Allaudin Ka Jaduai Chirag

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Some dry flat bread, some lentil.. - Anything will do..
So dry vegetable..
See there the child is crying, come on let us go and see..
Come on, let us go..
Yes, that child is crying.. He is alone, let’s go..
Com on let us go and see.. - Yes, come on..
He is such a small child. - See hoe he is crying..
Who can it be?
Oh, God! - Who must have left the child like this?
Who must have left the child here?
No, my child, don’t cry. Don’t cry.
Oh, he is a boy. - Here.
Oh, how could anyone abandon such a beautiful child?
Listen, maybe God has left this child here for us.
We will adopt him. - How is that possible?
I saw the child first. I will adopt him.
Look, you all don’t have the habit of raising children.
I am a father of eight children. I will adopt him.
The child saw me first. I will adopt him.
Why are you all fighting? If all of you love this child..
..then we all together will raise him.
Think of a good name for the child now. - Narayan.
No, no. This is not a nice name.
We will name him Gopal.
Listen, you can give that name to your own child.
The name of this child will be Ramu.
No, no, his name will be Joseph.
Look here all of you. Don’t give him such an old name.
Yesterday we found him after we were returning from the film Allaudin.
That is why we will name him Allaudin. - Yes.
It is a beautiful name.
Allaudin! Allaudin! - He got a name.
Allaudin, you are our favorite child.
Yes, you are our beloved child.
Mallika, there is good news. I got a job.
All this is because of Allaudin.
Allaudin is very lucky for us.
How many people are there in the house?
We want to count for the ration card.
Myself and my wife.. - Tell us the names.
Tyagraj, Sushila, Rani and this Allaudin.
Sundaram, Mallika and this Allaudin.
Allaudin! - Allaudin!
Worshil the Lord for Allaudin’s sake and pray that he..
..studies well. Right? - Yes.
My dear child, what is your name? - Allaudin.
Are you a Muslim? - No.
Tell me your parent’s name.
Ganpat, Saroj, Savitri, Narayan, Rajabhai, Sairabanu..
..Gopal, Rani, Peter, Edward, Jospehine, Tangappan, Karuna..
..Ramu.. - Hey, what is this?
This boy stays in our colony. We all together look after him.
Yes. - Yes.
This is okay in your locality but to study in this government school..
..we should know the caste and religion.
If he is asked his parent’s name will he tell all your names?
What religion should I write for him?
We have brought him here to study and you are teaching him discrimination?
This child already has good qualities.
Why are you poisoning his mind?
My son, let’s go from here. You will automatically learn..
..after seeing this world.
Let’s go from here.
And Miss Preeti is this years Miss Mumbai 2003.
Thank you.
Sir, she is my boss’s daughter.
Good morning, sir.
Yesterday my son saw your daughter in the beauty contest.
He likes her a lot. If you give your consent then can we..
..find an auspicious day and fix the alliance?
You run to lose weight, right? - Yes.
Some people lose weight without even running.
How? - Look there.
See there the boss has arrived.
Sir, these were the people who were talking to your daughter..
..last night in the program.
Okay, so these are those four?
Did you ask how much property they have?
Yes. The first one standing there has around fifty lakhs.
Only that much? - Yes.
Come on beat him.
How much property does this boy with a pink shirt have?
His total worth is two crores. Yes, sir.
Only two crores? Beat him up as well.
Sir, as you think, I am not a millionaire.
I hail from an ordinary middle class family.
I just want to friendship with your daughter.
First they start with friendship then they start meeting.
Then they fall in love that is what they say.
They come and leave the girl back home once..
..the family’s name is tarnished in society.
And they come and say that we have reformed. Our love is great.
This is nothing. There are some fools in this world..
..who even slash their tongue.
They donate their kidney, their liver..
They even donate eyes. Not their own but their mothers.
You fools listen to me carefully.
You crazy fellow..
Give them such a beating that they forget what love is.
Sir, where is that?
Beat them below their waist.
Come on, beat them up.
Sir, you like my daughter, right
But you haven’t given me an account of your wealth.
Hey, they just vanished.
Why will they wait when there the people are getting beaten up?
Wonder where the son-in-law of your choice is.
Surely I will find him. Like my bungalow he will have..
..many such bungalows.
His relatives will be wealthy like Tata and Birla.
Give me the spanner.
His horses would be participating in the race.
Hey you, order for four tea from the hotel.
You just watch. He would be one of the richest man.. the world.
He would be rolling in money.
Hey you! What are you looking at?
I was checking whether it is original or fake.
With just one note in your hand you act so smart?
So what if it is just one note? It is my hard earned money.
You come here.
Rice for aunty and medicine for uncle Narayan.
And books for Julie..
Allaudin, have you set the budget?
No, I am doing it.
Then there should be celebration.
What’s the matter? Today you are respecting me..
..more than necessary?
No, buddy. You are a minister for a day.
Allaudin, 100 rupees per vote. They have called for a thousand people.
We have also taken advance.
We are dancing in joy for the same.
Hey, stop. Is this that same man?
Yes, minister. - How will he bring thousands of people?
He is one in a thousand.
Is he the don here? - No.
Then are you a super star? - Not at all.
Is it a community group?
We don’t commit such mistakes.
Then how will thousands of people listen to you?
Follow me.
Allaudin has come. - Allaudin hascome.
Allaudin has come.
Yeah! Allaudin has come.
Allaudin has come.
Allaudin has come.
Hey, minister. Didn’t you understand the meaning of.. in a thousand? Now look.
Does he have so many mothers?
Just keep watching now.
This is nothing. Look at his fathers now.
Father! - Hi, daddy!
Brother! Sister! Grandma! Grandpa!
So many people after one man? Who is he?
The wonder of the entire locality. - Allaudin!
Come on, give us the money. - And see the dance.
“Be happy! Be happy! Be happy!”
“One day even my fate will shine.”
“Be happy! Be happy! Be happy!”
“One day even my fate will shine.”
“One day even I will become rich.”
“What is there in this world without this?”
“One day even I will become rich.”
“What is there in this world without this?”
“I am Raja! I am Raja!”
“Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy life.”
“Enjoy life, enjoy life.”
“Enjoy life in this locality.”
“Enjoy life, enjoy life.”
“Enjoy life in this locality.”
“Be happy! Be happy! Be happy!”
“One day even my fate will shine.”
“Today we are paupers but tomorrow we will be wealthy.”
“Tell me what happened?”
“I studied and saw.”
“What happens with that?”
“You will find the example in a poor man’s house.”
“I talk all day.”
“I say what I think.”
“This is the truth and not a myth.”
“You must always listen to elders.”
“Listen to me.”
“Enjoy your life day and night.”
“Listen to me.”
“Enjoy your life day and night.”
“Be happy! Be happy! Be happy!”
“One day even my fate will shine.”
“Remember that you will win.”
“One day you will find your destination.”
“Your fate will shine you will get your right.”
“Don’t worry.”
“I have faith in destiny.”
“Fate will shine one day.”
“Life is short but dreams are big.”
“Make your dreams beautiful.”
“We are engrossed in our own world.”
“Listen everybody.”
“We are engrossed in our own world.”
“Listen everybody.”
“Be happy! Be happy! Be happy!”
“One day even my fate will shine.”
“Be happy! Be happy! Be happy!”
“One day even my fate will shine.”
“One day even I will become rich.”
“What is there in this world without this?”
“One day even I will become rich.”
“What is there in this world without this?”
“I am Raja! I am Raja!”
“Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy life.”
“Enjoy life, enjoy life.”
“Enjoy life in this locality.”
“Enjoy life, enjoy life.”
“Enjoy life in this locality.”
Priest, don’t make so much smoke our eyes will burn.
Sir, the CM is here.
I did not give your man a seat in this election.
I made a grave mistake.
You only had said that your locality is the capital..
..of women empowerment.
You had fought like this and left from here, right?
But our candidate has won independently from that same locality.
You all were taught a lesson, right?
I have come to repent for my mistake.
You can take whichever designation you like from this.
You take whatever you like.
CM seat. That day you fought with me and left from here.
Today you have come here as a peacemaker to fool me?
Like you I have not joined politics to earn money and become wealthy.
The seat that you sit and rule will be in my pocket.
Understood? Let’s go.
Why are you scared? Senior is interested in the CM post.. as it is he won’t take away your post.
Go. Even I won’t wish to be in your post.
I am a government employee. If I lose my job I will at least get pension.
