Alejandro & Diego - Part 37

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I'm living in New York. My dad sent me off quickly so I didn't have time to say goodbye.
In New York?
That's my dream. Now that I have a boyfriend, I'll tell him so we can come visit you.
Where's Gonzalo?
Why are you asking for Gonzalo?
Diego, you should go and say goodbye to Cassius. Don't be rude.
Stay here with me.
That looks like a minority get together.
The only one missing is you. The "undocumented" one.
What's wrong with you?
Ms Miranda?
Are you alright? Is something wrong?
No, no. I'm okay. I'm just overwhelmed because I haven't been in Cervantes in a while.
I'm better than ever ... Excuse me.
If she is pregnant, you can't really see her belly.
It's going to be a small ceremony because ...
We're not in a position to celebrate, but ...
When you take a big step in your life, you need to be close to the people you love.
It's not a grand party. We're inviting our closest friends, and that's all of you.
How many months do you think she is?
Diego, zip it please. I don't want any more problems with JP.
Of course! It's because of Miranda's pregnancy they're rushing the wedding.
So that her belly does not show in her wedding gown.
Of course!
You'd look absolutely gorgeous in a wedding gown.
You look very pretty Yesenia.
You look so different. Your eyes are gleaming.
It's my new life.
They make a good couple. Will they be good parents?
Why do you say so? Have you heard anything?
I think Miranda is pregnant.
Why are you all so jealous?
Some can't wait to find their Prince Charming.
But when someone's finally found him ... - I found my Prince Charming.
And he turned into a frog.
This is really weird.
The police handcuffed Ms Miranda not too long ago ...
because she was supposedly harrassing Mauricio.
And now she's going to marry Mr JP.
That's not right. - Diego, that's enough!
Mind your own business.
Look ... I'm going to tell you something ... don't get offended.
You look like a nosy old lady.
Old lady?
Yes, and nosy. - Old lady?
Look at what this old lady does.
It feels horrible when you're in love with the wrong person.
Who are you talking about?
Eli ...
Excuse me.