Cloud Call Center by CallFire

Uploaded by CallFireTelephony on 24.11.2009

Why does my business need an Auto Dialer? Here's an example. David runs
a candy store in Los Angeles. He also has sales agents to help him call customers about
his latest candy line, and also upcoming sales events. David gives his team a list of customers
to call by hand. This is frustrating, because they have to do everything manually, from
dialing the number, to writing down notes about their
calls. Mistakes are bound to be made without a streamlined process. Adding to the frustration,
they'll need to wait to leave a message if they hear an answering machine. Can you imagine
the impression David's team might make after being irritated with these issues? Suzy
also has a business in Los Angeles and has a sales team to call customers about her candy
line and sales events. But Suzy is smart. She doesn't want her team's productivity
to suffer and wants to find the most efficient form of dialing for her budget. She turns
to the Cloud Call Center by CallFire. Here's how it works. Suzy starts out by uploading
her Excel phone list to CallFire. She then instructs her team to log into CallFire, too,
where they'll be asked which phone they want to use. Just a quick setup, and the Cloud
Call Center is ready to go. Since CallFire's Auto Dialer can be used almost anywhere, Suzy
lets her team members work at home. This is great, because it boosts morale and makes
her agents more energetic on calls. When Suzy's agents are ready to begin, they log into the
Cloud Call Center and their phones start to ring auto-magically. That's because CallFire
saves time by filtering out busy signals and bad phone numbers. If Suzy's agents hear
an answering machine, they can even click the SmartDrop button, which allows them to
move on to their next call while CallFire leaves a pre-recorded message for them. Suzy's
agents are connected to live customers right when they pick up, without any delay. Humans
talk to humans, while CallFire talks to the answering machines. All while connecting the
agent to their next call. It's one big, uber-intelligent automatic switchboard in
the clouds. Because why should your sales team spend time dialing and waiting for someone
to pick up the phone? The savings add up when the Cloud Call Center streamlines the calling
process. Agents can dial 8 hours worth in as little as 4 hours. This leads to both cost
and time savings. Time that could be used reaching more customers. The Cloud Call Center
starts at only $2 per hour, per agent. Suzy did it online, all on her own. Calls are optimized,
agents are happy, and time is spent efficiently. It's just that simple, thanks to CallFire's
Cloud Call Center.