I can survive on that.
You are an heir to the G.K. property. If he throws you out..
..your condition will be worse than that of a beggar.
Remember that.
That is what you think. But you don’t know what I desire.
Like I am the heir to the G.K. property I will really get married.. some girl who is a millionaire..
..and live a happy and luxurious life.
Did you find her?
She surely must be somewhere.
Wow, what aroma! Enough, now give me.
Here, my son. Have it.
I will eat to my heart’s content.
Today it is our turn that is why the food is so delicious.
Here, have this…yes..
Where is the dollar that was in your neck?
Anju, aunt Kamla’s daughter is sick. They did not have money..
..for her treatment so I have pledged my dollars.
It was like Karna’s Kavach and Kundal.
It was looking so nice in your neck.
Why did you pledge it? Why did you do that?
If you wanted money you could have asked me.
Wouldn’t I give you?
No. The moment I get my salary I will bring it back.
“Hum Aapke Hain Kaun’. ‘Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge.’
Sir, please come here.
Here are five hundred rupees. Please return my dollar.
Allaudin, I sold that dollar. - What?
With whose permission did you sell it?
Who should I ask? Can’t you take back what you pledge in my shop?
And on top of that you shout?
Are you crying after seeing the condition of our locality?
No. I am crying after seeing my family’s wealth.
What is your family’s wealth?
That dollar! - But 1902 is written on that.
Looks like it must be very old.
Yes. It belongs to my grandma.
My grandpa had pledged it. He died before taking it back.
My father too toiled day and night to free it..
..but he too passed away.
He just kept harping, dollar, dollar..
That is not your grandma’s dollar it is her honor. Keep quiet.
How did you sell my dollar?
I have sold it to the people of Jehangir Are Gallery.
Item number one! This plate belongs to the Moghul era.
It is made out of five elements.
All the KBC people are sitting here.
The story behind this is like this. Listen carefully.
The king would eat food in this when he used to be hungry.
The value of this plate is one lakh.
He is selling this plate for one lakh which was pledged.
One lakh twenty-five thousand.
Look at this fool.
Item number two. This is a dollar.
Hey! That is mine.
This is not any ordinary dollar. There is History behind this.
Oh, God! Everyone will now know the story..
..of this being pledged at the shop.
Shahjehan who built the Taj Mahal..
This dollar is the first gift he gave to Mumtaz.
He really lies.
The value of this beautiful historical dollar is only 50,000 rupees.
Who is there? Who is making a commotion while business is going on?
Come on, who will bid first?
Such an expensive locket was in your neck?
Allaudin, who are you? - I don’t know.
Surely you must know something about this?
One lakh! - Oh!
Allaudin, give me the bill. - Why?
I will sell that and settle down in life. - Keep quiet.
One lakh, two! One lakh, two!
500! - Yes! One lakh five hundred rupees! Very good!
One lakh five hundred, one! One lakh five hundred, two!
One lakh five hundred, two!
One lakh five hundred, two!
Two lakhs! - What?
Who is this now?
So nice. Bidding over.
What a beautiful girl.
Will we have to follow this girl now?
It’s a very lucky day for me. I got this dollar.
It is costly. - No. It is a priceless dollar.
That dollar that was in your neck for the past 25 years.. now in her neck.
Were you both together in your last birth?
Wow! - What happened?
I feel romantic.
What do you mean by romantic?
When you feel something after seeing an aunty walking on the road..
..that is called as romantic.
Wow! - What happened?
This is only romantic. - Oh!
Come on, let’s go.
She is in a very good mood now. I will go and get my dollar.
Who is coming to romance with you?
I will tell you when he comes.
Dollar. - The way he is going looks like..
..he is sure to return with the dollar.
Why are you laughing?
How will he understand a girl’s language?
Dollar. - Oh! You mean this dollar?
Dollar. - It is a very precious dollar.
You know. I brought it for two lakhs.
You were right. - Where do they talk in Hindi with the boys?
Just see how he is acting as if he understands everything.
Queen Samytukta, queen Elizabeth..
..does not even have this kind of a dollar. - Dollar.
Who is this cartoon who is talking to our baby?
Here starts my work.
Hello. Let’s go.
Yes. Sure, let’s go. Come.
She is going. - So we should follow her then.
Catch! Catch! Catch!
Thief! Thief! Catch! Catch! Stop the car. Auto…auto..
Stop the car.. - Car, stop..
This is our car. - What is the matter?
What is the matter?
Follow that red car. Sit. Sit.
Don’t you want two lakhs? Then come on.
Or will you keep on working as a mechanic?
Wow! Imported car?
The boy seems to be wealthy.
Sir, please give me alms. - Get lost.
Give me 2 rupees, 4 rupees or 10 rupees.
Move aside. Why are you covering him?
Okay, wealthy man?
Sir, sir, please give me alms.
What is it? Are you begging?
No, I am asking for the 500 that I had given you as loan.
He is calling you. - No, he is calling you.
Why will he call me? - Didn’t you take 500 as loan to drink?
What is all this?
He is asking me in the middle of the road.
My honor will be tarnished.
Give. - Shall I give him?
Yes, give him.
One, two, three.. - Four and five.
I have seen a crow spreading its wings.
But this is the first time that I see a car spreading its wings.
Sir, may God fulfill your wishes.
What is this? 500 rupees to a beggar?
Looks like he is the only son left of Lord Kuber.
This one…my master was searching for him from a long time.
Master! I got the green signal.
Oh! Those two lakhs are going. - Then follow her.
That wealthy boy is following us.
What is this? That girl went inside.
“Neither the father nor the brother is big.”
“Neither the wife nor the child is big.”
“The whole this is that money is the most important..”
What happened?
Sir, normally how much will you give to a beggar?
Usually I don’t give anything to a beggar.
But if Ihave change with me then I give him only 1 rupee.
Then sir he is 500 times wealthier than you.
Who is he? - See the car and the wealthy boy sitting inside.
Who is the one who has come in that car?
Who is that one who has touched my heart?
Have we lost our two lakhs? - Shut up, you fool.
Alla, we have seen the house, isn’t it?
We will do something tomorrow. Don’t worry.
Such a big bungalow. Every bathroom must be so big?
How big it must be? - Don’t interrupt.
They lie down and have a bath in hot water.
And while having a bath they remove all their ornaments.
Hey! - That means she will surely remove the chain.
We all will go inside the…no. Only you will go.
And will bring the chain. We will wait outside..
..and keep a watch.
Take reverse.
My plan will start now. It will succeed now.
In that I give you special posting.
What will I have to do? - Nothing. My daughter and son-in-law..
Son-in-law? - I have to make a habit from now on.
Where they meet and where they go?
How far their love has developed.
Note down all that and tell me.
Your income will increase accordingly.
Thank you. That means I am a love messenger.
No. A fox.
Don’t see bad things. Don’t hear bad things.
Don’t do bad things. Don’t have evil thoughts.
Don’t do bad things. Don’t have evil thoughts.
Come on children. Today’s tuition is over. Go home.
Sister, won’t you tell us a story today?
Sister, story…sister story..
Okay. I will tell you.
Today I will tell you a story about the great Napoleon.
Yes, tell us. Tell us.
Don’t say a word about him. - Why, Nandu?
After drinking that my father beats my mother very severely.
Who are you talking about?
This Napoleon. My father’s friend and our enemy.
What are you doing?
This is only water. Tell the story now.
I will now tell you the story of Allaudin and his magic lamp.
Wow! Tell us that story.
A boy named Allaudin used to stay in Arabia.
He was poor like us.
Everyday he would toil hard and work as a coolie.
He is like Allaudin. - Yes. Yes.
He is like our Allaudin.
Yes, yes, he looks just like him.
Then one day a magician comes there.
He took Allaudin to a cave.
Allaudin went in and saw a very beautiful lamp.
Wow! - Wow!
No sooner he rubbed the lamp a huge Gini appeared.
He gave clothes, ornaments, money and everything that he asked for.
He also gave him a flying carpet.
Allaudin sat on that flying carpet and went flying.
After that there came a lot of happiness in his life.
With the help of that magic lamp he helped many people.
This is the story of Allaudin.
It is very nice. - Yes, it is very nice.
This story is very nice.
Brother looks just like Allaudin.
Allaudin, Allaudin, what is your name?
What joke is this?
Answer our question.
My name is Allaudin.
Where is that magic lamp?
What is this? Have you seen a dream?
