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We have had one of the most dramatic years in a recent memory
for nations have been in upheaval
wars have begun and concluded
people went into the streets
stock markets fluctuated
To find meaning in current events sometimes it's helpful to revisit the
lessons of the past
so today we turn to an ancient text
one that many of
Us have never read
it was the year five twenty BC
the people of Israel has spent over seventy years in captivity
in Babylon
Then they had begun to return to Jerusalem
and had even began repairing the foundations of the previously destroyed
but work had stalled
there was opposition
economic uncertainty
They had lost momentum
it seemed better too many that they take care of themselves first
so God sent a prophet
to wake them up
and to remind them of God's plan
a plan that encompassed the physical building
but also
An eternal spiritual one
building the household of believers
it was a key time for them to act
To boldly trust
in the God of history
perhaps as we close one year and begin another
this is a word for us today as well
listen carefully as I read from Haggai chapter one
two through twelve
please open your Bibles or read along in your bulletin
this is what the Lord almighty said
these people say the time has not yet come for the Lord's house to be built
than the word of the Lord came through the prophet Haggai
is it time for you yourselves to be living in your paneled houses
while this house remains a ruin
now this is what the Lord almighty says
give careful thought to your ways
you have planted much
but have harvested little
You eat but never have enough
you drink
but never have your fill you put on clothes but are not warm
you earn wages only to put them in a purse with holes in it
this is what the Lord almighty says
give careful thought to your ways
go up into the mountains and bring down timber
And build the house
so that I may take pleasure in it and be honored says the Lord
you expected much but see it turned out to be little
what you brought home by blew away
Why declares the Lord almighty because of my house which remains in ruin while each of
you is busy with his own house
therefore because of you the heavens have withheld their due
and the earth it's crops
I called for a drought
on the fields and the mountains
on the grain, the new wine and oil and whatever the ground produces, on men
and cattle
And on the labor of your hands
then Zerubbabel son of Shealtiel, Joshua son of Jehozadak
The high priest, and the whole remnant
of the people obeyed the voice of the
Lord their God and the message of the profit Haggai because
the Lord their God had sent him
and the people feared the Lord
then Haggai, the Lord's messenger gave this message of the Lord to the
I am with you declares the Lord
good morning everybody
my name is Rick Dietzman I am the pastor to adults here at the church I'm
going to be giving the message this morning
and you might wonder why
why this
passage in the old testament
let me give you a little
story of why I chose this, this morning
usually at this time of year right around new years I get asked to give the
for the coming year and I try to think of things
they will be encouraging
that will help us to
be ready
for what's going to happen in the next twelve months personally
and just preparing ourselves
and usually what I do is go back through the things that I've gone through over the
past twelve months perhaps small group lessons that I've written
or classes I've taught
and this particular year I was having some trouble
trying to figure out what to do
on new years and I know this was a special day especially being able to do
this on January first
today's the day when we often look back
at the past
what God did in our life things that happen in our world
and then we try to look for the future so it's an important day
so I was thinking about this in just a few weeks ago and really coming up with
and I went to our men's Bible study on Saturday morning
in our study we have been going through the entire old testament for about three
and we've been looking at each of the stories as they come up in
and trying to get together what it said then what it might say for us today
and just a few weeks ago we ended up in Haggai
which was this passage
and as we started go through it and talking about it I said to myself
that's it
this is what we need to talk about on new year's day this year
the verse that really stood out to me
was the one about it being time
and the first verse in chapter one verse two says this is what the Lord
almighty says
these people say the time
has not yet come
for the Lord's house to be built
and in the word of the Lord came
through the prophet Haggai
is it time for yourself to be living in your panel
houses while this house
a ruin
you see these people had been going on for about eighteen years with life as
normal as it could be they had just returned from exile they'd laid the
foundation of a temple
that had been destroyed years before
and they had faced some opposition and they had pretty much given up
on that and they were living life year-to-year
and God sent a prophet
to talk to them
and to remind them of what God wanted to have done
And the thing he said and he says it twice
is give careful thought to your ways
He says it twice
what a perfect thing to do on new years
give careful thought to your ways
now at something else that was stirring in me as I was
preparing this and thinking about this topic
was that during Christmas break I got hold of Time magazine and I took
