Ezel 51 Last scene (son sahne) English translated

Uploaded by 0raldinho on 16.02.2011

Did you remember Selma?
How are you Ramiz, youre wounds?
Im good, how are you doing, do the kids take good care of you?
They are
They are but i miss you a lot Ramiz
And i miss you , a lot
Youre face is always in my sight i cant get it out my head
And me? I think im dying
Every day again and again
They say: what happened to the great Ramiz Karaeski, wouldnt you like to get out and take everything back?
I dont even want 1 moment back, just give me my books and its memories
Dont make me cry
Even my memory is forbidden for you
Im afraid, what if you forget how i looked like?
I say everything will happen, i will die, i will stay
But to forget...
Storys are beautiful but
Nobody wil forget in one day
Nobody wil change in one day
Nobody wil stay in love with a monster for the rest of their live
Hello Ezel
Everybody has two faces but
Nobody wil be in love with them at the same time
If someone loves youre hero
And that hero loves that person to
The monster inside you will come up