No. Sister told us a story.
Yes, Allaudin. Sita told them the story of Allaudin.
They are asking about the same.
There was a huge Gini. He used to live in the lamp.
He used to give whatever you would ask for.
In the same way you rub the lamp and give us what we want.
Oh! But I don’t have any lamp.
How will we now get what we wish?
Brother does not have a lamp.
How will we get it now?
We won’t get it.
What is the matter?
Allaudin, he too got that lamp after many days.
When you will get it will you get everything for us?
Okay. If I get that magic lamp then I will get it for you.
Now take this. Here..
Here, even I want. I want..
Give me. You v\brought everything. Did the money fall short?
Money was short for the child’s uniform.
I will do overtime for a week then everything will be okay.
What to do? My salary finishes in household things.
Sir has come. Sir has come. Move aside.
Click the photo later. Come on move aside.
Hello. - Hello, sir.
Enough. How much will you greet?
Sir, the dirty water from the gutter does not flow out..
..and we don’t get drinking water.
And if at all we get drinking water then it gets mixed..
..with the dirty water.
Our children are suffering from Typhoid and Malaria..
..after drinking this water.
We have to spend a lot of money for the medicines.
Please make some arrangements for drinking water.
Sir, please do this favor on us.
Sir.. - Give me this paper.
Sir, I did not get my pension.
Did you meet the officer?
I had gone to the government office.
There they demand money.
To give anything even a letter they demand 500.
Sir, please do something. Please give us our pension.
Sir, please do something.
Okay, give me this paper. Why are you upset?
Here, give me the paper. Still, sir.
Move behind.
Give me the paper worth kilos.
Sir, like the bird gathers twigs to build her nest.
Similarly I had saved every penny for my daughter’s wedding.
But I was deceived by the Chit Fund people.
They deceived me.
But the case is going on in the court.
I have taken a loan for that case.
I have still not paid it’s interest.
Sir, now only you can save my family.
The court will give the judgment. Still photographer.
Quickly click the photograph. Yes.
Please come. - Yes.
Sir, please see to this. - Yes. Everything will be okay.
Sir, you please tell them. - Move. Move aside.
Sir, please do this much. - Allow sir to go.
These dirty people. They don’t die and you too don’t finish them.
We all say that India is a developed country..
Just see how he fooled everyone and went.
Did you see?
He had come in an imported car and then he disappeared.
I have seen a ship in the sea but this is the first time..
..I am seeing a ship on the road.
He brings a new car everyday. Looks like he is very wealthy.
Go and return in an hour’s time.
It is the master’s car. I have to deliver it.
Sir, I found the boy!
Alla, go and get that chain.
Alla, one minute. Give me a call if there is any problem inside.
Sir! - Move aside.
Sorry, sir. Your wealthy son-in-law has come in a yellow car.
Welcome him. - Where?
Let us go and greet him. - He has not come to meet us.
He has come to meet his girlfriend.
If we go now they will come to know that..
..the girl’s father is following from now.
Then there love will remain incomplete.
Is that so? - Yes.
Why is your son-in-law going in stealthily like a thief?
A game of love is played like this. - Okay.
To meet on the quiet.
By now he must have reached my daughter’s room.
I don’t know.
But in this matter are you the girl’s father or uncle?
I am the father-in-law. I am the girl’s father and the boy’s father-in-law.
My dear.
Please come soon.
Good morning, dear.
Oh! Oh, my God! The owner of this car will get angry.
Let us get the dollar first. Then you go.
Keep quiet.
“I don’t know. I don’t know.”
“I don’t know. I don’t know.”
“I don’t know. I don’t know.”
“Who is that who quietly looks at me?”
“Why is he after me?”
“The climate is desolate..”
“I don’t know. I don’t know.”
“I don’t know. I don’t know.”
“What kind of love is this?”
“What is the reason for his advent?”
“My heart will go crazy over him.”
“I hope my heart does not slip away from my hand.”
“I hope there is no such problem.”
“I don’t know. I don’t know.”
“I don’t know. I don’t know.”
“Dollar! Give me that dollar.”
“Let him come into my arms.”
“Let him reside in my heart.”
“He and only he comes in my dreams.”
“He is in my dreams and I belong to my beloved.”
“If at all I meet him I will surely tell him so.”
“I don’t know. I don’t know.”
“I don’t know. I don’t know.”
“Who is that who quietly looks at me?”
“Why is he after me?”
“The climate is desolate..”
“I don’t know. I don’t know.”
“I don’t know. I don’t know.”
Abracadabra. - What is this?
This is chilli powder to throw in her eyes.
Whose eyes? - With this chili powder worth two rupees..
..we will take back that dollar worth two lakhs.
How? - How? You don’t even know so much?
When she will come towards you.
In the same way you too will look towards her.
And as you will go near her.
She too will come near you.
You will look at her face.
Before she looks at you..
You will have to blow this in front of her eyes.
How? - What are you asking me, how?
He is also.. - Oh, my God!
Oh, my God it is burning.
Who told you to blow it in my direction?
Do you have any sense? What have you done?
Why did you blow that chili powder in my direction?
My eyes are burning. - I can’t see anything.
Yes, yes, I will blow.. - Oh, no! What stink this is?
Your flowers. - Yes.
Thank you. - Bye. - Bye.
Dollar! Hey, wait. Wait!
Where are you running?
Sir, your wealthy son-in-law is running after a thief.. get back Preeti’s chain.
He is not going to save Preeti’s chain dollar.
He is going to make my life like an American dollar.
Sir, please don’t beat me. Don’t beat me. - You thief.
Come on, give me. Give me.
Sir, my mother’s eyes are to be operated..
..and my sister’s heart is to be operated upon.
Please don’t beat me. - Catch him.
You steal.. - Here it is, don’t beat me.
Okay, keep it. - Oh, my dollar.
Hail to this noble man. - Yes. Okay, go.
Hail to this noble man. - Go.
My dollar..
They are after me. Save me. Save me.
He is running after me. Run.
My dollar! - Oh, my God! Oh, my God! Don’t beat me.
Where are you running away?
Are you a good man or a bad man?
In front of girls I am a good man otherwise..
..I am very bad. Understood. - My dollar.
That girl has come. That girl has come.
Run. Run. - I don’t have the strength to run.
I have mended my ways. Here sister, take this.
Thank you. - This Gandhiji’s India is free now.
You can wear ornaments without any fear.
So many came to save you.
Excuse.. Excuse me, sir.
Dollar.. - You ran after him to save my dollar.. you would save your own dollar. Thank you very much.
You have reformed a robber. I like you very much.
The moment this dollar was taken away from me..
..I felt as if I lost something.
Please put this round my neck.
It is burning a lot. Spray the milk properly on my face.
What happened? Are your eyes still burning?
No. Look over there.
He is tying the Mangalsutra.
What happened? - This is called as from the pan into the fire.
Astrologer, tell us what is written in his fate?
When will he get married?
Check properly what is in his fate.
Just check whether there are any chances of being a millionaire.
It is very auspicious. This is not any ordinary hand.
Nehru. - Who is he?
Gandhi, Tilak.. all their hands are ground together in a mixi..
..and is put in his hand.
Just because he wants money he is taking Amitabh’s name.
This hand will become a great power.
Will Allaudin ever get a magic lamp?
What are you talking about a magic lamp?
A miracle is going to take place.
Just see, who is this girl who is coming here?
Just see how stylishly she walks with an umbrella.
Who is she? She is coming here.
Sister has come to meet Allaudin.
Mr. Allaudin, I would like you to participate in the fashion show.
Would you like to come?
I will make you one of the finest model of the country.
Please come.
Hey child, did you understand?
Look, he did not understand. Just explain to him in Hindi.
Allaudin, she is telling you to go with her.
Hey, I did not mean that.
Talk in our language.
I am calling you for a fashion show.
Saw that? She is calling you for lunch.
You keep quiet. Yes, madam, you speak.
Miss Universe, Miss World, Miss India.
She too is Miss Mumbai.
Miss Mumbai. Does she own a hotel?
Saw that? She is going.
She is Miss Mumbai. That means she is the most beautiful one.
Look at this!
Look here. I will tell you very clearly.
How much more will you pay me from what I am earning now?
It’s getting more money, more..
I will give you a thousand rupees per day.
What? A thousand rupees for a day!
What did she say? She will give a thousand rupees?
Sister, what is the job?
The job is not difficult.
