Discurso de Ano Novo do Presidente A. Lukashenko às crianças (2008)

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The President of the Republic of Belarus,
Alyeksandr Grigoryevich Lukashenko!
My dear junior friends, respectable adults
who came to our main tree with your children.
During the last days of december you,
more than that, thee, awaited this
beautiful moment when the main parties and
comemorations of the dearest confraternization
around the world,
and for the whole Belarusian people, for all, the New Year.
Of course, what is the New Year without the Christmas tree?
A good tradition was installed, where, every year,
we invite many children and their parents for this enlightened
and good party. For that reason, I want, previously, before you,
not random people, greet you
and your pedagogues under this New Year pine.
You are the first ones invited for this tree,
you are the first ones invited by Santa Claus who came
for us, to the capital of our Belarus.
Here are gathered the best children of our country, children
who studied well, who were obedient, and specially,
who made a glorious job during the last year.
We invited the best students, with the best works,
and at your age, it's the most noble labor that you can do,
for that reason, people here are not random, they are our future
best citizens of our country and, for me, as the president,
it's a pleasure to meet you.
As you know, the last year was your year, the year
of children, and this year, more than the other years appeared
more little citizens than the lastest 10 years at our
small republic. I'm sure that in 7, 8 or even
the next 5 years, they will be at this comemoration,
We will do everything in this country to give you a happy
childhood, we will do everything to make your parents be proud
of you, we will do everything to make your parents find it easier to
educate you every year; and I want just one thing, the main thing from you,
I want that you love the true patriots of your country, I want
that you love your Belarus, I want that you love your fatherland, that
you love your fatherland as you love your daddy, your mom, your grandma, your grandpa,
your brothers and sisters, for that reason, I ask you, never harm
your fellow friends, never do something that may harm your country
and your land, then, you will be always happy and respectable,
I am convinced that you will be the true citizens of our fatherland.
My deep thankings is directed to the pedagogues that every year
strength your spirits, teach you, the best
presenters of the pedagogy in our country are with you today
at this room, and I speak to your teachers, your dear
teachers with the wish of a happy new year! The best days for you
are now, the vacations. I invite you all to join sport activities,
to the theater, to the cinema, to watch your favourite films,
to create energy to go ahead and keep acquiring the best
knowledge. But now comes the main part, my gift of new year
for you, a presentation that you will adore.
I want to wish your parents, your teachers, grandmothers and grandfathers, a happy new
year, happiness, success, and a good and lasting health.
...to the President of the Republic of Belarus, Alyeksandyer Grigoryevich Lukashenko
Dear lads, let's thank our head of state for this beautiful new year event, everybody, let's thank him 3, 4 times,
let's say "thankings!".
Honorable Alyeksandr Grigoryevich, the children crafted you
a gift of new year made with their own hands,
junior masters are now in this room and they want to give you
a gift of new year. May it bring you happiness and joyfulness,
may it bring good feelings and health this New Year!