last week off so I was having some time just to reading have time with family
and I was reading about two thousand eleven and he liked to summarize the
entire year in talk about how important it was and the things that were
and it was a sentence in that Time magazine article that really struck me
it said that two thousand eleven
with its revolutions and its demonstrations
was unlike any year since nineteen eighty nine
now nineteen eighty nine was of course the beginning of the fall of
and I was immediately taken back to a memory
Of a time during Christmas
of nineteen eighty nine
you see I was single
I was working for a computer company and I was on a business trip in Pahang
here on Christmas
in Malaysia at a hotel and I was watching the news
and Romania
was opening up for the first time
and I remember sitting in that hotel room
over twenty years ago
I remember thinking
that is a momentous events
I wonder what the next decade will bring
and I began to pray and say God do you want me to go on business as usual
or perhaps you want me to engage in this some more
now don't pray a prayer like that lightly okay
because God took me up on that and you know I was already stirred by being
in Malaysia which is interesting and itself
but God had something he wanted to do in me
and he was doing something that dramatic in our world nineteen eighty nine and
following and two-and-a-half years later I ended up in Albania
and was able to part of all that happened during that decade
but then you think
we've had a momentous year
two thousand eleven
one where things shook where economy shifted where war started
where many of us were affected personally
so it wasn't just the world but it's happening all around us
and there's a very important thing to remember when things are shaking
around you
when God shakes the world his kingdom is affected
so there's no need for gloom and doom no matter what happens in the world or even
in the local sense
because God is working
through that to bring people to himself it happens every single time
so it's always a time to take a look
and to see what is God doing when things start
being unstable
so today is a perfect time
to give careful thought to our ways
and to think
God do you have a role for me
this year
in your kingdom
so that's what we're going to talk about today and explore a little bit by
looking at this passage in some of the principals in it
question we need to ask ourselves and it is a great question to ask
how do we know
when it's time to step up
and step out
when is the time that business as usual is over and something special
is on the horizon
very important question to ask every year
and some years or more so than others
well here is three things to think about
number one is when there is a God size
now do you know what in God size opportunity is
these are opportunities that require faith
to happen
but that usually are so obvious
that we have to stumble over them and avoid them
God brings them into our path
Often He brings them into our church
it becomes so claimed that a response is needed
that we have to make excuses not to do something
I've watched this church for four years
and I have to say last year was one of the most God size opportunity years I've
seen in a long time
it has been going on and on for a few years but
but things are happening
in our church
there are more families
there are opportunities representing themselves they are great needs in our
there are wonderful ways to be involved here and around the world
God is providing things for us that we almost trip over
and the question we ask is it business as usual
Or is there something special
for us
I was
truly a little flabbergasted a few months ago GiGi our administrative
assistant said we're going to put one of those want ads in the bulletin where
people can sign up for things that they might be interested in
do you have some things you could put in there
and I said yeah sure I've got a whole bunch of little pet projects I'm
working on that I don't have leaders for yet let me just throw those in
and maybe are put in the global media outreach as well which is we're trying
to recruit people for the internet ministry
I put a number of things divorce care and that is that
opportunity to work with international students in
Port Angeles at the at the college and just a number of things
and I got back so many responses
to that I was amazed
I filled everything that I had to admit
a pet project to work on
and I thought man what is going on that hasn't happened before
people are being stirred
in our church
what a wonderful time to consider our ways and God is doing
and the results of this
also astound me
just out to be a little very specific on that we know back last
June I talked about Global Media Outreach we had a whole service about it
talked about this opportunity to go and answered emails from the internet
and at that time we had ten people
that were doing it and it just started and then as of now we have
twenty seven active people that have been online missionaries for the
last six months
and we've got another
number of people that are joining right now they're in the middle of
Applying there is another twenty or so that are interested that are still thinking
about it we got about fifty people kind of thinking but we have twenty seven
just doing it right now
and I looked it up by one of the with the site and have a look up and see what
happened the last six months
what's significant thing happened with that
because this is a neat ministry in that
it allows us right in our homes with our computers
to touch