From here to there and from there to here.. will have to walk as I show you. That’s all.
You get money for walking.
You give a salary to walk like this?
I don’t even earn hundred rupees after working the full day.
Father, she is the one who we see on TV..
..walking with short clothes.
Fashion TV, right?
Wonder what it is but at least Allaudin will earn money.
Thousand rupees.
Hey you, my son-in-law is coming and how are you..
..sitting on the sofa? Stand up.
Papa, this.. - Hello.
My dear, I have seen, recognized and also understood.
Papa, how is my selection?
Super, super, super. - Thank you, Papa.
Okay, Allaudin, you talk to Papa I will just be back.
Papa, just talk to him.
Sir, why have you worn a half pant like this?
Look! This is the style nowadays.
I am happy that you have come to this poor man’s hut..
You call this a hut? I stay amongst a hundred huts.
Saw that? A hundred huts mean hundred bungalows.
He has ample.
Just ask him. What should I get for son-in-law?
Sir, what will you have? - China tea.
I can serve him Tata tea but from where will I get China tea?
They serve this top the saloon in five star hotels.
It is a little difficult to get tea from China. - Never mind.
Can I use your phone? - Hey, no! Not that.
Take this. - Thank you.
It is like soap tin. - Quiet.
Please dial the number.
They are millionaires. They have servants at home.. even dial the numbers.
Please tell the number.
24200. 42200. - Dial 4422.
Is he telling the mobile number in Hindi?
He likes to speak Hindi. Come on hurry up.
Sir, here.
There I have hit the target.
What’s the matter? Why aren’t they picking up the phone?
Sir, this is a good chance. If you listen to his talks..
..then you will come to know his background and his capacity.
Bright idea.
Why the delay in answering the call?
What happened about that bat which you had told Tendulkar to bring?
Give the phone to Tendulkar. - What?
Quiet. I will talk. Allaudin, where is the bat?
Didn’t I tell you that I will bring it while returning home?
He seems to be quite close to Tendulkar.
He is talking to him formally.
When he is getting the bat for him then what does it matter..
..if he talks to him formally?
At least do as I told you to do.
Give me.. - Okay. Okay. I will do as you told me.
There are others waiting to talk to him.
Will Tendulkar play the way he tells him to play?
Now we came to know the secret of Tendulkar’s victory.
He is my son-in-law. My son-in-law.
Yes, Allaudin, your father wishes to talk to you.
He is standing near me. Here talk to him.
Allaudin, from morning I feel like eating something delicious.
Will you get a biryani for me?
Tell him my name and take a parcel of Biryani.
Five biryani!
No food is cooked in his house?
Both the times food is ordered from a five star hotel?
Ours is a royal family. - Yours?
What do you want? - Three helicopters.
Suru wants three helicopters.
What do you want, a ship?
Okay. Tell me how many computers, helicopters and ships do you want?
Yes, 10 ships and 10 helicopters.
This is the helicopter and these are the ships.
10 ships and 10 helicopters?
Helicopter! Sir, I never sat in a helicopter.
Tell him to take me for a round in it?
You fool, how can I go and ask him?
After marriage half of the helicopters will land here.
They will land here only.
Even I never sat in it. We both will take around in it.
All the things are taken. The shop keeper is asking for money.
Yes, he wants it right now.
Then open the locker. - Locker? Which locker?
In a single call he buys right from biryani to fight.
My son-in-law is very wealthy.
Look, do bring the money of your job.
Bring money from that girl.
All of you sit in the five star hotel.
What happened? Why are you crying?
My son-in-law is so generous.
I have won a lottery. I will now go and stay in his house.
Like a live in farther-in-law. That is what I wish…
..that henceforth I should stay there.
I am coming. Coming.
Allaudin, you must come and take this everyday.
She is giving him a love letter.
It is final.
Preeti, why don’t you try this? - It will pain.
Doesn’t it pain us?
You have thick skin nothing will happen to you..
..but it will pain me.
You do what you like I will not say anything. Go.
Okay. I will try.
Try to remember the one you like. - Okay.
How are you feeling? - I am feeling nice.
Who did you think about?
The one who I like.
Is it a thing or a boy?
I told you to take me to my son-in-law’s house..
..but why did you bring the car in this hutment?
Sir, I am going to the right place.
Your son-in-law stays here.
Get down. This is his place.
Driver, don’t act smart. I told you to take me to a millionaire’s house..
..but you brought me to this hutment colony.
You told me you want to meet Allaudin so I brought you here.
Okay. Okay. See, we want to meet your boss whose name is Allaudin.
Do you wish to meet Allaudin or the owner of this car?
What is all this?
Cool down, sir. Cool down. Cool down.
Why are you troubling us? Listen to me.
We want to meet Allaudin who is not only the owner..
..of this car but also many other cars.
Oh, God! I am.. - You have gone mad..
..and now you will make us mad as well.
There comes Allaudin. Talk to him now.
Come on, hurry up. Come on.
Allaudin, see there. The father of that fashionable girl is here.
Is this our Allaudin? - You are asking me?
Hold me otherwise I will suffer an attack.
He is the one. - Water! Water!
What happened? What happened?
Sir! - What stinking water are you spraying on my face?
Get up, sir. - Have this China tea.
You have come here for the first time.
Son-in-law, does this China tea come from China?
No, sir, it is not like that. A little milk and a lot of water..
..makes China tea.
This is the special item of our five star hotel.
See there.
This one…is this that five star hotel?
Allaudin! Allaudin! Tendulkar is going to make his century. Come quickly.
Hurry up! - He is going to make his century. Let’s go.
Yes, come on.
Instead of playing on the ground..
..why isTendulkar playing here?
Sir, did you see, Tendulkar made a century.
Sir, everyone has expectations from him in our shanty.
He should become a very big man.
You give him this helicopter and bless him.
Give him your blessings.
Is this the same helicopter which you had ordered on the phone?
Sir, are you going to sit in this and take a round?
This helicopter for the one who made a century.
Sir, I made a mistake.
Like the government VRS I will hand in my resignation.
I will feel very sad on getting separated from you.
51, 52, 53, 54, 55..
Sir, you? - Stop going around with my daughter.
Sir, I did not go. Your daughter called me.
She gives me a thousand rupees salary for a day.
What did you say, you orphan?
Father, what is the meaning of an orphan?
He is finished who made you an orphan.
He does not know the meaning of an orphan.
Kill 7-8 people. When a few children will cry out.. their parent’s name then they are called as orphans.
Come on, go.
We don’t want any fight here. We all stay very peacefully here.
Brother, at least listen to me. - Why should we listen to you?
Are you a don? - Listen to me..
Are you a goon? You are talking like a don.
Why are these people beating him?
Please spare Allaudin. Don’t beat him.
Shut up. Get lost. - Allaudin!
Yes, Allaudin! Yes, beat them. Beat them.
Wow, Allaudin! Wow! Great!
Beat them all the more. Beat them.
Great, Allaudin! Great! Wonderful.
Beat them, Allaudin. Beat them.
Beat them, Allaudin. Beat them.
Be careful. Allaudin, be careful.
Wow! That’s wonderful. What a lovely shot.
You told me he is a millionaire’s son.
He is a millionaire’s son. I will prove it to you right now.
What is your name?
Karodeshwar. - Saw that. He is a millionaire.
What more do you want?
Well done, Allaudin. Well done.
Allaudin, be careful.
Beat them. Beat them. Beat them with a broom.
Leave them. - He told us to leave them.
Spare him. Let him go.
Today we spared you alive because Allaudin told so..
..otherwise I would have killed you.
You called our child an orphan?
We all mothers together have raised him. Understood?
Till our Allaudin is here no one can attack our shanty.
I have explained this to you. Come on now get lost from here.
What is this? He has come again? - Who is he..
His evil eye does not leave this shanty. Wonder why..
You make fake ration cards and deceive the government?
We? The government that is ours, to that government?
We know of butter biscuit and tea and biscuit.
But there are some people who have hidden gold biscuits.
They too deceive the government. Go and ask them.
You butter biscuit. The officers signature is there.. all the ration cards.
How come that orphan’s name is present in all the ration cards?
You do fraud? - How many people are there in your family?
I, my wife and my son, Allaudin.
And how many people are there in your family?
I, my wife, my eight children and Allaudin.
And in your house?
Including Allaudin we are five in the family.
You all have included that one person’s name in all the ration cards..
..and you take extra rice and kerosene..
Do you know what punishment the law w will give you?
