How to Use Photoshop Express : Using Touch-up Tool in Photoshop Express

Uploaded by expertvillage on 15.08.2008

Photoshop Express is a registered trademark of Adobe Systems Incorporated, and I am in
no way affiliated with Adobe Systems Incorporated. In this lesson, I'm going to teach you how
to use the touch-up tool in Photoshop Express. I'm going to go ahead, and select a photo,
and click on edit photo at the bottom. That's going to bring me to my editing suite, and
over here; underneath; where it says basics, I'm going to select the touch-up tool. What
the touch-up tool is used for is to copy parts of your photo to another part. It's kind of
like the clone tool; if you're familiar with photoshop; or another editing suite. Say I
want to get rid of this microphone right here. What I'm going to do is click over top of
it, and drag out a circle that covers it. When I let go it's going to create a red circle
above it, and that's copying what's within the red circle onto the green circle, and
I can come in and drag around each of these circles; as you can see. You can really use
that to get rid of a lot of unwanted artifacts, and such things; in a photo. You can create
multiple instances of this. I'm going to go ahead and create another touch-up tool there.
You can use your touch-up tool to create some cool effects; as well. I'm going to drag my
green circle on top of this guys head, and you can come up and adjust the slider beside
where it says re-touch size here; as well. So, I'm going to make that cover that guys
head, and drag the red circle on top of the other guys head, and that's going to replace
the one guys head with the other, so now I've got two guys with the same head. So, like
I said; you can create some pretty cool effects, and really fine-tune your photos. That's how
you use your touch-up tool in Photoshop Express.