Bunheads - Season 1 Episode 3 - Inherit the Wind - Full Episode Recap - Celestina

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Hey, y'all.
Celestina here.
OK, so real quick, Bunheads episode three.
Now, I think one of my favorite lines was, hey, Boo,
you know that blister would look a lot more
disgusting if it popped.
Does that define a bunhead?
Nasty feet.
Michelle hit it big, OK?
All that land.
It was like, go ahead with seven acres of land.
Yeah, I don't think she wants to leave and go back to Vegas.
You've got lakes, and bark beetles, and whatever else was
on that land.
I can't remember.
But I thought it was very funny when Miss Hi I'm Claire,
Jenny's ma--
she is a funny character.
I mean, the whole, my condolences to you.
Here's a taco in the bag casserole for you.
I know this must be a hard time and the burden of seven
acres of land.
If you should decide it's too much for you, pop on the door,
here's my magnet.
I'm top salesperson in the town, yes.
You know what I have to say about Boo and Sasha.
I love Boo.
You guys already know that.
I guess I kind of relate to Boo a little bit with the
whole psychoanalytical where you try to give people the
benefit of the doubt.
Where you're like, well, you know, she's a meanie, but
maybe she's having a hard time at home.
What I thought was interesting was that when Sasha overheard
her friends talking about her she didn't go off on the other
girls for calling her out her name.
No, she went off on Boo.
I was thinking she's attacking Boo because Boo's correct.
Well, turns out, Boo was right.
Now I'm kind of like, OK, I understand Sasha a little bit
more, and I get it.
She's just having a hard time at home.
So she got attitude.
Although, she needs to calm it down.
But it's a little more forgivable when you understand
the background.
And you're like, oh, OK, she's just tripping Boo.
All right, y'all, so Celestina here.
That's my little couch potato recap for you.
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