If all of you want rice and kerosene then..
..all of you individually write and give that.. have no relation with Allaudin.
Otherwise I will cancel all your ration cards.
You were saying dialogues like ‘Aaj Ka Arjun.’
Now why are you speechless? Say something.
If it is your intention to cut Allaudin’s name from our ration card..
..then we don’t need such a ration card.
Let’s go back.
You fools, as you had a ration card you used to get..
..meals twice a week.
You burnt your ration card for that Allaudin.. all of you will die of hunger.
Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you.
The brandy glasses are more than the piano keys.
I am a little late. I will go and wish the chief.
Go, go. There are 1300 invitees here.
Who will know whether you have come or not. Go.
I will just be back.
He is so stingy he didn’t even get a bouquet.
Who is he? - He runs a chit fund.
He has duped so many people.
So this time you are going to be the President.
Get water. - Go and get two buckets of water.

The money has arrived from Singapore.

He is discussing banking in the party.
Do one thing. Fix his marriage. - You are still not married?
Yes, yes, I have selected a girl for him. See there.
Isn’t she beautiful? - Yes.
How is she? - Good. As you say.
She is good, right?
Sir, sir, this is the one. He is the chit fund man who deceived us.
Sir, sir, that day.. The one who I had given money.
He locked the company and ran away.
Police. Yes. Police..
Wait. Wait. It is sir’s birthday today, I say.
You should not make a commotion on someone’s birthday.
This is that chit fund man.
Come, come, quietly come with me.
Sir, listen to me. Sir..
Sir…sir.. - Come inside.
Sir, he is that chit fund man. - Come inside.
Many big people have come. You must not make a commotion.
Sir, listen to me.. - Be quiet. Be calm.
Sir, I am telling you. Sir, please try and understand me.
He is the same man, sir. You are not trying to understand.
You want money?
You dirty man. You beggar who washes utensils.
How many times I told you to keep quiet. Don’t you understand?
You come to such lavish parties and talk.
Don’t you understand?
Do you know about whom are you talking?
Do you know those people?
Come I will show you.
Come. See from here. See. Now have you understood?
Their pockets are filled with your money.
The other one is just a pawn. Understood?
Now have you understood everything?
And you are teaching me law?
You.. - No. I don’t know anyone.
I don’t know anyone.
What you are saying is all wrong.
My eye sight is weak.
Get up. Get up. I will show you now.
If you have come here to work then you must wash dirty vessels..
..and then go home.
Instead you ask me questions?
Me and my family had saved money with great difficulty..
..for my daughter’s wedding.
Oh! So you have a young daughter as well.
You fool. If a small zero watt red bulb burns outside..
..your house then you will become so happy in your life.
Sir! - What, sir? Understand one thing clearly.
If you have money then you shouldn’t have honor.
And if you have honor then you shouldn’t have money.
You decided for yourself what you would like to have between the two.
Sir! - Go.
And before going wash the dirty vessels.
Come Allaudin. Where are you going?
Have dinner with us here today.
Today dinner is at uncle Mani’s house.
If he sees he will get angry. - Okay.
What is this? You are eating before I could come?
Allaudin, today the food is not delicious.
Eat at the house of the aunty next door.
Never. In the entire shanty only you prepare delicious food.
We always eat. Serve me food.
Papa, I will eat while I am playing. - Chitra..
Don’t spill food like you did the other day. - Okay, Allaudin.
Shalini, what is this? Were you so hungry that you started eating..
..before your brother could come? - No, brother.
Father, come on, give me food.
No, Allaudin. Today’s food is not at all delicious.
If you feed me then the food will taste delicious.
Father! - We can eat but you shouldn’t eat.
Father, why do you say that? Mother, why does father say this?
Shalini, tell me why father said this? Why? What happened?
I could not tolerate. I could not endure.
I had saved every penny for her marriage.
Those chit fund people took everything away.
Father, one day or the other we will go and get it.
We will never get that money.
Our law is to save the ones who make mistakes.
But Allaudin, who will help poor people like us?
Mother, so what if we have lost the money? I am there.
Mother, please don’t cry.
No. The people who give money also demand it back.
And if I don’t return the money then they tell me to..
..sell my wife and daughter. - What?
In the morning I am going to be defamed.
That is why we mixed poison in the food and we all ate it, son.
Mother! Mother, look at me.
Shalu, wake up. Is someone there? Call someone.
Father, why did you do this? Why did you do this?
Someone please come.
Look, you have consumed poison. Father..
Is someone there!
Chitra! Chitra! Chitra! Chitra!
Allaudin, you feel dizzy when you feel hungry, right?
Papa gave me good food to eat then why am I feeling dizzy..
Chitra! Chitra! Chitra, nothing will happen to you. Chitra!

What happened to them?
The child has consumed poison.
What did you say? The child has consumed poison?
Yes, her father gave her poison.
Please call the doctor quickly.
I can’t call the doctor. I will have to call the police.
Please save her before she dies.
Who knows whether you are telling the truth or you are lying.
At least check her.
If something happens to her who will be responsible?
Brother, come here. Come here.
Come here. I will explain to you. Come here.
Look, 500 for me, 3000 for the police and 1500 for the doctor.
All together it comes to 5000 rupees.
You want to save the child, isn’t it?
Where have you kept it? Where have you kept the money?
Turn around. Have you kept it in the back pocket?
Hey! I don’t have money. That is why I am like this.
I don’t have money. I don’t have money.
I don’t have money. I don’t have money.
I don’t have money.
Allaudin, why did my father give me poison?
You tell me. I would die because of the poison.
If you would have got the magic lamp our life would have saved.
Allaudin, when will you get your lamp?
Quickly search for it.
Why have you called us?
As you all had said. I got the lamp.
Did you get the lamp? - Yes. Yes.
Can we see Allaudin’s Gini?
Only I can see him.
We can’t see. We can’t see.
Tell me what you want.
I will tell the Gini and get it for you.
What? - What?
What is he saying?
Yes. Of course. Tell him.
Allaudin, we have not eaten good food from the past many days.
We are very hungry. Can you get eggs for us? - Okay.
Oh! Gini has given us eggs.
Allaudin found the magic lamp!
Allaudin found the magic lamp!
He found the lamp. He found the lamp.
From where did you get this magic lamp?
Did you see the Gini? - Yes.
Wait, wait. Be calm.
Don’t ask me anything now. You just tell me your problem.
The Gini will come and set everything right.
All of you write your problems on a chit and give me.
Yes. He is right. - He is right.
Yes, come on.
Tell me, son, Allaudin. All these people who are poor..
..unhappy and are so grief stricken that they believed you.
But how will we believe you?
We are a little educated.
Who are you fooling?
We are in the 21st century. How can the Gini and the lamp be together?
You are lying.
What did you say? 21st century?
When we got the news of Lord Ganapati drinking milk..
..all of you tried to test it, right?
Then where was your 21st century?
According to me whoever relives the poor..
..of his troubles is God.
Go write and bring your problems.
The Gini will come and everything will be fine.
Husha, busha, all fall down.
Ringa, ringa roses..
Raghu, what did you ask for?
I want a three wheeled car. That is what I have written.
Allaudin’s Gini will surely fulfill your wish.
‘Brother Gini, my parents have become old.’
‘I have learnt stitching but I am sitting at home.’
‘If you could give me a sewing machine then I can earn at home.’
‘Allaudin, I have toiled hard and studied.’
‘I secured good marks in 12th.’
‘We need lakhs of rupees to acquire a doctor’s seat.’
‘I am a son of poor parents.’
‘From where will I get so much money?’
‘Allaudin, show me a way.’
‘Allaudin, my mangalsutra is pledged at that Marwadi’s shop.’
‘My daughter is of the marriageable age now.’
‘I need a lot of money for her wedding.’
“You tell the Gini and free us from all our problems.’
‘I can’t see properly now.’
“Whether a man is standing in front of me or a bull..’
‘..I can’t see anything.’
‘I don’t even have the money for the operation.’
‘I too wish to go to school and not to work.’
‘Allaudin, tell the Gini and enroll me in some good school.’
Why did you buy this lamp from the shop and told people..
..that a Gini will come out from this.
You will get whatever you ask for.
Believing that all the people of the shanty have written..
..all their problems to you.
To get their wishes fulfilled people go and tie their chits.. Lord Hanuman’s neck.
They are now telling you what they used to tell God.
Allaudin, how will you fulfill them?
