Common French Phrases : Common French Phrases for Using Numbers

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Common French Phrases for Using Numbers
Bonjour, my name is St├ęphanie
with Expert Village, and today we will be learning to speak French.

One un
Two deux
Three trois

Four quatre
Five cinq
Six six /> Seven sept
Eight huit
Nine neuf

Ten dix
Eleven onze
Twelve douze

Thirteen treize
Fourteen quatorze

Fifteen quinze
Sixteen seize
Seventeen dix-sept

Eighteen dix-huit
Nineteen dix-neuf

Twenty vingt
Thirty trente
Forty quarante

Fifty cinquante
Sixty soixante
Eighty quatre-vingt
Ninety quatre-vingt-dix

One Hundred cent
Five Hundred cinq cent /> One Thousand mille