are we seeing the downfall of lndia?
Who will protect lndia?
Will this nation rise above the narrow mindedness of various states
and come together to accept Alexandra's challenge?
Will the states be able to forget old animosities and unite?
Or will this internal fighting give rise to yet more Ambhi's?
lf this happens how will this nation be able to protect its dignity?
Will lndia's unconquerable culture remain intact?
Against these invaders, will this nation be able to ...
safeguard its culture, its tradition and its values?
Or will this nation be shattered into fragments by the invaders?
Who will make them understand that although comprised of many states...
lndia is an indivisible nation,
Rise Vishnugupta!
lf the ruler is incapable of protecting the nation ...
then it is up to the teachers to do so?
Rise and awaken the sleeping nation!
Hail the Lord ... !
Are you certain that they were the students of the school?
Yes, King of Takshashila. - Then why were they not stopped?
There wasn't any good enough reason to stop them.
Have student hoisted the flags all along the streets of Takshashila?
What inspired them to commit such an act?
lt was a method for ordering Prince Ambhi to come to the school.
Who has dared to order the ruler of Takshashila?
Who is he? Why doesn't he come forward?
Did you give the order, Acharya?
The order was given by the school, Prince Ambhi !
l am surprised at this novel method of ordering the ruler of Takshashila.
What is the meaning of raising flags in every nook and corner?
Has no one the courage to answer me?
Surprised to see your national flag fluttering in your own Kingdom?
What will happen when you see Greek flags fluttering in your kingdom.
What will you do then, Prince?
Oh, so even the school is involving itself in politics now?
When the nation is at stake, how can the school remain detached, Prince.
Then do l understand that the school will rebel against my decisions.
lf you call efforts made to protect our nation's unity and freedom ...
a rebellion then l disagree with you!
l am not bothered by your opinion, teacher.
But l am concerned about the country hence l pray that you do not support...
the ravaging destroyer Alexandra.
Alexandra is not a destroyer.
He is the son of God who has set out to conquer the world.
Western world has given earth just one son of God.
But this land has given birth to millions.
This is the land where men are given the opportunity of becoming Gods.
We are the descendants of the Gods themselves.
Therefore don't let this land be disgraced by destroyer's deeds.
Teacher, you are insulting both me and the son of God, Alexandra!
Someone so touchy for his slightest insult is going to insult the nation
Have you ever thought about this?
Takshashila is my land, teacher.
l am not bound to take any orders concerning it from anybody.
Every inch of Takshashila belongs to lndia.
No one person can lay claim to it, Ambhi Kumar
You are conspiring against me, teacher.
Go and protect yourself against your own conspiracies, Ambhi.
Who are you to give me orders on my own land?
stop !
Time has yet to give us the call ! Go away Prince Ambhi !
One day you'll know the power of the school.
l command you, Prince Ambhi ... Go !