To solve the problems you need men, money and strength.
You are an ordinary man. How will you do all this?
Allaudin, one good news. We are going to Mumbai for modeling.
Yes, your father brings goons here and beats him up.
Will you take him to Mumbai and beat him?
My father beat him up? I did not understand.
You won’t understand.
See this.
I pledged this dollar for 500 rupees..
..for that child’s treatment.
You purchased it for two lakhs to enhance your beauty.
Your fashion show, Miss India, Miss Universe..
We don’t know all this.
Look at this girl. She is dark. She is not fair like you.
When all day she stitches clothes and feeds her family..
..then for us she is the most beautiful girl.
We endure problems to earn two meals.
But you do all this to pass your time. Please forgive me.
What happened? Where is Allaudin?
He did not come. He will not come.
We can present anyone in front of International judges.. making them look beautiful with colorful lights and make up..
..and also by changing their hairstyle and clothes.
We can do only this.
But we can never make a good natured person.
We can create Sushmita Sen and Aishwarya Rai..
..but we cannot create Mother Teresa.
It is in born as like Allaudin.
Have you fallen in love?
No. It’s more than love.
Allaudin is great!
He used to dupe others but now G has trapped him.
Believe me. I am not lying, G.
I hail from a decent family.
I have not deceived you.
G, please believe me.
I am dependant upon you. If you tell me to die I will die.
But please have mercy on me.
Can I deceive you? I don’t even deceive you in my dreams.
G, please believe me.
G, I am telling the truth. G, please forgive me.
I did not send you to Switzerland after your marriage..
..for your honeymoon.
I had sent you there for my work.
I had given you my one hundred crore rupees.. deposit in my Swiss bank account. But you did not do that.
You deposited that money in your Swiss bank account.
You are surprised as to how did this mad man came to know..
..of what happened in the Swiss Bank?
The one that you think is your wife and you are sleeping with her..
..she is my keep for the past five years.
I can never forgive the one who stabs at the back..
..for the sake of money.
I am not Jesus Christ.
You are deceiving me?
Go! Go and tell Yamraj that there is one Yamraj on the earth.
Pick him up and throw him.
And cut him into pieces and feed him to our dogs.
Take him away! He will be disloyal to me.
G’s thumb is cut. Come let us find it.
Someone has come in.
Send the dogs after him.
Did you check there? - There is no one there, sir.
Come on, all of you come.
What is this? You haven’t slept yet?
Count how much money is needed to solve the problems..
..of the people of our shanty.
What? That means the Gini has come?
Oh, my God! - The Gini is now in my hands.
Thumb. Alla, this is a golden goose.
This thumb of Gangadhar will give golden eggs.
He will surely give golden eggs.
But he is a very bad man.
It should not happen that you may have to give your life.
Never mind if I alone will have to die.
But henceforth I will never allow anyone in the shanty to die.
Harirajan died in a car accident.
Harirajan who used to run the Chit Fund died in a car accident.
We planned and killed him.
But the way he gave the news as if he saw him die.
According to Sarathi we went there with a garland..
..shed tears and returned from there in five minutes.
There was a large crowd there.
Later we came to know that he had duped them as well.
G, after the post mortem report and completing all the other formalities..
..I have closed the file.
Forget all these old matters.
Tell me about the work that is pending.
Where is that boy? - He took advantage of darkness..
..and ran away.
I want that boy. - I have properly checked the criminal list.
This one is a new thief. His name is not in the list.
Hello, who is speaking? - Is Gangadhar there?
Hey you! You are calling G by his name?
Yes. After listening this is the condition.
Looking at his thumb I will tell you his horoscope.
Will you listen?
G, he is the man with the thumb.
He is talking like an eye witness.
Hey! Bloody fool! I decide who will sit in which seat..
..from the central to the state.
That was a long back story. Now your thumb..
I will now decide your destiny.
If I keep quiet then..
Hey! I have seen many robbers.
I know you will get trapped. Saw you got trapped.
Tell me what do you want?
Tell me what are your demands? - Money.
How much? Where? When?
Eight lakhs ninety thousand ninety-nine rupees.
Keep it in the Bangur Nagar Municipality garbage bin number 129..
..tomorrow afternoon. - Hey..
That is if you wish to protect your honor.
Then keep the money in the garbage tin.
They shouldn’t be less. - No. They won’t be less.
I thought you come out in the night.
Do you come out in the daytime as well?
Will you take the money in the daytime?
Will you come yourself?
I will surely come. I will come in daylight to take your black money.
How does that man look who just called on 2255993?
Tell me his height, age, his entire appearance.
What clothes he had worn?
Quickly tell me.
This computer will immediately tell me the moment..
..someone touches this money.
Have you kept the medicine for that mouse?
Yes, I have kept. A small piece of coconut. But it is very costly.
See, there is eight lakhs ninety thousand ninety-nine rupees in this.
This is like Bata’s rate.
I want this Bata company’s rat alive.
No one should know that you are keeping a watch.
The media should not know about this at all..
..otherwise both of you will be seen on television..
..and G will be defamed.
If they are killed then we can close the file..
..but if he is defamed..
No one will recognize my men.
Sir, this is not moving at all. Maybe that rat got scared.
He too wanted to throw the garbage just now?
Hey! G, this is talking the money is shaking.
That means the rat has taken away the money.
Hello. Did you catch him?
G, there is no one near the garbage bin. - What?
What nonsense are you talking?
Here the computer is showing that someone has taken the money.
Go and check in the garbage bin.
Come here. You too come.
Oh! There is a gutter below.
Sir, he escaped with the money from the drainage.
Hey! Whoever it is in that ditch go and catch him.
Catch him.
G, he is sitting amongst the people who are praying on the beach.
G, we don’t know who he is.
Catch the one who makes a mistake in praying.
G, everyone is praying in the right manner. - You fool!
G, I think he must be a Muslim.
I will send my men amongst the Muslims and find out.
G, I called all the Muslims who are 5 feet and 11inch..
..and inquired. I asked a few and even beat them.
But they don’t know anything about him.
But his end is in our hands.
Tell us what happened further in Allaudin’s story.
Tell us. Tell us. Tell us.
What happened further?
I will read from the book and tell you.
First Allaudin gets the lamp. - Yes.
Then the Gini appears. - Yes.
Do you know what happens then?
We don’t know anything after that.
We don’t know anything after that.
We don’t know anything after that.
You tell us.
There is a beautiful girl next to Allaudin.
Who is that girl?
Who is she? - Who is she?
Is it you? - It is you?
Yes. - You are very beautiful.
This is that girl who had invited Allaudin.
If you wish to marry Allaudin then it is very difficult. - Why?
Because Allaudin has 100 fathers and 100 mothers.
You will have to take permission from everyone.
I don’t know how to cook. - do you know how to wash clothes?
I don’t know. - Then it is very difficult.
What will I have to do?
We will teach you. - How?
That is a secret.
“Your style has mesmerized me.”
“My beloved is dear to me.”
“Your heart belongs to me and my heart belongs to you.”
“Now you just signal to me.”
“Your charisma has mesmerized me.”
“My beloved is dear to me.”
“Your heart belongs to me and my heart belongs to you.”
“Now you just signal to me.”
“Stay near me don’t go away from me.”
“Listen oh beloved..”
“I am restless without you.”
“Even I am burning in the same fire.”
“I too have the same desire in my heart.”
“After meeting you I have fallen in love with you.”
“I was lost in your dreams.”
“What should not have happened has happened.”
“Even I can’t control my heart anymore.”
“Please do something about it.”
“Oh, beloved you too listen to my heart.”
“See the condition of my heart.”
“My beloved even I have decided not to stay without you.”
“Fall in love with me.”
“Lock your eyes with mine.”
“Just admit this.”
“I belong to you, to you, to you.”
“Love me, admit that.”
“Marry me and love me, love me, love me..”
“I will take you in my arms and take you around..”
“I will show you this world.”
“No one belongs to me except you.”
“You are my beloved.”
“If I can lay my life for you then what is just a heart?”
“I am fire you are fire both together..”
“Both share the same feeling.”
“I am out with my car.”
“On the road..”
“There came a turn on the road where I lost my heart.”
Why are you shouting?
Look there, the police have arrived. The police!
The police have arrived. They will come and beat us up.
Shut up! That is an ambulance and not a police van.
Allah, I ma fed up of him. The moment he sees a postman..
..or a watchman he starts shouting in the name of police.