people in all those countries where revolutions are happening right now
Wow can you imagine
Iran all these different countries I got three emails from the middle east
it's no surprise these so I checked it and we had fifty six
hundred emails that were sent from all these different places twenty seven
people in the last six months
and these were all answered
and more
but the more just mind
blowing thing about that is
there are seven hundred and fifty people
in the last six months and I've got multiple
correspondence from people in our church
So those twenty seven people wrote to seven hundred and fifty people in all these
different places around the world who are seeking Jesus
They touch those lives
and I thought to myself
why not more of us do this
just twenty seven and they were having seven hundred fifty people in just six months
Dave and I were talking
few months ago about the church he had visited and they had two
hundred people doing this there was the church our size
and we were dream a little bit about how that would look
this is a simple thing
and this is just one of many opportunities
the God presents to us
I think that we're going to bend over backwards this year as a staff
to present God
size opportunities for folks to get involved in
and I hope that that we just step up and go for it but there's another
thing we got to remember here and that is
we are tempted to shrink back because of obstacles that's the second thing always
happens with God size opportunities you know
there's obstacles we make them up or they come our way distract us from
doing that we think we're too busy we can't
do that or we are not gifted for that whatever it is we make excuses
and there's a antidote in this passage this Haggai passage for that problem
because it's a very human problem
as we've been studying the old testament in that men's Bible study
We found the time and time again people would be reminded of what God wanted
then they would fall back and not do it and then another prophet would come in
and they would fall back and not do it constantly being reminded
well here's what they did
to actually accomplish what God wanted at that time says in verse one twelve
the whole remnant of the people obeyed the voice of the Lord their God in the
message of the prophet Haggai
because the Lord their God had sent him
and the people feared the Lord
what they did
was together
they decided to act
and commit themselves to the Lord
they banded together
And said
we know that God has something special for us
we know it's time
it's not
business as usual
so they gathered together
And they applied themselves to the task
now think of are coming year two thousand twelve
we've got a momentous
World, lots of things happening we've got lots of things happening in our church
what if we binded together and committed ourselves
To step over the obstacles
to put away the distractions
and to get serious about God this year he even deeper way than in the past what
could God do
what could He do
that's how we're going to have an amazing two thousand and twelve
it's not by worrying about the elections not by worrying about all the things
going on in the world it is by
committing ourselves to the things God puts in front of us as a church
it'll change us
it'll make a difference
any other end services especially those that are computer savvy those people
that are on Facebook all the time and
are sending emails everybody I challenge them I challenge this group
I know less of us use computers here than any other services but
the idea is the if you're doing that if you're using Facebook
you can use Global Media Outreach
that's just one simple thing
that you can do and there are many others
things that we can be involved in the church and continued to be involved in
that we need to keep looking for those God size opportunities
thirdly how do we know it's time to step up and step out
we are reminded of God's
now I'd loved to put my radar up
things that are happening
in churches or a missions that are little bit unusual
I love those kinds of stories
and I and part of it is because
the promises that God has given are ancient
the promise of the great commission is an ancient promise
Go and make disciples of all nations
It has been around for two thousand years
but there are moments in time
where people stand up and say this is the moment to take action in a very
special way
and I was again preparing this I was looking at the
last few weeks and I happen to
tune in a bit to Saddleback Church I do that from time to time when I'm
preparing talks trying to get ideas for things
and I listened to one of the Sunday messages and I was actually
mind blown by what I heard at that message because what
happened in that message was
they challenged their church
to reach the four thousand unreached people groups
and actually go and plant churches among them
It's a church in Orange County
thousand people, big
they could be doing a lot of things with their time and with their money
but they devoted themselves
to one of the promises of God
that was that he was bringing people from all the nations in that they could
be a part of that
now again and that the call to do that is not unusual
it's an ancient
promises and ancient calling
but what was unusual was the response
because thousands of people in that congregations that up and said yes I
will step up and I will do this I will go help start churches in these
our small groups will pray for these unreached people groups
it wasn't his business as usual
and I thought to myself I wonder why they're doing that because we
talk about this constantly, don't we?