Possible that we may get caught because of him.
If you shout again I will not spare you, understood?
What happened?
The school building has collapsed.
All the children are trapped underneath.
Come on. Let’s go.
My child! Where is the doctor? Please call the doctor someone.
Someone please save my child. Save him.
What happened?
See there! See there!
Couldn’t you inform us earlier that the building is weak?
How many times should I complain?
How many times should I inform?
MLA came, M.P. came, the minister came.
All just gave promises but did not do anything.
Now see what has happened.
My child! - Please save him.
The minister of our country sat under a street light and studied.
If they would have studied in such a school..
..then maybe our country would never get a good minister.
Someone please listen..
I will send a report to the government.
Yes, after seeing your report they will hold a meeting.. discuss whether this school should be constructed or not.
In the meanwhile another building will collapse..
..and another 100 children will die, sir.
Poor children should get good education.
This Gangadhar is very wealthy.
Abaracadabra. Abracadabra.
Hey! Who are you?
This is a small thief who steals from the big thief.
Hey you! Enough of your charade.
I urgently need 40 lakh rupees.
I will pick it up tomorrow morning from..
..Mahatma Gandhi road.
The moment you come to know of my arrival..
..don’t send your men after me.
Make one a beggar from amongst you and..
..let him stand with 40 lakhs.
What is your problem? Tell me and take the money once and for all.
I can’t tell you right now.
We face our problems.
You are my golden goose. I will not kill you.
Hey you! What will you kill me?
Two-three minutes after you disconnect the line..
..a noose will around your neck.
9841068793. - 793? Sir, this is my phone number.
Not a human being but only God can solve my problem, sir.
That is why I had gone to the temple.
After going there I prayed, Oh, Lord Ganapati..
I felt as if my burden is lessened.
When I opened my eyes I realized that my cell phone was missing.
Hail Lord Ganapati.
How does he look?
Sir, I was praying to the Lord with my eyes closed.
And you are asking me who is he, how does he look..
..what is his address?
Hey! - What? You have doubts on me?
How can I deceive you?
If I have done this then my condition will be.. a beggar on the street.
Oh, mother! Sir, please give me some alms.
If someone is the heir to a millionaire then one day..
..he will have to stand on the road like this and beg.
Hello. What is it?
Aim properly. Remembering our old enmity, don’t fire at me.
Don’t worry. My aim is not so bad.
He did not even leave a clue as to from where he is going to come.
That day he came out from below the ground..
..and took away the money.
It will be good if today too he is comes from there.
We will see that as well.
I thought begging is such an easy job..
..but you need technique in this as well.
Don’t talk, only do your work.
G, all are men are posted in every single corner.
We all have an eye on him.
This time however he comes I will not spare him.
G, I will surely catch him. - I want him alive at any cost.
Mother! Sir! Sir! Mother, give me some alms.
Your children will remain happy.
She is not giving me. Looks like she does not have children.
Vegetables! - Mother! Sir!
Buy fresh green vegetables!
Buy vegetables.
In the middle of the road.. Sir! Sir!
This fool too recognized me?
That means my make-up is not good.
Sir! - What?
Sir! - Oh, my God!
Sir, how come you are in this condition?
Give him. Give him. Sir, who is the one who has ruined you?
Sir, what is wrong with your eye?
Who has gouged your eye?
Hello, from where has this fool come?
What? You have a machine in your ear that means.. have also become deaf?
Listen! Listen! - Send him away from here quickly.
Don’t shoot at this mad man.
We don’t know in which disguise he will come.
And I have to also answer G.
Immediately send him away from here.
He will not do anything.
He is a fool, a little foolish.
He is a fool, a little foolish. - What?
Who is mad? I the one who is looking straight at you and talking..
..or you who is looking elsewhere and talking?
Sir, I will not allow you to beg. I will not allow you to beg.
Come with me. - Leave me.
Send him away quickly.
Leave me he will come. - No, I won’t leave you.
I won’t allow you to beg. I will take you with me.
I have not come to beg but I have come to give alms.
Leave me. Leave!
What happened? Sir is hungry and thirsty and is blabbering.
What happened to him?
Someone take him away. - What happened?
I will send him away. Spare him. Wait. Wait.
I will sell these vegetables and feed you.
Sir, please come with me.
What nonsense is he talking? Send him away from there.
Sir, you were happy as an elephant but now.. have become like a mosquito.
Stop talking and go away from here.
Sir, the moment I called you a mosquito the corporation van..
..too has come here. See there.
Sir, I won’t allow you to beg.
Sir! I will sell these vegetables and feed you.
I will keep you with me. Sir, come with me.
Sir, I won’t allow you to beg.
With me you won’t have any problems.
Hey! Where are you? What is happening?
Hey! Hey, leave me. - Sir, come with me.
Leave me. - Sir, I beg of you. Please come with me.
Sir, there is smoke all around.
Leave me. Leave me. - What happened?
Sir! Sir! - Leave me. Leave me.
Let’s go from here.
Someone took away my 40 lakhs.
Sir, where is your loin cloth?
Ihave lost 40 lakhs and you are worried about my loin cloth..
..which costs 40 rupees? Go and catch him.
I lost everything because of you.
You have come to this stage of begging just because.. lost everything, sir.
My boss will unnecessarily doubt me.
Already my cell phone is stolen.
Sir, take me along with you. - Sit in the front seat.
Allaudin has come! Allaudin has come!
Look at Allaudin! Look at him!
See there, Allaudin has become a superman.
We don’t even know about this.
Our men are following him.
Our men are searching for him everywhere.
This time he will surely get caught.
G, this time he is not going into the mosque.
He has become a Christian.
How is that? - G, looks like while running he has changed his religion.
You are looking very beautiful.
Come. Come.
Why? Why? Why have you become a father?
I changed my guise because the world is unhappy.
My pain means nothing for you, right?
I don’t have time for that now.
For you I am going to coaching classes to learn fish curry.
For you I am doing all the household chores.
I have passed. Are you listening?
I will become a good daughter-in-law for your hundred parents.
All my friends are married. I have faith in you don’t deceive me.
I have not deceived you. - Then who are you deceiving?
You won’t understand. - I don’t need to.
Leave all this. - I can’t. If I do so I will die.
Don’t leave me. If you won’t be there I will die.
My life is with you now. - Really? - Yes.
So then kiss me.
Jesus, please forgive me.
Gangadhar! Your star sign is Leo. Mul nakshatra.
In your horoscope Jupiter and Venus are in the third house.
Enemy…that is why you can never have any enemy.
What are you saying? He is our enemy but he doesn’t come.. front of us. He emerges from beneath the ground.
He comes out from smoke.
After seeing G’s horoscope tell us whether is there any way.. catch this unknown man or not.
Perform fire veneration then everything will be fine.
Is that so? Then we will perform that sacrifice in the entire house.
But no smoke should emerge from that fire.
You can’t perform that veneration so soon.
Where and who performs it is very important.
Priest, what are you saying?
As it is we are in so much trouble.
His life is in danger.
Will you perform this veneration after he dies..
All your problems will be solved if you perfom..
..a Maha Rudra Yagnya in this house at the hands of his son..
..on the new moon day..
Hey! Keep quiet. Enough of your nonsense.
Priest, we called you here to find a solution to our problem..
..but you created a new problem.
What’s the matter now? - What is the matter?
This is a flashback which is 25 years old.
Shall I tell you this separately?
25 years ago there was a grave problem in the factory.
The problem did not end so G locked up that factory.
So those people in a fit of rage killed G’s wife and son.
Every year G performs the death anniversary..
..for his wife and son.
If you bring four conch shells from the sea and throw it in front of me..
..and tell me to bring his son then from where am I supposed to get him?
Stras, time and astrology are true. They can’t be changed.
His son is surely alive.
What did you say? According to the horoscope his son is alive?
According to astrology his son is alive.
Papa, Allaudin had come to meet me for this dollar.
But you got him beaten up.
The dollar that made us fools that same dollar..
..will make us millionaire.
Allaudin coming in an imported car and being wealthy..
We thought all this was a lie but he is really a millionaire.
Before Gangadhar accepts him and makes him his son..
..before that I will surely make him my son-in-law.
Papa! Papa…Allaudin…is very nice.
Dear, you are surprised?
Girls like you were destined to burn their beloved’s photo..
..and mix it with milk and drink it because of illiterate parents.
That time was different. Time has changed now.