but what do we do we do the same things usually what was causing
this unique response and I thought back and you know what it was
four years ago that church committed themselves to send short term teams to
every country on the planet
Two hundred seventy some countries four years ago now again big church
A lot of resources but again devoting time energy to something very specific that God
cared about
and they did it
Did it in four years finished it last November with every single country in
the world
and those people got it tastes
of God's goodness and faithfulness by doing that
so next came the call
to go out to the hard places
and you know what people stepped up
because they had seen God at work
whenever we take inventory and think about our lives whenever we look at
what has happened
if we have had a
constant track record with the Lord he adds to that
he builds them
so if we take but God size opportunities there in front of us that God just brings
to our church and we are faithful with those he will give us more
and more and more
and he will bless
what a great encouragement for us
so remember his promises
look at the obstacles and ascertain what they are
and look for those God size opportunities
now we know that God's purposes are
local and we know the global in Haggai one eight it says go and build a
so that I may take pleasure in it can be honored says the Lord
now what he was talking about there was this temple it was going to be built
and the people there worked on that temple
but he also was talking about something much deeper and as we get to the new
testament we see what he was talking about
because in Ephesians two it says together we are his house built on the
foundation of the apostles
and prophets
and the cornerstone is Christ Jesus himself
we are carefully joined together in him becoming a holy temple
for the Lord
the house is not only a physical building is the people of God
and so the question
that is a great question to ask on this day is what are we building
in the coming year
we focus locally we do things in our church
we will look at the needs of our church
we give money for things that happen in our church and in the world
but the point of it is in the ministry
the point of it is people
the point of it is God's house
and there are so many things that God will do in our life if we turn our focus
to him
if we turn our focus to what He cares about which is building his people
I'm going to talk about four things
in the time I have left that are more principles
for the coming year
that we can think about
so that our lives will
reflect what God would have for us
first thing in discerning the days before us is to take
take inventory
first sit down an estimate the cost
says in Luke
and it says teach us to number days that we may gain a heart
of wisdom
Haggai said that to them take careful thought of your ways
they began to look at what it would take
first of all God said it's time
next they said okay what's it going to take and they started to work on that
you know long it took them to do it once they applied themselves
They had spent eighteen years fumbling around
once they started it was four years
to finish that temple
just think
if we apply ourselves and we begin to take inventory in our own lives about
what God is doing
what he might have for us what are the opportunities before us
and we apply ourselves together
what He could do
I thought about this that passage a little bit this year when I
started a doctoral program at Fuller to do a ten-year
doctor of ministry program
and I started this year
I remember I definitely sat down and counted the cost
personally in time and everything else
and it teach us to number our days that we may gain the heart of wisdom
these are the things that God will use in our life
if we stopped even right now as we get into the new year
and think about our lives and what God has done
second thing
set God sized
and God oriented goals
God sized and God oriented goals
there's a verse here that I think is one of the best commentaries of the American
lifestyle that I've read in a long time
each of you is busy with his own a house
Isn't that true?
we think about our own house a lot
and yet
it doesn't do as much good sometimes and looking at
the contents of this passage they had eighty-eight years without a temple
and they really had no idea what God could do or would do with that so they were
focusing on their own
things that they needed to do with their lives and God intervene and said look
it's time for you to focus on something bigger than yourselves my house and
In a spiritual sense the house of God household
a faith people of God
many of us have been
through times many of us are going through now or have in the past
where we have struggled to make our life work
We have almost sometime got to the end of our rope and said God it's not working
I'm struggling and the people in this season we're doing exactly the same
thing we're trying to make this work God but why aren't we being blessed
Why aren't things workings going the way we would like them to go
and God responded when you're just focused on your own house that's the
problem if you would focus on
my kingdom
things will go well for you
It's a timeless message not just here it's all over the Bible
and there is a beautiful beginning
In each of our lives when a when we stop And say God I'm at the end of my rope I don't
have what it takes to make the life but I want to live but I need you
I need you to come
I need you to be part of my life Lord Jesus I need you to forgive my
I welcome you as my Lord as my leader as my savior
it's a beautiful moment
it's a crossing of the line
to a new life
all of us here today are challenged in that at some point there are some of us
are still got point making that decision now there is a cross the line of have
God into our life
Jesus into our life
when we do that God begins to build the house
says in
the third passage
that unless the Lord builds the house
its builders labor in vain
God builds the house once we welcome Him
and I want you if you got a pen or pencil write down three words in your notes here
the words are relying
and restored
and restore
first of all once we welcome the Lord we began to rely on him in a very personal
to empower us to work by spirit in our lives it's a wonderful prayer to do
Every single day Lord I am relying on you today
because I know you're with me
I rely on you