Parents like me have become broad-minded who understand love.
That is why it will be right if I burn the photo of my son-in-law and drink it.
Sir, you are burning it and drinking it. Will you be able to digest it?
Shut up! There was a time when I used to detest the word love.
Now if I like it then why won’t I like this?
Dear, get some nice colored photo so that will taste good.
What is this? - It seems like after Idli you are ordering for vada.
Papa! - Sir, that means you have agreed for your daughter’s marriage?
“You are mine, you are mine, oh, puppet you are mine.”
“I am yours, I am yours, this puppet belongs to you.”
“Come, let both of us sing and dance.”
“Come, let both of us sing and dance.”
“Pull my strings..”
“You are mine, you are mine, oh, puppet you are mine.”
“I am yours, I am yours, this puppet belongs to you.”
“Come, let both of us sing and dance.”
“Come, let both of us sing and dance.”
“Pull my strings..”
“Your eyes have mesmerized me.”
“Yes, your eyes..”
Oh, sir, this does happen in love.”
Sir, listen to me..”
Oh beloved, anything can happen..”
“Let go, let go of my wrist, oh my beloved.”
“Your coquetry is very cute.”
“Oh, yes and no..”
“You are mine, you are mine, oh, puppet you are mine.”
“I am yours, I am yours, this puppet belongs to you.”
“You have cast a magic spell on me.”
“You too have mesmerized me.”
“Yes, you too have mesmerized me.”
“I tried protecting my heart but it ultimately became yours.”
“Even I have given my heart to you, my beloved.”
“You look crazy but you entice me.”
“Let us sing and dance today.”
“You are mine, you are mine, oh, puppet you are mine.”
“I am yours, I am yours, this puppet belongs to you.”
“Come, let both of us sing and dance.”
“Come, let both of us sing and dance.”
“Pull my strings..”
This is called as two in one Idli. Half with lentil and half with chutney.
You fool, eat it.
Looks like you will shout and get us arrested.
Looks like they have come to search for our Allaudin.
He is not at home. - Where did he go without us?
He is asking the address to that fool.
Shall we go there and give the address? - Oh, my God!
Don’t look there. He is coming towards us.
No, sir. No, sir. I am telling you the truth. I swear, sir.
Your Guru said that you are the sinner so we will have to arrest you.
Come on. - Sir, believe me.
Sir, I beg of you. Please leave my husband.
Go away! - For the past 25 years he is worshipping God.
Sir, he can never steal. Sir, please leave him.
I don’t know anything. - Sir, please leave him.
Sir, listen to me. He is not at fault.
Don’t trouble him after listening to those wealthy people.
Sir, he is a gentleman.
Enough! Understood?
Please believe me. Sir, he can never steal. Leave him.
Listen. If you wish to say something then come to the station and speak.
Hire a lawyer. Go to the court.
That is the law. Is that clear?
Sir, we don’t know any law. I am telling you the truth.
Sir, he can never steal. He can never steal.
Then only God can save him.
Can no one save me?
No! Sir, no! The police are taking my husband away.
Someone please save him. Someone save him.
Oh, God! If you don’t come to our help then what shall we do?
Why are you standing here? Go and release him.
I have spoken to the lawyer. The case will be in court tomorrow.
Oh, God! The police have taken away my husband.
Wonder what they will do with him. He is innocent.
Oh, God!
You will have to tell everyone that my husband is innocent..
..otherwise I and my children will end our lives in Your temple.
If You are there then go and bring my husband.
Otherwise none of us will remain alive.
You will have to give an answer.
Allah, where are you going?
Will you go and risk your life?
Gangadhar is a dangerous goon.
If you go now then only God can save you.
First we will have to work as human beings..
..then we will call God.
I want that idol. At least today.
Explain to our men properly and tell them to search..
..for the idol carefully, otherwise..
Please don’t beat us. Don’t beat us.
Did you find the idol of the temple deity?
I am interrogating everyone from an ordinary thief.. a smuggler. No one is ready to tell me.
Call me after an hour. Understood?
Minute by minute G is getting defamed.
Before his name gets tarnished find out.
One of our men only must have taken it.
Hello. This is inspector Dhanpani speaking from Kyatruchi.
First take him into custody beat him up then call me.
Hello. Who…yes, one man has spoken up.
Sir, I will tell you. I will tell you. I will tell you. - Who?
Yes. I have come to know his name. I will take him to task now.
You need not worry.
Oh, no! He and G are bitter enemies.
The moment G sees his photo on the poster he becomes tense.
Somehow I will try and talk to him.
Oh, God! What has happened?
G, first he was a Muslim, then he became a Christian..
..and now he is asking for the idol.
According to the law it is wrong to change your religion.
But he does not adhere to it.
Now before he becomes a Buddhist and starts chanting..
..Buddham Sharanam Gachchami we will have to a arrest him.
He has asked us to carry the Lord’s idol and move around..
..the city. Wonder how and from where will he come?
Somehow he should get caught today.
I mean now that you are also here today.
I said someday he would get caught.
I mean as you are with me today he should get caught.. itself.
Oh, God!
Sir, just see. Though we are so worried how much they respect us.
Sir, just see.
Keep them away.
Sir, come. Please come.
G, this is a very powerful God.
Whatever we wish for it is fulfilled.
Sir, you too pray.
Hey you! How many more are with you?
Tell me or else I will kill you right here. Tell me.
+What happened to him now? - Looks like it is an attack of epilepsy.
See there! - Look over there!
Oh, Lord. You have showered your grace on us.
See the Lord there!
G, he did this to save the priest of that shanty.
An orphan boy is the messiah of that shanty.
Go and bring him in front of me.
All this is the magic of money.
What is this? Why is he coming here with his daughter?
God bless you, dear. - God bless you!
Why are you touching my feet?
You are such a wealthy man.
Money is not that important.
I have come to repent for beating that boy from your shanty.
Please make my daughter the daughter-in-law of your house.
Oh, God! Allaudin too is not at home. How can I accept this proposal?
Fix the alliance before the auspicious moment wane’s away.
Come on hurry up.
Tell me where is that thumb and the knife?
Tell me.
Where is it?
Chinnaswamy! - Yes. Tell me.
I found my villain.
Come and see his condition.
I too will tell you good news.
I found your son. - What are you saying?
I will kill him and then take a new form with my heir.
He found the enemy and his son.
Gangadhar is a very fortunate man.
Shut up! I am going to be the relative of a millionaire.
Instead I am fortunate. Yes. Come with me.
Bury him here and burn his shanty to ashes.
Allaudin! Allaudin!
He killed my son! - He killed my son!
All of you listen carefully. All of you go back.
No one will go back from here alive.
We all are dead. The moment you killed Allaudin we all died.
We will return only after killing everyone.
Finish them! - We will finish you!
Kill them! Kill all of them!
He has killed Allaudin. Kill him.
Kill…kill all of them.
Kill…kill all of them.
Kill…kill all of them.
Allaudin! - Allaudin!
Allaudin! - Allaudin!
Allaudin! Allaudin! Allaudin!
Allaudin! - Allaudin!
Allaudin! - Allaudin!
Allaudin! - Allaudin!
What are you looking at?
Do you know what your truth is?
No one could go against me. But you did that.
To this Gangadhar. All tried. All together tried..
The police, the goons, all of them tried.
Even the ministers tried.
No one could ever catch me.
Do you know I was alive to see you?
That you won’t understand. No.
Hey! You are my blood. You are my son.
I never knew that you are my son and I performed..
..your last rites every year.
You are the only heir to this Gangadhar’s property, wealth.. and honor. You.
You now forget that shanty, those orphans, that poverty.
Forget everything.
Now if anyone asks you who is Gangadhar then this world will tell you.
You want to accept me after knowing that I am your son.
Those people never knew who I was but they raised me.
You are telling me to forget them?
You are going to sit on the throne.
What is the need to go and stay amongst those..
..who only know how to have kids.
They die of poverty.
A she dog gives birth to many puppies.
The master who feeds them milk and biscuits..
..they become loyal to them.
Even I want to be a loyal son for them.
I am going.
I want one help. One help. - What?
As Allaudin is an orphan more that any religion I am everyone’s son.
Don’t estrange me from them by making me your heir.
They belong to me and I belong to all of them.
I wish to live for all of them.
Allaudin! There is Allaudin!
“You are mine, you are mine, oh, puppet you are mine.”
“I am yours, I am yours, this puppet belongs to you.”