and what do you do when they rely on God remembered that number two thing is you
resist you resist things that come against
worship of God or become a distractions are temptations they're
we resisted by the power of God because we rely on him and we do those two
things constantly
on a regular basis Lord I rely on you help me to resist anything that would
distract me from your will in my life
but the third thing is that is really the wonderful completion of that idea
we not only rely not only resist but we rebuild
first of all God rebuilds in us
when we trust the Holy Spirit in our life
as followers of Jesus
he restores our soul
He leads us in paths of righteousness
Psalm twenty three
but he also makes us people who restore others
we become people who restore the house of God
we helped build the temple
in a very spiritual sense
and that all happens when we trust in God he's part of the equation
so after we have looked
and given
taken inventory
and we have set God size goals
we engage
and compassionately with others
says in second Corinthians six we are the temple of the living God
and as God has said I will live with them and walk among them and I will be their
God and they will be my people it is a temple allusion for us to think about
and we are that temple
and as the temple of God is very personal
with us
he walks with us
and we walked with him
you wonder why Jesus walked everywhere he didn't have a car didn't drive fast
anywhere He just walked very slowly and people would come up and interrupt Him
and he would meet their needs and He would go somewhere else and talk to someone
personally and visit a house
and this is how God works very personal
In fact all of the God size goals in the world that don't have a personal touch
and compassion are useless
because that's the God we
live for
the God who loves us
he wants us to engage personally and compassionately with
the people around us
that's another focus
finally God
we trust in God to put his gift
to work
trusting God to put his gift
to work
I thoroughly enjoyed teaching on spiritual gifts this fall
I had thirteen sessions that was a long class
and we had neat group of people that went through that and it was the
the neatest things to see
those in there just
trying to figure out what has God done in my life was the gift he has given me
and how can I use that for his kingdom for his glory
to bless other people
and we began working through that
God loves that
when we take his gift and we trust Him and we realized this is not business as
this is something he wants to do
second Corinthians six as God's fellow workers we urge you not to receive God's
grace in vain don't receive is gift in vain
for He says in the time of my favor I urge you in the day of salvation
I helped you
I tell you now with the time of God's favor
and now is the day of salvation
you see this message I'm giving today its time is not just for new years
really anytime is time
with God
anytime we're open
for him to do more in our life
It's time
every day he wants us to consider ways
every day he wants us to ask Him Lord what is it that you have for me today
and what are you doing
in the world
he doesn't want us to fret
he doesn't want us to worry
he has a plan and a purpose for each and every one of us and he's got a plan and
purpose corporately for our church
that we might just stumble over that he might has put in our lap
If we are willing to gather
to commit to it
he will use us he will bless he will
restore us personally and he will use us to restore others
what a wonderful way to live our lives
and today is the day of salvation
don't you know this is first Corinthians three don't you know
don't you wake up remember the wake-up don't you know that you yourselves are
God's temple and God's spirit lives in you
Ephesians two we are God's masterpiece
he's created us anew in Christ Jesus so we can do the good things he planned for
us long ago
commit your ways to the Lord this year
if you haven't
welcome Jesus into your life
just sitting there trying to struggle and build your own house
welcome him
and then rely on him
resist opposition or temptations or things that distract you
and restore
other people and be restored yourself
what a way to live
I'm going to finish
my talk today with
another short passage from Haggai
chapter two this is a prophecy
because what he was talking about there was not just at temple
to be built
five hundred years before Jesus
He was talking about
what he was going to do
in his people
for eternity
listen to this encouragement this is an encouragement for us today
be strong
all you people of the land
declares the Lord and work
for I am with you declares the Lord almighty
this is what I covenant with you when you came out of Egypt and my spirit
remains among you
do not fear
this is what the Lord says in a little while I will once more shake the heavens
and the earth the sea and the dry land and I will shake all of the nations and
the desire to all nations will come
and I will fill this house
with glory
he's going to do it and he is doing it not only in the physical sense but in the
very much to spiritual sense
He is doing it
in all nations
he's bringing them to himself
Let's pray. Father thank you for your wonderful promises
and you want to encourage each and every one of us here today
Lord, there maybe some of us here today who just need to take that basic
steps of acknowledging that we've been focusing on our own house way too long
and we need a bigger picture for how to live
we need to understand what it means
to live for you and your Kingdom
for your household faith
so Lord help us to understand that help us to cross the line into to be
your people as you want us to be
Lord things are shaking around us
and there's no need to fear
we have every reason for optimism because you are the Lord
and you have a plan and a purpose for your church
you've got a plan and a purpose for each and everyone of us because you gifted
Us. You have graced us with your mercy
Lord Jesus you have to come
and you are the desired one
This passage talked about
you've also brought the people that you treasure from all of the nations to you
what a wonderful promise we are reading about today
Lord I pray you pour out your grace
and help
to make the each of us active for you
and participants in what you doing this coming year I pray that in Jesus name. Amen
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